The 2nd International CSEM Conference

CSEM in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation

Oslo, May 14-15, 2013

Abstract deadline: April 2nd

Welcome to the 2nd CSEM conference in Oslo hosted by the Geological Society of Norway (NGF).

In 2009 NGF invited the leading scientists and experts on EM-technology to summarize the knowledge and experienced acquired since the launch of the technology in 2002.

Now four years later, EM-technology is becoming mainstream, and the industry has grown from 1-2 suppliers to seeing increased competition from new suppliers. This is positive for the industry and for research, since the technologies used to collect CSEM data are continuously evolving and improving. Simultaneously, the application-areas for CSEM have increased. In the beginning, it was used to minimize risk, however recently the technology has also been applied regionally as a geological tool for supplementing seismic data.

This conference will focus on the recent developments in CSEM technologies, case studies from around the world, and how to integrate EM and other geophysical data to maximize the potential in the data.

The 2013 international conference should therefore also be well suited for geologists who are concerned about the application of this method.

Leading scientists and industry experts from around the world are coming to share their experience and discuss their results, and research papers are accepted in the following categories:

  • Recent technical developments
  • Anisotropy (and azimuth)
  • Case studies
  • Integrating EM and other geophysical data

Conference sponsors:

Conference sponsors

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