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The Norwegian Journal of Geology publishes high-quality, fully peer-review papers from all geoscientific disciplines. Papers are commonly based on regional studies and should emphasise the development of understanding of fundamental geological processes. More specialised papers can also be submitted, but should be written in a way that is easily understood by nonspecialists, and illustrate the progress being made within that specific topic in geosciences. We also encourage initiatives for thematic issues within the scope of the Journal.

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Norwegian Journal of Geology

  • NJG 2016 VOL 96 Open or Close

    NJG 2016 VOLUME 96 NUMBER 1

    Tre artikler i volume 96 er nå klare.
    Three articles in Volume 96, number 1 are now ready!

    First record of Lagardous (Chondrichthyes: Euchondrocephali) from the Carboniferous of Svalbard, Arctic Norway
    Gilles Cuny, Jacob Bruun  Kristensen & Lars Stemmerik
    Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg96-1-01

    pdfPDF for print2.62 MB
    pdfPDF for screen784.59 KB

    Heavy-mineral and garnet compositions of stream sediments and HP-UHP basement rocks from the Western Gneiss Region, SW Norway
    Anne Krippner, Guido Menhold, Andrew C. Morton & Hilmar von Eynatten
    Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg96-1-02

    pdfPDF for print1.81 MB
    pdfPDF for screen926.3 KB

    86.3 KB
    535.99 KB
    32.27 KB
    257.42 KB

    High-quality flake graphite occurrences in a high-grade metamorphic region in Sortland, Vesterålen, northern Norway
    Jenny Palosaari, Rose-Marie Latonen, Jan-Henrik Smått, Rasmus Blomqvist & Olav Eklund
    Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg96-1-03

    pdfPDF for print4.26 MB
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  • NJG 2015 VOL 95 Open or Close

    NJG 2015 Volume 95 number 1NJG Vol95 1 Forside WEB

    All four articles in Volume 95 no 1 are now ready!

    Faunal succession in the upper Cambrian (Furongian) Leptoplastus Suberzone at Slemmestad, southern Norway
    Bo Wilhelm Rasmussen, Arne Thorshøj Nielsen & Niels Hemmingsen Schovsbo
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-1-01

    pdfPDF for screen1.53 MB
    pdfPDF for print4.66 MB

    The shelly fauna and biostratigraphy of the lower Cambrian (provisional series 2, stage 4) Evjevik Member, Ringstrand Formation in the Mjøsa area, Norway
    Magne Høyberget, Jan Ove Røysi Ebbestad, Bjørn Funke & Hans Arne Nakrem
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-1-02

    pdfPDF for screen12 MB
    pdfPDF for print21.29 MB

    Altered basement rocks on the Utsira High and its surroundings, Norwegian North Sea
    Lars Riber, Henning Dypvik & Ronald Sørlie
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-1-04

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    pdfPDF for print15.01 MB

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    377.57 KB
    509.15 KB
    486.35 KB
    424.23 KB
    541.44 KB
    413.75 KB
    450.54 KB
    411.9 KB
    386.04 KB
    407.23 KB
    382.32 KB
    416.2 KB
    450.23 KB
    536.56 KB
    438.77 KB
    22.08 KB

    Depositional evolution of the Upper Carboniferous - Lower Permian Wordiekammen carbonate platform, Nordfjorden High, central Spitsbergen, Arctic Norway

    Morten Ahlborn & Lars Stemmerik  
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-1-03

    pdfPDF for print20.84 MB
    pdfPDF for screen4.57 MB

    NJG 2015 Volume 95 number 2NJG Vol95 2 Forside WEB

    From terrestrial to shallow-marine depositional environments: reconstruction of the depositional environments during the Late Carboniferous transgression of the Lomfjorden Trough in NE Spitsbergen (Malte Brunfjellet Formation)

    Christian Scheibner, Dierk Blomeier, Holger Forke & Karin Gesierich
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-2-01

    pdfPDF for print46.07 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.5 MB 

    Phanerozoic denudation across the Kola Peninsula, Northwest Russia: implications for long-term stability of Precambrian shield margins

    Adrian Malcolm Hall
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-2-02

    pdfPDF for print2.92 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1017.6 KB

    Effect of diagenesis on pore pressures in fine-grained rocks in the Egersund Basin, Central North Sea

    Mohsen Kalani, Mohammed Koochak Zadeh, Jens Jahren, Nazmul Haque Mondo & Jan Inge Faleide
    Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-2-03

    pdfPDF for print10.1 MB
    pdfPDF for screen7.64 MB 

    Variability of present and past PAH (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) concentrations in sediments of the SW Barents sea

    Juho Junttila, JoLynn Carroll & Noortje Dijkstra
    Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-2-04

    pdfPDF for print7.77 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.87 MB

    pdfElectronic_Supplement_1.pdf80.23 KB  pdfElectronic_Supplement_2.pdf60.25 KB 
    pdfElectronic_Supplement_3.pdf39.91 KB pdfElectronic_Supplement_4.pdf78.28 KB
    pdfElectronic_Supplement_5.pdf47.38 KB pdfElectronic_Supplement_6.pdf63.7 KB


    NJG 2015 Volume 95 number 3 / 4

    Sedimentary-volcanic successions of the Alta-Kvænangen Tectonic Window in the northern Norwegian Caledonides: Multiple constraints on deposition and correlation with complexes on the Fennoscandian Shield

    Victor A. Melezhik, Bernard Bingen, Jan Sverre Sandstad, Boris G. Pokrovsky, Arne Solli & Anthony E. Fallick
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-3-01

    pdfPDF for screen2.8 MB
    pdfPDF for print18.71 MB

    Multiphase mafic dykes in the Caledonides of northern Finnmark revealed by a new high-resolution aeromagnetic dataset

    Aziz Nasuti, David Roberts & Laurent Gernigon
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-3-02

    pdfPDF for print17.92 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.56 MB

    Chemostratigraphic constraints on the time of deposition of carbonate rocks in the Karasjok Greenstone Belt, northern Norway

    Victor A. Melezhik, Arne Solli, Anthony E. Fallick & Børre Davidsen
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-3-03

    pdfPDF for print11.13 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.45 MB

    Geochemistry of soil in relation to air-borne geophysical data and bedrock geology in Hattfjeldal, northern Norway

    Malin Andersson, Ola Anfin Eggen, Henning Jensen, Alexandros Stampolidis, Terje Bjerkgård & Jan Sverre Sandstad
    doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17850/njg95-3-04

    pdfPDF for print28.8 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.71 MB

  • NJG 2014 VOL 94 Open or Close

    NJG 1 14 Forside

    NJG 2014 Volume 94 no number 1

     ISBN: 978-82-92-39492-2

    3 articles has been published in the latest issue of Norwegian Journal of Geology.

    Linking onshore-offshore basement rock architecture and brittle faults on the submerged strandflat along the SW Barents Sea margin, using high-resolution (5 x 5 m) bathymetry data

    Kjetil Indrevær & Steffen G. Bergh

    pdfPDF for screen4.24 MB
    pdfPDF for print54.38 MB

    Chemostratigraphic insight into deposition of the Melkedalen Marble, Narvik Nappe Complex, North-Central Norwegian Caledonides

    Victor A. Melezhik, Anton B. Kuznetsov, Boris G. Pokrovsky, Arne Solli, Igor M. Gorokhov, Anthony E. Fallick, Ingvar Lindahl, Galina V. Konstantinova & Nikolai N. Melnikov

    pdfPDF for screen1.51 MB
    pdfPDF for print13.05 MB

    Structural and metamorphic history of the Engebøfjellet Eclogite and the exhumation of the Western Gneiss Region, Norway

    Alvar Braathen & Muriel Erambert

    pdfPDF for screen2.89 MB
    pdfPDF for print5.31 MB


    NJG 2 3 Vol94 Forside

    NJG 2014 Volume 94 no number 2-3

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39492-2

    Nine articles are published in this issue of Norwegian Journal of Geology

    Longyearbyen CO2 Lab - tales of research and education

    Gunnar Sand, Alvar Braathen & Snorre Olaussen

    pdfPDF for Screen713.11 KB
    pdfPDF for Print1.61 MB

    The Triassic - Early Jurassic of the northern Barents Shelf: a regional understanding of the Longyearbyen CO2 reservoir

    Ingrid Anell, Alvar Braathen & Snorre Olaussen

    pdfPDF for Screen4.38 MB
    pdfPDF for Print8.02 MB

    Fluid migration pathways to seafloor seepage in inner Isfjorden and Adventfjorden, Svalbard

    Srikumar Roy, Kim Senger, Alvar Braathen, Riko Noormets, Martin Hovland & Snorre Olaussen

    pdfPDF for Screen1.68 MB
    pdfPDF for Print17.71 MB

    Fracture systems and mesoscale structural patterns in th siliciclastic Mesozoic reservoir-caprock succession of the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab project: Implications for geological CO2 sequestration in Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    Kei Ogata, Kim Senger, Alvar Braathen, Jan Tverangen & Snorre Olaussen

    pdfPDF for Screen6.26 MB
    pdfPDF for Print31.11 MB

    Sill emplacement and contact metamorphism in a siliciclastic reservoir on Svalbard, Arctic Norway

    Kim Senger, Sverre Planke, Stephane Polteau, Kei Ogata & Henrik Svensen

    pdfPDF for Screen1.17 MB
    pdfPDF for Print10.1 MB

     Evaluation of reservoir and cap-rock integrity for the Longyearbyen CO2 storage pilot based on laboratory experiments and injection tests

    Bahman Bohloli, Elin Skurtveit, Lars Grande, Geir Ove Titlestad, Marion H. Børresen, Øistein Johnsen & Alvar Braathen

    pdfPDF for Screen1.83 MB
    pdfPDF for Print2.67 MB

    Permability model of tight reservoir sandstones combining core-plug and Miniperm analysis of drillcore; Longyearbyen CO2 Lab, Svalbard

    Cara Magnabosco, Alvar Braathen & Kei Ogata

    pdfPDF for Screen1.72 MB
    pdfPDF for Print4.45 MB

     Pore-scale characterisation and modelling of CO2 flow in tight sandstones using X-ray micro CT; Knorringfjellet Formation of the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab, Svalbard

    Jeroen Van Stappen, Tim De Kock, Marijn A. Boone, Snorre Olaussen & Veerle Cnudde

    pdfPDF for Screen2.14 MB
    pdfPDF for Print5.61 MB

    Phase relations in the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab reservoir - forecasts for CO2 injection and migration

    Rohaldin Miri, Helge Hellevang, Alvar Braathen & Per Aagaard

    pdfPDF for Screen1.21 MB
    pdfPDF for Print3.43 MB

    NJG 2014 Volume 94 no number 4NJG Vol94 4 Omslag 5cm


    Some remarks on the earthquakes of Fennoscandia: A conceptual seismological model drawn from the perspective of hyperextension

    Thomas FitzMaurice Redfield & Per Terje Osmundsen

    pdfPDF for screen2.3 MB
    pdfPDF for print25.27 MB

     Pockmarks in the southwestern Barents Sea and Finnmark fjords

    Leif Rise, Valèrie Karin Bellec, Shyam Chand & Reidulv Bøe.

    pdfPDF for screen1.84 MB
    pdfPDF for print15.84 MB

    Metamorphosed cumulate gabbros from the Støren Group of the Upper Allochthon, northern Western Gneiss Region, Norway: petrology and metamorphic record

    Kurt Hollocher, Peter Robinson, Coleen Kennedy & Emily Walsh

    pdfPDF for screen2.26 MB
    pdfPDF for print7.17 MB
    xlsxElectronic Supplement 194.94 KB

  • NJG 2013 VOL 93 Open or Close

    Forside mini

    NJG 2013 Volume 93 no number 1

     ISBN: 978-82-92-39481-6

    pdfComplete volume for screen6.22 MB
    pdfComplete volume for print60.05 MB

    4 articles has been published in the latest issue of Norwegian Journal of Geology.

    U–Pb geochronology along an Archaean geotransect in the West Troms Basement Complex, North Norway

    Per Inge Myhre, Fernando Corfu, Steffen G. Bergh & Kåre Kullerud

    pdfPDF for screen2.09 MB
    pdfPDF for print14.47 MB

    Channel-bed changes in distributaries of the lake Øyeren delta, southern Norway, revealed by interferometric sidescan sonar

    Raymond S. Eilertsen, Nils R.B. Olsen, Nils Rüther & Peggy Zinke

    pdfPDF for screen1.12 MB
    pdfPDF for print11.12 MB

    Late post-impact sedimentation in the Ritland impact structure, western Norway

    Abdus Samad Azad, Henning Dypvik, Fridtjof Riis & Elin Kalleson

    pdfPDF for screen1.84 MB
    pdfPDF for print22.61 MB

    Characterisation of a post-glacial invasion aquifer: the Grønli–Seter karst system, northern Norway

    Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund & Stein-Erik Lauritzen

    pdfPDF for screen979.32 KB
    pdfPDF for print2.51 MB

    Forside mini

    NJG 2013 volume 93 no 2

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39485-4

    pdfComplete volume for screen.pdf8.57 MB

    pdfComplete volume for print.pdf66.2 MB

    3 articles has been published in the latest issue of Norwegian Journal of Geology:

    Facies analysis and depositional environments of a storm-dominated, temperate to cold, mixed siliceous–carbonate ramp: the Permian Kapp Starostin Formation in NE Svalbard.

    Dierk Blomeier, Anna M. Dustira, Holger Forke & Christian Scheibner

    pdfPDF for screen.pdf3.56 MB
    pdfPDF for print.pdf34.16 MB

    New information on the Ediacaran–Cambrian transition in the Vestertana Group, Finnmark, northern Norway, from trace fossils and organic-walled microfossils

    Anette E.S. Högström, Sören Jensen, Teodoro Palacios & Jan Ove R. Ebbestad

    pdfPDF for screen.pdf2.17 MB
    pdfPDF for print.pdf4.45 MB

    Isotope chemostratigraphy of high-grade marbles in the Rognan area, North-Central Norwegian Caledonides: a new geological map, and tectonostratigraphic and palaeogeographic implications.

    Victor A. Melezhik, David Roberts, Svein Gjelle, Arne Solli, Anthony E. Fallick, Anton B. Kuznetsov, Igor M. Gorokhov

    pdfPSF for screen.pdf2.54 MB
    pdfPDF for print.pdf35.31 MB
    pdfmap.pdf6.14 MB

    Forside mini

    NJG 2013 VOLUME 93 NO 3-4

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39488-5

    Thematic issue: Onshore-offshore relationships on the North Atlantic Margin

    Bart Hendriks & Trond Slagstad

    pdfPDF for print416.23 KB
    pdfPDF for screen418.12 KB

    Geometries of doleritic intrusions in central Spitsbergen, Svalbard: an integrated study of an onshore-offshore magmatic province with implications for CO2 sepuestration.

    Kim Senger, Srikumar Roy, Alvar Braathen, Simon J. Buckley, karoline Bælum, Laurent Gernigon, Rolf Mjelde, Riko Noormets, Kei Ogata, Snorre Olaussen, Sverre Plange, Bent Ole Ruud & Jan Tveranger

    pdfPDF for print18.49 MB
    pdfPDF for screen8.71 MB

    Post-Caledonian brittle fault zones on the hyperextended SW Barents Sea margin: New insights into onshore and offshore margin architecture

    Kjetil Indrevær, Steffen G. Bergh, Jean-Baptiste Koehl, John-Are Hansen, Elizabeth R. Schermer & Arild Ingebrigtsen

    pdfPDF for print19.29 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.6 MB

    Deep weathering, neotectonics and strandflat formation in Nordland, northern Norway

    Odleiv Olesen, Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, marco Brönner, Einar Dalsegg, Ola Fredin & Terje Solbakk

    pdfPDF for print16.22 MB
    pdfPDF for screen5.62 MB

    Polyphasal brecciation history revealing the nature and depth of Caledonian contractional deformation in the outboard terranes of West Central Norway

    Eivind Bastesen, Atle rotevatn, Alvar Braathen, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Henning Dypvik & Elin Kalleson

    pdfPDF for print7.42 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.51 MB

    The last glaciation of Shetland: local ice cap or invasive ice sheet?

    Adrian M. Hall

    pdfPDF for print6.94 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.07 MB

    Tectonic evolution of the SW Norwegian passive margin based on low-temperature thermochronology from innermost Hardangerfjord area

    Karen C. Johannessen, Fabian Kohlmann, Anna K. Ksiensyk, Istvan Dunkl & Joachim Jacobs

    pdfPDF for print6.59 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.36 MB

    Quantitative aspects of stratigraphic onshore-offshore relationships along the western margin of southern Norway: implications for Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic topographic evolution

    Tor O. Sømme, William Helland-Hansen & Ole J. Martinsen

    pdfPDF for print6.99 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.21 MB


  • NJG 2012 VOL 92 Open or Close


    2012-1-coverNJG 2012 Volume 92 number 1

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39471-7

    Pre-glacial landforms on a glaciated shield: the inselberg plains of northern Sweden

    Karin Ebert, Adrian M. Hall & Clas Hättestrand

    pdfPDF for screen.pdf1.99 MB
    pdfPDF for print.pdf8.81 MB


    Structural development of the continental shelf offshore Lofoten–Vesterålen, northern Norway

    Roald B. Færseth

    pdfPDF for screen2.81 MB
    pdfPDF for print3.01 MB


    Depositional model for the Lower Cretaceous HelvetiafjelletFormation on Svalbard – diachronous vs. layer-cake models

    John Gjelberg & Ron Steel

    pdfPDF for Screen1.33 MB
    pdfPDF for print4.61 MB



    NJG 2012 Volume 92 number 2 & 3

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39473-1

    An Arctic Lagerstätte – the Slottsmøya Member of the Agardhfjellet Formation (Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous) of Spitsbergen

    Jørn H. Hurum, Hans A. Nakrem, Øyvind Hammer, Espen M. Knutsen, Patrick S. Druckenmiller, Krzysztof Hryniewicz & Linn K. Novis

    pdfPDF for screen 1.89 MB
    pdfPDF for print7.31 MB


    Fine-grained epicontinental Arctic sedimentation – mineralogy and geochemistry of shales from the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous transition

    Henning Dypvik & Victor Zakharov

    pdfPDF for screen3.24 MB
    pdfPDF for print 7.24 MB


    Petrography and sedimentology of the Slottsmøya Member at Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen

    Marine Collignon & Øyvind Hammer

    pdfPDF for screen1.93 MB
    pdfPDF for print3.65 MB


    Organic carbon isotope chemostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy in the Volgian of Svalbard

    Øyvind Hammer, Marine Collignon & Hans Arne Nakrem

    pdfPDF for screen 2.23 MB
    pdfPDF for print2.32 MB


    Microfacies of the Volgian-Ryazanian (Jurassic-Cretaceous) hydrocarbon seep carbonates from Sassenfjorden, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    Krzysztof Hryniewicz, Øyvind Hammer, Hans A. Nakrem & Crispin T.S. Little

    pdfPDF for screen 5.74 MB
    pdfPDF for print11.19 MB


    An Upper Jurassic Boreal echinoderm Lagerstätte from Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen

    Julie Rousseau & Hans Arne Nakrem

    pdfPDF for screen2 MB
    pdfPDF for print13.66 MB


    Late Jurassic (Volgian) radiolarians from Central Spitsbergen – a preliminary study

    Hans Arne Nakrem & Wolfgang Kiessling

    pdfPDF for screen1.85 MB
    pdfPDF for print7.33 MB


    Foraminifera from Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous hydrocarbon seep carbonates, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard – preliminary results

    Hanna Rósa Hjálmarsdóttir, Hans Arne Nakrem & Jenõ Nagy

    pdfPDF for screen2.15 MB
    pdfPDF for print12.27 MB


    The lingulid brachiopod Lingularia from lowermost Cretaceous hydrocarbon seep bodies, Sassenfjorden area, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    Lars Erik Holmer & Hans Arne Nakrem

    pdfPDF for screen3 MB
    pdfPDF for print9.28 MB


    Redescription and taxonomic clarification of ‘Tricleidus’ svalbardensis based on new material from the Agardhfjellet Formation (Middle Volgian)

    Espen M. Knutsen, Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Jørn H. Hurum

    pdfPDF for screen2.34 MB
    pdfPDF for print9.89 MB


    Two new species of long-necked plesiosaurians (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Upper Jurassic (Middle Volgian) Agardhfjellet Formation of central Spitsbergen

    Espen M. Knutsen, Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Jørn H. Hurum

    pdfPDF for screen3.22 MB
    pdfPDF for print23 MB

    A new plesiosauroid (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Agardhfjellet Formation (Middle Volgian) of central Spitsbergen, Norway

    Espen M. Knutsen, Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Jørn H. Hurum

    pdfPDF for screen2.81 MB
    pdfPDF for print14.28 MB

    A new species of Pliosaurus (Sauropterygia: Plesiosauria) from the Middle Volgian of central Spitsbergen, Norway

    Espen M. Knutsen, Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Jørn H. Hurum

    pdfPDF for screen3.06 MB
    pdfPDF for print25.52 MB
    Supplement - table 1
    Supplement - table 2
    Supplement - table 3
    Supplement - table 4

    A taxonomic revision of the genus Pliosaurus (Owen, 1841a) Owen, 1841b

    Espen M. Knutsen

    pdfPDF for screen 2.25 MB
    pdfPDF for print11.42 MB


    Phylogenetic relationships of Upper Jurassic (Middle Volgian) plesiosaurians (Reptilia: Sauropterygia) from the Agardhfjellet Formation of central Spitsbergen, Norway

    Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Espen M. Knutsen

    pdfPDF for screen1.7 MB
    pdfPDF for print20.24 MB

    Gross internal structure and microstructure of plesiosaur limb bones from the Late Jurassic, central Spitsbergen

    Lene Liebe & Jørn Harald Hurum

    pdfPDF for screen (3502 Kb)3.42 MB
    pdfPDF for print22.09 MB


    Two new ophthalmosaurids (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) from the Agardhfjellet Formation (Upper Jurassic: Volgian/Tithonian), Svalbard, Norway

    Patrick S. Druckenmiller, Jørn H. Hurum, Espen M. Knutsen & Hans Arne Nakrem

    pdfPDF for screen3.24 MB
    pdfPDF for print20.24 MB


    Preliminary results on liquid petroleum occurring as fluid inclusions in intracellular mineral precipitates in the vertebrae of Pliosaurus funkei

    Jan Kihle, Jørn H. Hurum & Lene Liebe

    pdfPDF for screen2.08 MB
    pdfPDF for print10.67 MB

    NJG 4 12 Forside web

     NJG 2012 volume 92 no 4

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39476-2


    The Lonyearbyen CO2 Lab of Svalbard, Norway - initial assessment of the geological conditions for CO2 sequestration

    Alvar Braathen, Karoline Bælum, Hanne H. christiansen, Trygve Dahl, Ola Eiken, Harald Elvebakk, Fred Hansen, Tor Harald Hansen, Malte Jochmann, Tor Arne Johansen, Helge Johnsen, Leif Larsen, Tove Lie, Jordan Mertes, Atle Mørk, Mai Britt Mørk, Wojciech Nemec, Snorre Olaussen, Volker Oye, Karstein Rød, Geir Ove Titlestad, Jan Tveranger & Kaare Vagle

    pdfPDF for print11.85 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.81 MB

    Subsurface structures of the Lonyearbyen CO2 Lab study area in Central Spitsbergen (Arctic Norway), as mapped by reflection seismic data

    Karoline Bælum, Tor Arne Johansen, Helge Johnsen, Karstein Rød, Bent Ole Ruud & Alvar Braathen

    pdfPDF for print7.7 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.09 MB

    Origin and reactivation of fracture systems adjacent to the Mid-Norwegian continental margin on Hamarøya, North Norway: use of digital geological mapping and morphotectonic lineament analysis

    John-Are Hansen & Steffen G. Bergh

    pdfPDF for print12.75 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.51 MB

    Late syn-impact and early post-impact sedimentation in the Ritland impact structure, western Norway

    Abdus Samad Azad, Henning Dypvik, Michal Tomczyk, Elin Kalleson & Fridtjof Riis

    pdfPDF for print17.13 MB
    pdfPDF for screen4.87 MB

    Revision of the trilobite genus Sphaerophthalmus and relatives from the Furongian (Cambrian) Alum Shale Formation, Oslo Region, Norway

    Magne Høyberget & David L. Bruton

    pdfPDF for print7.75 MB
    pdfPDF for screen5.1 MB


  • NJG 2011 VOL 91 Open or Close

    2011-1coverNJG 2011 Volume 91 Nr. 1-2

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-66-3

    Provenance characteristics of the Brumunddal sandstone in the Oslo Rift derived from U-Pb, Lu-Hf and trace element analyses of detrital zircons by laser ablation ICMPS

    Tom Andersen, Ayesha Saeed, Roy H. Gabrielsen & Snorre Olaussen

    pdfPDF for screen (2104 Kb)2.05 MB
    pdfPDF for print4.68 MB
    xlsSupplement 1.xls65.5 KB
    xlsSupplement 2.xls 86.5 KB
    xlsSupplement 3.xls40 KB
    xlsSupplement 4.xls42 KB
    xlsSupplement 5a.xls50 KB
    xlsSupplement 5b.xls43 KB

    Structural geology and sedimentology of Silurian metasediments in the Ulven area, Major Bergen Arc, SW Norway

    Roald B. Færseth, John Gjelberg & Ole J. Martinsen

    pdfPDF for screen 3.68 MB
    pdfPDF for print7.2 MB

    Zircon U-Pb ages and Lu-Hf isotopes from basement rocks associated with Neoproterozoic sedimentary successions in the Sparagmite Region and adjacent areas, South Norway: the crustal architecture of western Baltica

    Jarkko Lamminen, Tom Andersen & Johan Petter Nystuen

    pdfPDF for screen1.93 MB
    pdfPDF for print2.38 MB
    xlsSupplement 1.xls19.5 KB
    xlsSupplement 2.xls113.5 KB
    xlsSupplement 3.xls113.5 KB

    Provenance and correlation of sediments in Telemark, South Norway: status of the Lifjell Group and implications for early Sveconorwegian fault tectonics

    Jarkko Lamminen

    pdfPDF for screen1.73 MB
    pdfPDF for print8.93 MB
    xlsSupplement 1.xls17 KB
    xlsSupplement 2.xls88.5 KB

    Geology of the island of Ylvingen, Nordland, Norway: Evidence for pre-Scandian (~475 Ma) exhumation in the Helgeland Nappe Complex

    Jeffrey A. G. Oalmann, Calvin G. Barnes, & Callum J. Hetherington

    pdfPDF for screen3.85 MB
    pdfPDF for print8.97 MB

    New data on the Bruflat Formation and the Llandovery/Wenlock transition in the Oslo region, Norway.

    David Worsley, B. Gudveig Baarli, Michael P.A. Howe, Frodi Hjaltason and Dagfinn Alm

    pdfPDF for screen 1.52 MB
    pdfPDF for print 1.65 MB

    2011 3ccoverNJG 2011 Volume 91 Nr. 3

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39469-4

    Ordovician and Silurian magmatism in the Upper Nappe, Uppermost Allochthon, Helgeland Nappe Complex, north-central Norway

    Calvin G. Barnes, Kristin Reid, Carol D. Frost, Melanie A. Barnes, Charlotte M. Allen & Aaron S. Yoshinobu

    pdfPDF for screen1.65 MB
    pdfNJG_3_2011_Barnes.pdf8.59 MB
    xlsElectronic supplement - table 1103.32 KB
    xlsElectronic supplement - table 2267 KB
    xlsElectronic supplement - table 3188 KB

    Growth of extensional faults and folds during deposition of an evaporite-dominated half-graben basin; the Carboniferous Billefjorden Trough, Svalbard

    Alvar Braathen, Karoline Bælum, Harmon Maher Jr. & Simon J. Buckley

    pdfPDF for screen2.41 MB
    pdfNJG_3_2011_Braathen.pdf20.2 MB

    Stenolaemate bryozoans from the Mjøsa Formation (Late Ordovician, Katian) of Helgøya (Mjøsa), southern Norway

    Andrej Ernst & Hans Arne Nakrem

    pdfPDF for screen7.6 MB
    pdfPDF for print9.3 MB

    Note on the composition and mineralogy of Wenlock Silurian bentonites from the Ringerike District: Implications for local and regional stratigraphic correlation and sedimentary environments

    Callum J. Hetherington, Hans Arne Nakrem & Sébastien Potel

    pdfPDF for screen 1.57 MB
    pdfPDF for print5.59 MB

    A half-graben of inferred Late Palaeozoic age in outer Varangerfjorden, Finnmark: evidence from seismic reflection profiles and multibeam bathymetry

    David Roberts, Shyam Chand & Leif Rise

    pdfPDF for screen1.72 MB
    pdfPDF for print4.08 MB

    2011 4ccoverNJG 2011 Volume 91 Nr. 4

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39470-0

    Mesozoic rifting and basin evolution on the Lofoten and Vesterålen Margin, North-Norway; time constraints and regional implications

    John-Are Hansen, Steffen G. Bergh & Tormod Henningsen

    pdfPDF for screen4.97 MB
    pdfPDF for print13.65 MB

    The Rosten Formation, South Norwegian Caledonides: evidence for an early Sveconorwegian magmatic province at the Baltoscandian margin

    Jarkko Lamminen, Tom Andersen & Johan Petter Nystuen

    pdfPDF for screen1.54 MB
    pdfNJG_4_2011_Lamminen.pdf3.65 MB
    xls Electronic supplement 119 KB
    xls Electronic supplement 2179.5 KB
    xls Electronic supplement 3147 KB
    xls Electronic supplement 434 KB

    The 1.23 Ga Fjellhovdane rhyolite, Grøssæ-Totak; a new age within the Telemark supracrustals, southern Norway

    Nick M. W. Roberts, Randall R. Parrish, Matthew S. A. Horstwood & Tim S. Brewer

    pdfPDF for screen1.69 MB
    pdfPDF for print2.4 MB

    The meaning of ‘metamorphic’ - Charles & Mary Lyell in Norway, 1837

    Geir Hestmark

    pdfPDF for screen2.8 MB
    pdfPDF for print6.44 MB

  • NJG 2010 VOL 90 Open or Close

    cover-1NJG 2010 Volume 90 No. 1-2          

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-58-8     

    Neoarchaean to Svecofennian tectono-magmatic evolution of the West Troms Basement Complex, North Norway

    Steffen G. Bergh, Kåre Kullerud, Paul E.B. Armitage, Klaas Bouke Zwaan, Fernando Corfu, Erling J.K. Ravna & Per Inge Myhre

    pdfPDF for print13.56 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.95 MB


    The d13C chemostratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician Mjøsa Formation at Furuberget near Hamar, southeastern Norway: Baltic, Trans-Atlantic, and Chinese relations

    Stig M. Bergström, Birger Schmitz, Seth A. Young & David L. Bruton

    pdfPDF for print (1152 Kb)1.13 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.11 MB


    Piston coring of Inner Oslofjord pockmarks, Norway: constraints on age and mechanism

    Øyvind Hammer & Karen E. Webb

    pdfPDF for print2.04 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.65 MB


    Lithostratigraphy of the Mesoproterozoic Telemark supracrustal rocks, South Norway: revision of the sub-Heddersvatnet unconformity and geochemistry of basalts in the Heddersvatnet Formation

    Juha Köykkä

    pdfPDF for print 6.78 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.61 MB


    A multidisciplinary study of submarine landslides at the Nidelva fjord delta, Central Norway - Implications for geohazard assessment

    Jean-Sébastien L’Heureux, Louise Hansen, Oddvar Longva, Arnfinn Emdal & Lars Olav Grande

    pdfPDF for print25.51 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.13 MB

    cover-3NJG 2010 Volume 90 Nr. 3

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-64-9

    The Caledonides of the Oslo Region, Norway – stratigraphy and structural elements

    David L. Bruton, Roy H. Gabrielsen & Bjørn T. Larsen

    pdfPDF for print15.03 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.34 MB


    Morphology and speleogenesis of Okshola, Fauske, northern Norway: example of a multi-stage network cave in a glacial landscape

    Rannveig Øvrevik Skoglund & Stein-Erik Lauritzen

    pdfPDF for print 5.52 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.21 MB

    cover-4NJG 2010 Volume 90 Nr. 4     

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-65-6           

    Crustal structure beneath the Trøndelag Platform and adjacent areas of the mid-norwegian margin, as derived from wide-angle seismic and potential field data

    Asbjørn Johan Breivik, Rolf Mjelde, Thomas Raum, Jan Inge Faleide, Yoshio Murai & Ernst R. Flueh

    pdfPDF for print15.02 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.48 MB
    pdfElectronic supplement11.81 MB


    Stratigraphy and deglaciation of the Isfjorden area, Spitsbergen

    Matthias Forwick & Tore O. Vorren

    pdfPDF for print9.87 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.51 MB


  • NJG 2009 VOL 89 Open or Close


    NJG 2009 Volume 89  Nr. 1 & 2    

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-52-6                                                                                      

    MAREANO thematic issue

    Jochen Knies

    NJG 1 2 2009 Forside web        

    pdfPDF for print469.31 KB
    pdfPDF for screen470.95 KB

    MAREANO – An introduction

    Terje Thorsnes

    pdfPDF for print473.38 KB
    pdfPDF for screen474.99 KB

    Submarine landscapes along the Lofoten-Vesterålen-Senja margin, northern Norway

    Terje Thorsnes, Lars Erikstad, Margaret F.J. Dolan, Valérie K. Bellec

    pdfPDF for print10.35 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.59 MB

     Developing seabed nature-type maps offshore Norway: initial results from the MAREANO programme

    Margaret F.J. Dolan, Pål Buhl-Mortensen, Terje Thorsnes, Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Valérie K. Bellec & Reidulv Bøe

    pdfPDF for print4.61 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.54 MB

     Sediment distribution and seabed processes in the Troms II area - offshore North Norway

    Valérie K. Bellec, Margaret F.J. Dolan, Reidulv Bøe, Terje Thorsnes, Leif Rise, Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Pål Buhl-Mortensen

    pdfPDF for print21.93 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.89 MB

     Sediment pathways in the western Barents Sea inferred from clay mineral assemblages in surface sediments

    Christoph Vogt & Jochen Knies

    pdfPDF for print4.5 MB
    pdfPDF for screen963.49 KB


    Fluid flow structures and processes; indications from the North Norwegian continental margin

    Liv Plassen & Jochen Knies

    pdfPDF for print8.12 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.16 MB

     Pockmarks in Spitsbergen fjords

    Matthias Forwick, Nicole J. Baeten & Tore O. Vorren

    pdfPDF for print16.11 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.98 MB

     Organic matter sedimentation in the western Barents Sea region: Terrestrial and marine contribution based on isotopic composition and organic nitrogen content

    Jochen Knies & Philippe Martinez

    pdfPDF for print7.15 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.1 MB

     Geographical variations in hydrocarbon levels in sediments from the Western Barents Sea

    Stepan Boitsov, Henning K.B. Jensen, Jarle Klungsøyr

    pdfPDF for print1.64 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.48 MB

    Physical and chemical traces of anthropogenic influence at the seabed and in the sediments in Ingøydjupet, Southern Barents Sea

    Henning K. B. Jensen, Stepan Boitsov, Tor Erik Finne, Jarle Klungsøyr & Jochen Knies

    pdfPDF for print4.73 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.22 MB

     Distribution of recent dinocyst assemblages in the western Barents Sea

    Sandrine Solignac, Kari Grøsfjeld, Jacques Giraudeau, Anne de Vernal

    pdfPDF for print1.39 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.05 MB

    Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages inshore and offshore Svalbard reflecting their modern hydrography and climate

    Kari Grøsfjeld, Rex Harland, & John Howe

    pdfPDF for print3.39 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.2 MB

     A Late Holocene climate history from the Malangen fjord, North Norway, based on dinoflagellate cysts

    Kari-Lise Rørvik, Kari Grøsfjeld & Morten Hald

    pdfPDF for print1.27 MB
    pdfPDF for screen915.35 KB

     Benthic foraminifera assemblages in the Central Barents Sea: an evaluation of the effect of combining live and total fauna studies in tracking environmental change

    Margot Saher, Dorthe Klitgaard Kristensen, Morten Hald, Sergei Korsun, and Lis Lindal Jørgensen

    pdfPDF for print9.64 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.29 MB

     Megafaunal diversity associated with marine landscapes of northern Norway: a preliminary assessment

    Pål Buhl Mortensen, Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Margaret Dolan, Jennifer Dannheim & Kerstin Kröger

    pdfPDF for print4.42 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1001.29 KB

    NJG 2009 Volume 89 Nr. 3         

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-54-0       



    Caledonian anatexis of Grenvillian crust: a U/Pb study of Albert I Land, NW Svalbard

     Per Inge Myhre, Fernando Corfu & Arild Andresen 

    Forsiden NJG 3 09 web 

    pdfPDF for print4.84 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.72 MB

     Keuper (Late Triassic) sediments in Germany – indicators of rapid uplift of Caledonian rocks in southern Norway

    Josef Paul, Klaus Wemmer and Florian Wetzel

    pdfPDF for print1.33 MB
    pdfPDF for screen767.18 KB

     Deep-structural differences in southwestern Scandinavia revealed by P-wave travel time residuals

    Anna Bondo Medhus, Niels Balling, Bo Holm Jacobsen, Rainer Kind & Richard W. England

    pdfPDF for print6.37 MB
    pdfPDF for screen948.12 KB

     Structure and evolution of the Bellsund Graben between Forlandsundet and Bellsund (Spitsbergen) based on marine seismic data.

    Maria Blinova, Rune Thorsen, Rolf Mjelde & Jan Inge Faleide

    pdfPDF for print7.29 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.11 MB

     Correlations of geological and biological elements in marine habitat mapping in glaciated areas; field tests from the coast of Møre and Romsdal County, western Norway.

    Ole Christensen, Vladimir Kostylev, Oddvar Longva, Terje Thorsnes, Robert C. Courtney & Bjørn Gjevik

    pdfPDF for print1.64 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.18 MB

     The post-cephalic morphology of the middle Ordovician trilobite Prionocheilus narinosus from the central Oslo Region, Norway

    Ole A. Hoel

    pdfPDF for print1.95 MB
    pdfPDF for screen659.74 KB


    NJG 2009 Volume 89 Nr. 4      

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-57-1         

    Geological evolution of the Norwegian continental shelf between 61ºN and 68ºN during the last 3 million years

    Dag Ottesen, Leif Rise, Espen Sletten Andersen, Tom Bugge & Tor Eidvin

    pdfPDF for print22.04 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.17 MB

    Forside 4 09 web 

    Geochronology of magmatism in the Caledonian and Sveconorwegian belts of Baltica: synopsis for detrital zircon provenance studies

    Bernard Bingen & Arne Solli

    pdfPDF for print3.73 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.74 MB
    pdfElectronic supplement 1: Fig 815.31 MB
    pdfElectronic supplement 2: Table 1-2700.03 KB

     Mesoproterozoic frost action at the base of the Svinsaga Formation, central Telemark, South Norway

    Juha Köykkä & Kauko Laajoki

    pdfPDF for print6.88 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.58 MB

     Structural geology of the southeastern part of the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault Zone, Varanger Peninsula, Finnmark, North Norway

    Tore Herrevold, Roy H. Gabrielsen & David Roberts

    pdfPDF for print18.73 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.15 MB

    Geology, age and geochemical constraints on the origin of the Late Archaean Mikkelvik alkaline stock, West Troms Basement Complex in Northern Norway

    Dmitry Zozulya, Kåre Kullerud, Erling K. Ravna, Fernando Corfu & Yevgeny Savchenko

    pdfPDF for print6.32 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.39 MB


    Mineralogy and geological setting of allanite-(Ce)-pegmatites in western Hurrungane, Jotun Nappe Complex, Norway: an EMP and ID-TIMS study

    Simon Spürgin, Rune S. Selbekk and Anders Mattias Lundmark

    pdfPDF for print1.66 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.38 MB

  • NJG 2008 VOL 88 Open or Close

     NGT-1 08-Forside web

    NJG  2008 VOL. 88 NO 1    

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-43-4                                                                         

    Geometry of a major slump structure in the Storegga slide region offshore western Norway 

    Roald B. Fjærseth & Bjørn Helge Sætersmoen

    pdfPDF for print4.27 MB pdfPDF for screen1.97 MB

    Geochronology of high-grade metamorphism in the Sveconorwegian belt, S. Norway: U-Pb, Th-Pb and Re-Os data

    Bernhard Bingen, William J. Davis, Michael A. Hamilton, Ane K. Engvik, Holly J. Stein, Øyvind Skår & Øystein Nordgulen

    pdfPDF for print2.54 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.87 MB

    A four-phase model for the Sveconorwegian orogeny, SW Scandinavia

    Bernard Bingen, Øystein Nordgulen & Giulio Viola

    pdfPDF for print2.74 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.88 MB

    Furongian Series (Cambrian) biostratigraphy of Scandinavia - a revision

    Fredrik Terfelt, Mats E. Eriksson, Per Ahlberg & Loren E. Babcock

    pdfPDF for print1.54 MB
    pdfPDF for screen752.91 KB


    NJG 2008 VOLUME 88 no 2

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-44-1

    The microfabrics fo a porphyroclast-rich quartzitic mylonite, Mjølfjell, Jotun Nappe Complex, Norway

     Niels Ø. Olsesen

    pdfPDF for print2.12 MB
    pdfPDF for screen624.89 KB

     NGJ Front page 2 08 web

     Taphonomy of freshwater molluscs in carbonate-poor deposits: a case study of the river pearl mussel in northeastern Finnish Lapland

    Jan Kresten Nielsen, Samuli Helama & Jesper Kresten Nielsen

    pdfPDF for print2.03 MB
    pdfPDF for screen707.87 KB

    "A primitive country of rocks and people" - R.I. Murchison's Silurian campaign in Norway, 1944

    Geir Hestmark

    pdfPDF for print2.13 MB
    pdfPDF for screen620.21 KB


     Determination of overpressures in sandstones by fluid flow modelling: the haltenbanken area, Norway: Reply

    Eigill Nysæterh

    pdfPDF for print828.96 KB
    pdfPDF for screen349.35 KB

     NJG 2008 VOLUME 88 NO 3

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-45-8

    Radiogenic heat production of Archaean to Permian geological provinces in Norway 

    Trond Slagstad

    pdfPDF for print2.4 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.3 MB


    NJG forside 3 08 web 

    Event-based sub-basalt depth imaging apllied to marine seismic data from north of Shetland, UK

    Alexander Droujinine, Jan Pajchel & Kenneth Hitchen

    pdfPDF for print2.4 MB
    pdfPDF for screen 1.86 MB

    NJG 2008 VOLUME 88 NO 4

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-49-6

    Exploring the Arctic margins and the Central Arctic Ocean: An introduction

    Morten Smelror

    pdfPDF for print531 KB

    NGT forside 4 08 web 

    The South Anyui suture, Northeas Arctic Russia, revealed by offshore seismic data

    Dieter Franke, Christian Reichert, Volkmar Damm & Karsten Piepjohn

    pdfPDF for print4.58 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.6 MB

    Jurassic and Cretaceous foreland basin deposits of the Russian Arctic: Separated by birth of the Makarov Basin?

    Elizabeth L. Miller, Alex Soloviev, Alexander Kuzmichev, George Gehrels, Jaime Toro & Marianna Tuchkova

    pdfPDF for print5.44 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.85 MB

    Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic evolution of the East Barents and Kara Seas sedimentary basins

    Oleg V. Petrov, Nikolai N. Sobolev, Tatyana N. Koren, Viktor E. Vasiliev, Eugeny O. Petrov, Geir Birger Larssen & Morten Smelror

    pdfPDF for print1.14 MB
    pdfPDF for screen767.01 KB

    Detrial zircon ages and provenance of the Late Neoproterozoic and Palaeozoic successions on Severnaya Zemlya, Kara Shelf: a tie to Baltica

    Henning Lorenz, David G. Gee & Antonio Simonetti

    pdfPDF for print4.39 MB
    pdfPDF for screen4.32 MB

    Lower and Middle Jurassic foraminiferal and ostracod biostratigraphy of the eastern Barents Sea and correlation with northern Siberia

    Valery Basov, Boris Nikitenko & natalia Kupiyanova

    pdfPDF for print5.22 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.56 MB

    High resolution stratigraphy of the Lower Jurassic and Aalenian of Arctic regions as the basis for detailed palaeobiogeographic reconstructions

    Boris Nikitenko, Boris Shurygin & Michael Mickey

    pdfPDF for print2.82 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.58 MB

    Lower Cretaceous palynostratigraphy and dinoflagellate cyst palaeoecology in the Siberian palaeobasin

    Ekatarina B. Pestchevitskaya

    pdfPDF for print2.06 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.76 MB

    Lower Cretaceous lithostratigraphy across a regional subaerial unconformity in Spitsbergen: the Rurikfjellet and Helvetiafjellet formations

    Ivar Midtkandal, Johan Petter Nystuen, Jenö Nagy & Atle Mørk

    pdfPDF for print2.16 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.65 MB

    Climatic transitions in the Arctic as revealed by mineralogical evidence from the Upper Cenozoic sediments in the sentral Arctic Ocean and the Yermak Plateou

    Kari Strand, Juho Junttila, Taija Lahtinen & Saija Turunen

    pdfPDF for print966.8 KB
    pdfPDF for screen 710 KB

    Extensive local seabed disturbance, erosion and mass wasting on Alpha Ridge, Central Arctic Ocean: possible evidence for an extraterrestrial impact?

    Yngve Kristoffersen, John K. Hall, Kenneth Hunkins, Josè Ardai, Bernard J. Coakley, John R. Hopper & Healy 2005 seismic team

    pdfPDF for print1.23 MB
    pdfPDF for screen774.53 KB

  • NJG 2007 VOL 87 Open or Close


    NJG 2007 VOLUME 87 NO 1 & 2      

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39437-3

    TopoScandia thematic issue:
    Origin of mountain topography in Scandinavia              


    Interplay between the Scandes and the Trans-Scandinavian Igneous Belt: integrated thermo-rheological and potential field modelling of the Central Scandes profile    

     Christophe Pascal, Jörg Ebbing & Jan Reidar Skilbrei                       

    NGT Omslag 1 2 MINI 

    pdfPDF for print5.34 MB
    pdfPDF for screen775.7 KB

    Isostatic density modelling explains the missing root of the Scandes

    Jörg Ebbing

    pdfPDF for print7.56 MB
    pdfPDF for screen550.21 KB

    Could peridotite hydration reactions have provided a contributory driving force for Cenozoic uplift and accelerated subsidence along the margins of the North Atlantic And Labrador Sea?

    Alasdair Skelton & Martin Jakobsson

    pdfPDF for print4.04 MB
    pdfPDF for screen232.82 KB

    The Lofoten-Vesterålen continental margin: a multiphase Mesozoic-Palaeogene rifted shelf as shown by offshore-onshore brittle fault-fracture analysis

    Steffen G. Bergh, Karsten Eig, Oddbjørn S. Kløvjan, Tormod Henningsen, Odleiv Olesen & John-Are Hansen

    pdfPDF for print27.92 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.43 MB

    Fault systems marginal to the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Complex, Osen - Vikna area, Central Norway

    Elin Olsen, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Alvar Braathen & Tim F. Redfield

    pdfPDF for print7.48 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.11 MB

    The Molo Formation, deposited by coastal progradation on the inner Mid-Norwegian continental shelf, coeval with the Kai Formation to the west and the Utsira Formation in the North Sea

    Tor Edvin, Tom Bugge & Morten Smelror

    pdfPDF for print8.09 MB
    pdfPDF for screen6.43 MB

    A fission track data compilation for Fennoscandia

    Bart Hendriks, Paul Andriessen, Yvette Huigen, Callum Leighton, Tim Redfield, Glen Murrel, Kerry Gallagher and Søren Bom Nielsen.

    pdfPDF for print3.97 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.19 MB

    Automatic detection of circular depressions in the digital elevation data in the search for potential Norwegian impact structures

    Svein Olav Krøgli, Henning Dypvik & Bernd Etzelmüller

    pdfPDF for print4.02 MB
    pdfPDF for screen459.03 KB

    Automatic regional classification of topgraphy in Norway

    Bernd Etzelmüller, Bård Romstad and Jakob Fjellanger

    pdfPDF for print11.92 MB
    pdfPDF for screen965.53 KB

    Cenozoic landscape development on the passive margin of northern Scandinavia

    Karna Lidmar-Bergström, Jens-Ove Näslund, Karin Ebert, Truls Neubeck & Johan M. Bonow

    pdfPDF for print12.57 MB
    pdfPDF for screen752.46 KB

    Elevated erosion surfaces in central West Greenland and southern Norway: their significance in integrated studies of passive margin development

    Johan M. Bonow, Karna Lidmar-Bergström, Peter Japsen, James A. Chalmers & Paul F. Green

    pdfPDF for print3.55 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.02 MB

    The number, form and origin of sub-horizontal surcace in north Ceredigion, Wales U.K.

    Matt Rowberry, Paul Brewer & Mark Macklin

    pdfPDF for print4.47 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.04 MB

    Origin of the palaeic landforms and glacial impact on the Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway

    Jacob Fjellanger & Leif Sørbel

    pdfPDF for print6.79 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.17 MB

    Diagenesis and weathering of quartzite at the palaeic surface on the Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway

    Jakob Fjellanger & Johan Petter Nystuen

    pdfPDF for print7.65 MB
    pdfPDF for screen909.93 KB

    Aeromagnetic mapping of deep-weathered fracture zones in the Oslo Region - a new tool for improved planning of tunnels.

    Odleiv Olesen, John F. Dehls, Jörg Ebbing, Helge Henriksen, Ola Kihle & Erik Lundin

    pdfPDF for print17.61 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.73 MB

    Cosmogenic nuclide surface exposure ages from Nordland, northern Norway: implications for declaciation in a coast to inland transect

    Henriette Linge, Lars Olsen, Edward J. Brook, Jessica R. Darter, David M. Mikcelson, Grant M. Raisbeck & Francoise Yiou

    pdfPDF for print7.81 MB
    pdfPDF for screen722.12 KB

    Late Weichselian ice flow evolution in south-central Norway

    Bjørn A. Follestad & Ola Fredin

    pdfPDF for print13.54 MB
    pdfPDF for screen5.11 MB

    NJG Volume 87 no 3 

    ISBN: 978-82-92394-39-7 



    Direct Rhenium-Osmium age of the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian boundary, Staffin bay, Isle of Skye, U.K.,
    and the Late Jurassig time Scale

    David Selby

    Forside mini 

    pdfPDF for print3.47 MB
    pdfPDF for screen506.02 KB

    Low-grade sedimentary rocks on Vanna, North Norway: a new occurrence of a Palaeoproterozoic (2.4-2.2 GA) cover succession in northern Fennoscandia

    Steffen G. Bergh, Kåre Kullerud, Fernando Corfu, Paul E.B. Armitage, Børre Davidsen, Helge W. Johansen, Trine Pettersen & Stian Knudsen

    pdfPDF for print18.95 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.85 MB

    Palaeocurrent data from the Kalak Nappe Complex, northern Norway: a key element in models of terrane affiliation

    David Roberts

    pdfPDF for print3.14 MB
    pdfPDF for screen327.73 KB

    Silurian gabbro-diorite-trondhjemite plutons in the Trondheim Nappe Complex, Caledonides, Norway: petrology and U-Pb geochronology

    Odd Nilsen, Fernando Corfu & Roberts

    pdfPDF for print3.27 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.08 MB

    Paralic sedimentation on an epicontinental ramp shelf during a full cycle of relative sea-level fluctuation; the Helvetiafjellet Formation in Nordenskiöld Land, Spitsbergen

    Ivar Midtkandal, Johan Petter Nystuen and Jenö Nagy

    pdfPDF for print6.98 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.45 MB


    NJG 2007 Volume 84 no 4

    ISBN: 978-82-92-39441-0



    Analysis of rock lenses in extensional faults                                                                           

    Merethe Lindanger, Roy H. Gabrielsen & Alvar Braathen

    Forside mini 

    pdfPDF for print2.54 MB
    pdfPDF for screen752.64 KB

    Inhomogeneous deformation in deeply buried continental crust, an example from the eclogite-facies province of the Western Gneiss Region, Norway

    Ane K. Engvik, Torgeir B. Andersen & Matthias Wachmann

    pdfPDF for print6.14 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.84 MB

    Post-Eocene strata of the southern Viking Graben, northern North Sea; integrated biostratigraphic, strontium isotopic and lithostratigraphic study

    Tor Eidvin & Yngve Rundberg

    pdfPDF for print7.96 MB
    pdfPDF for screen4.48 MB

    A new  occurrence of aegirine in Norway

    Tore Prestvik & Calvin G. Barnes

    pdfPDF for print1.07 MB

    pdfPDF for screen462.13 KB


  • NJG 2006 VOL 86 Open or Close

    1-86 omslag print mini

    NJG 2006  volume 86 no 1

    ISBN: 82-92394-24-9

    Determination of overpressures in sandstones by fluid-flow modelling: The Haltenbanken area, Norway

    Eigill Nysæther

    pdfPDF for print5.14 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.54 MB

    The Mesoproterozoic sub-Røynstaul unconformity, central Telemark, Norway

    Kauko Laajoki & Jarkko Lamminen

    pdfPDF for print3.71 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.29 MB

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs in Norwegian and Russian Arctic marine sediments: concentrations, geographical distribution and sources

    Salve Dahle, Vladimir Savinov, Vera Petrova, Jarle Klungsøyr, Tatiana Savinova, Galina Batova & Anna Kursheva

    pdfPDF for print3.4 MB
    pdfPDF for screen 691.21 KB

    The myodocope ostracod Entomozoe from the Early Silurian of Severnaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

    David J. Siveter & Olga K. Bogolepova

    pdfPDF for print1.41 MB
    pdfPDF for screen514.32 KB

    Age constraints on the late Caledonian (Scandian) deformation in the Major Bergen ARc, SW Norway

    Haakon Fossen & W. James Dunlap

    pdfPDF for print1.98 MB
    pdfPDF for screen688.78 KB


    NGT omslag mini

    NJG 2006 volume 86 no 2

    ISBN: 82-92394-26-5


    Depositional facies and reservoir quality of deep-marine sandstones in the Norwegian Sea

    Trond Lien, Ruth Elin Midtbø & Ole J. Martinsen

    pdfPDF for print4.74 MB
    pdfPDF for screen465.44 KB

    Triassic lithostratigraphy of the Northern North Sea Basin

    Kjell-Sigve Lervik

    pdfPDF for print8.55 MB
    pdfPDF for screen511.59 KB

    A Late Triassic dinosoaur bone, offhsore Norway

    Jørn Harald Hurum, Morten Bergan, Reidar Müller, Johan Petter Nystuen & Nicole Klein

    pdfPDF for print1.58 MB
    pdfPDF for screen305.25 KB

    Multidisciplinary stratigraphy across the Permian-Triassic boundary in deep-water environment of the Dongpan section, South China

    Fan Zhang, Qinglai Feng, Weihong He, Youyan Meng & Songzhu Gu

    pdfPFG for print638.6 KB
    pdfPDF for screen345.14 KB

    The late Neoproterozoic Smalfjord Formation of the Varanger Peninsula in northern Norway: a shallow fjord deposit

    B. Gudveig Baarli, Rebekah Levine & Markes E. Johnsen

    pdfPDF for print1.82 MB
    pdfPDF for screen427.77 KB



    Forside mini


     NJG 2006 volume 86 no. 3

    ISBN: 82-92394-30-3


    Submarine mass movements and their consequences, 2nd international symposium: Summary

    Anders Solheim

    pdfPDF file317.93 KB


    Frequency and triggering mechanisms of submarine landslides of the North Norwegian continental margin

    Jan Sverre Laberg, Tore O. Vorren, Neil H. Kenyon & Michael Ivanov

    pdfPDF file1.15 MB

    Mapping of seabed morphology and shallow sediment structure of the Mauritania continental margin, Northwest Africa: some implications for geohazard potential

    Sebastian Kratel, Russel B. wynn, till J.J. Hanebuth, Rüdiger Henrich, christine Holz, Helge Meggers, Holger Kuhlmann, Aggeliki Georgiopoulou & Horst D. Schulz

     pdfPDF file2.95 MB

    Sedimentology, physical properties and age of mass transport deposits associated with the Marquês de Pombal Fault, Southwest Portuguese Margin

    Alexis Vizcaino, Eulàlia Gràcia, Raimon Pallàs, Jordi Garcia-Orellana, Carlota Escutia, David Casas, Veronica Willmott, Susana Diez, Alessandra Asioli & Juanjo Dañobeitia

    pdfPDF file3.44 MB

     Geotechnical and geochemical investigations of the Marquês de Pombal landslide at the Portuguese continental margin

    Marion Minning, Dierk Hebbeln, Christian Hensen & Achim Kopf

    pdfPDF file1.59 MB

    Initial Results of a new Free Fall-Cone Penetrometer (FF-CPT) for geotecnical in situ characterisation of soft marine sediments

    Sylvia Stegmann, Tobias Mörz & Achim Kopf

    pdfPDF file1.24 MB

    Comparative numerical and analogue shear box experiments and their implications for the mechanics along the failure plane of landslides

    Katrin Huhn, Ingo Kock & Achim J. Kopf

    pdfPDF file3.24 MB

    Varieties of submarine failure morphologies of seismically-induced landslides in Alaskan fjords

    Homa Lee, Holly Ryan, Robert E. Kayen, Peter J. Haeussler, Peter Dartnell & Monty A. Hampton

     pdfPDF file4.3 MB

     Dating submarine mass movements triggered by earthquakes in the Upper Saguenay Fjord, Quebec, Canada

    Christiane L. Levesque, Jacques Locat & Serge Leroueil

    pdfPDF file1.93 MB

    Behaviour of the sediments in the Storegga Slide interpreted by the steady state concept

    ShaoLi Yang, Anders Solheim, Tore J. Kvalstad, Carl F. Forsberg & Michael Schnellmann

    pdfPDF file3.02 MB

     Mechanisms of tsunami generation by submarine landslides: a short review

    Carl B. Harbitz, Finn Løvholt, Geir Pedersen & Doug G. Masson

    pdfPDF file1.5 MB

    Controls of the behavior of marine debris flows

    Alan W. Niedoroda, Christopher Reed, Himangshu Das, Lyle Hatchett & Alisa B. Perlet

    pdfPDF file1.51 MB

    Understanding the high mobility of subaqueous debris flows

    Fabio V. De blasio, Anders Elverhøi, Lars E. Engvik, Dieter Issler, Peter Gauer & Carl Harbitz

    pdfPDF file1.87 MB

    Subaqueous sediment gravity flows undergoing progressive solidification

    Amiruddin, Hideo Sekiguchi & Shinji Sassa

    pdfPDF file1.94 MB

     On numerical simulations of subaqueous slides: Back-calculations of laboratory experiments of clay-rich slides

    Peter Gauer, Anders Elverhøi, Dieter Isssler & Fabio V. De Blasio

    pdfPDF file2.21 MB

     Small scale simulations of outrunner block

    Lars Engvik, Fabio V. De Blasio & Anders Elverhøi

    pdfPDF file1.46 MB

    A simple model for submarine slope stability analysis with gas hydrates

    Mark F. Nixon & Jocelyn L.H. Grozic

    pdfPDF file801.79 KB

     Impact of debris flows and turbidity currents on seafloor structures

    Roberto Bruschi, Sabrina Bughi, Maurizio, Spinazzè, Enrico Torselletti & Luigino Vitali

    pdfPDF file6.39 MB

    Human impact on sediment mass movement and submergence of ancient sites in the two harbours of Alexandria, Egypt

    Jean-Daniel Stanley, Thomas F. Jorstad & Franck Goddio

    pdfPDF file3.2 MB

    Challenges to geo-scientists in risk assessment for submarine slides

    Farrokh Nadim

    pdfPDF file2.6 MB

    Natural catastrophes: causes, trends and risk management. The challenge of submarine mass movements - an insurance perspective

    Anselm Smolka

    pdfPDF file3.65 MB



    NGT 4-06 Forside mini


     NJG 2006 volume 86 no 4

    ISBN: 82-92394-36-2


    Fracture lineaments and their surroundings with respect to groundwater flow in the bedrock of Sunnfjord, Wester Norway

    Helge Henriksen

    pdfPDF for print3.76 MB
    pdfPDF for screen681.4 KB

    Travertines from the Troll thermal springs, Svalbard

    Bjørn Jamtveit, Øyvind Hammer, Carin Andersson, Dag K. Dysthe, Jennifer Heldmann & Marilyn L. Fogel

    pdfPDF for print4.81 MB
    pdfPDF for screen541.15 KB

    Tracking polar dinosaurs - new finds from the Lower Cretaceous of Svalbard

    Jørn H. Hurum, Jesper Milàn, Øyvind Hammer, Ivar Midtkandal, Hans Asmunsen & Bjørn Sæther

    pdfPDF for print1.62 MB
    pdfPDF for screen412.3 KB

    Brachiopod bio- and ecostratigraphy in the lower part of the Arnestad Formation (Upper Ordovician), Oslo Region, Norway

    Jesper Hansen & David A. T. Harper

    pdfPDF for print2.49 MB
    pdfPDF for screen878.56 KB

     The deglaciation history of Tromdheimsfjorden and Trondheimsleia, Central Norway

    Leif Rise, Reidulv Bøe, Harald Sveian, Astrid Lyså & Heidi A. Olsen

    pdfPDF for print18.74 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.59 MB

    Mineralogy of aegirine from Låven Island, Langesundfjorden, southern Norway

    Enver Murad

    pdfPDF for print4.6 MB
    pdfPDF for screen481.62 KB

    Modelling of fluid flow and overpressure - A discussion

    Knut Bjørlykke

    pdfPDF for print242.57 KB
    pdfPDF for screen155.87 KB



  • NJG 2005 VOL 85 Open or Close

    54105 omslagprint mini

    NJG 2005 volume 85 no 1 & 2

    ISBN: 82-92394-21-4

    On the Shoulders of giants - Musings on the history of geoscience in Norway

    Roy H. gabrielsen, David L. Bruton, Inge Bryhni & Ivar B. Ramberg

    pdfPDF for print10.19 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.63 MB

    Physics of Geological Processes (PGP): Some recent advances

    Bjørn Jamtveit

    pdfPDF for print8.79 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.3 MB

    Bjerknes Centre for climate Research - combining past, present and future climate change

    Eystein Jansen, Trond Dokken, Atle Nesje, Svein Olaf Dahl, Henriette Linge, Ulysses S. Ninnemann & Odd Helge Otteraa

    pdfPDF for print5.25 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.02 MB

    International Centre for Geohazards (ICG): Assessment, prevention and mitigation of geohazards

    Anders Solheim, Rajinder Bhasin, Fabio V. D Blasio, Lars H. Blikra, Stan Boyle, Alvar Braathen, John Dehls, Anders Elverhøi, Bernd Etzelmüller, Sylfest Glimsdal, Carl B. Harbitz, Håkon Heyerdahl, Øyvind A. Høydal, Harald Iwe, Kjell Karlsrud, Suzanne Lacasse, Isabelle Lecomte, Conrad Lindholm, Oddvar Longva, Finn Løvholt, Farrokh Nadim, Steinar Nordal, Bård Romstad, Jan K. Røed & James M. Strout

    pdfPDF for print6.66 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.45 MB

     Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research - Research activities with emphasis on fluid flow in fault zones

    Jan Tveranger, Alvar Braathen, Tore Skar & Arne Skauge

    pdfPDF for print6.48 MB
    pdfPDF for screen861.43 KB

    Norway in space and time: A Centennial cavalcade

    Trond H. Torsvik & L. Robin M. Cocks

    pdfPDF for print5.22 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.08 MB

    Timing of continental building in the Sveconorwegian orogen, SW Scandinavia

    Bernard Bingen, Øyvind Skår, Mogens marker, Ellen M.O. Sigmond, Øystein Nordgulen, Jomar Ragnhildstveit, Joakim Mansfeld, Robert D. Tucker & Jean-Paul Liègeois

    pdfPDF for print6.21 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.41 MB

    Structural development of the Mjelde-Skorelvvatn Zone on Kvaløya, Troms: a metasupracrustal shear belt in the Precambrian West Troms Basement Complex, North Norway

    Paul E.B. Armitage & Steffen G. Berg

    pdfPDF for print7.45 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.37 MB

    Modern techniques and Old Red problems - determining the age of continental sedimentary deposits with 40Ar/39Ar provenance analysis in west-central Norway

    Elizabeth A. Eide, Nils Erik Haabesland, Per Terje Osmundsen, Torgeir B. Andersen, David Roberts & Mark A. Kendrick

    pdfPDF for print4.12 MB
    pdfPDF for screen865.09 KB

    30 years on - Arctic Upper Palaeozoic stratigraphy, depositional evolution and hydrocarbon prospectivity

    Lars Stemmerik & David Worsley

    pdfPDF for print8.26 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.21 MB

    Clinoform stacking patterns, shelf-edge trajectories and facies associations in Tertiary coastal deltas, offshore Norway: Implications for the prediction of lithology in prograding systems

    Scott Bullimore, Sverre Henriksen, Frode M. Liestøl & William Helland-Hansen

    pdfPDF for print11.43 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.92 MB

    8 2002 01

    NJG 2005 volume 85 no 3

    ISBN: 82-92394-21-4

    A revised stratigraphy for the Ringerike Group (Upper Silurian, Oslo Region)

    Neil S. Davies, Peter Turner & Ivan J. Sansom

    pdfPDF for print1.34 MB
    pdfPDF for screen427.05 KB

    A new trilobite species of Hemisphaerocoryphe from the Arenig of the St. Petersburg area, Russia

    Thomas Hansen

    pdfPDF for print1.11 MB
    pdfPDF for screen412.92 KB

    Starfish from the Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway

    Thomas Hansen, David L. Bruton & Sten L. Jakobsen

    pdfPDF for print2.15 MB
    pdfPDF for screen648.21 KB

    Dendroid graptolites in the Elnes Formation (Middle Ordovician), Oslo Region, Norway

    Jörg Maletz & Sven O. Egenhoff

    pdfPDF for print1.11 MB
    pdfPDF for screen314.6 KB

    Palaeoneumania, a new name for the genus Neumania Harper, 1981 (Brachiopoda), preoccupied by Neumania Lebert, 1879 (Arthropoda)

    Jesper Hansen & David A.T. Harper

    pdfPDF for print294.71 KB
    pdfPDF for screen95.75 KB

    Large-scale patterns of glacial streaming flow deduced from satellite imagery over Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

    Bjørn A. Follestad

    pdfPDF for print3.91 MB
    pdfPDF for screen684.15 KB

    Soft-sediment deformation structures in the Late Silurian Stubdal Formation: the result of seismic triggering

    Neil S. Davies, Peter Turner & Ivan J. Sansom

    pdfPDF for print2.73 MB
    pdfPDF for screen647.07 KB

    The 31st of August 1819 Lurøy earthquake revisited

    Hilmar Bungum & Odleiv Olesen

    pdfPDF for print1.59 MB
    pdfPDF for screen351.25 KB

    Comments on the Lurøy 1819 earthquake controversy

    Eystein S. Husebye

    pdfPDF for print327.96 KB
    pdfPDF for screen113.96 KB

    Reply to 'Comments on the Lurøy 1819 earthquake controversy' by E.S. Husebye

    Hilmar Bungum & Odleiv Olesen

    pdfPDF for print305.22 KB
    pdfPDF for screen76.4 KB



    omslag 4-85 mini

    NJG 2005 volume 85 no 4

    ISBN: 82-92394-23-0

    Deep-water sedimentary systems of Arctic and North Atlantic margins: An introduction

    Ole J. Martinsen

    pdfPDF for print925.55 KB
    pdfPDF for screen222.01 KB

    A modern canyon-fed sandy turbidite system of the Norwegian Continental Margin

    Jan Sverre Laberg, Tore O. Vorren, Neil H. Kenyon, Mikhail Ivanov & Espen S. Andersen

    pdfPDF for print6.49 MB
    pdfPDF for screen848.9 KB

    Temporal and spatial variations in Late Quaternary slope sedimentation along the undersupplied margins of the Rockall Trough, offshore west Ireland

    Lena K. Øvrebø, Peter D.W. Haughton & Patrick M. Shannon

    pdfPDF for print3.39 MB
    pdfPDF for screen967.61 KB

    Buried sedimentary mounds in the Nyk High area, Mid-Norwegian margin: Are they Miocene-Pliocene cold-water coral mounds?

    Karl Ivar Torbjørn Dahlgren & Bjørn Lindberg

    pdfPDF for print4.04 MB
    pdfPDF for screen764.66 KB

    Late Cenozoic evolution of the continental margin of eastern Canada

    David J. W. Piper

    pdfPDF for print3.36 MB
    pdfPDF for screen767.86 KB

    From rifting to drifting: effects on the development of deep-water hydrocarbon reservoirs in a passive margin setting, Norwegian Sea

    Trond Lien

    pdfPDF for print5.33 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.18 MB


  • NJG 2004 VOL 84 Open or Close


    NJG 2004 volume 84 no 1

    ISBN: 82-92394-12-5


    Neotectonic deformation in Norway and its implications: a review

    Odleiv Olesen, Lars Harald Blikra, Alvar Braathen, John F. Dehls, Lars Olsen, Leif Rise, David Roberts, Fridtjof Riis, Jan Inge Faleide & Einar Anda

    pdfPDF for print12.63 MB
    pdfPDF for screen554.42 KB

    Postglacial mass movements and their causes in fjords and lakes in western Norway

    Reidulv Bøe, Oddvar Longva, Aivo Lepland, Lars Harald Blikra, Eivind Sønstegaard, Haflidi Haflidason, Petter Bryn & Reidar Lien

    pdfPDF for print7.78 MB
    pdfPDF for screen517.38 KB

    A re-assessment of the 31st of August 1819 Lurøy earthquake - Not the largest in NW Europe

    Eystein S. Husebye & Tarek Rashad M. Kebeasy

    pdfPDF for print1.43 MB
    pdfPDF for screen190.91 KB

     Rock-slope failures in Norway; type, geometry, deformation mechanisms and stability

    Alvar Braathen, Lars Harald Blikra, Silje S. Berg & Frode Karlsen

    pdfPDF for print6.32 MB
    pdfPDF for screen592.17 KB



    NJG 2004 volume 84 no 2

    ISBN: 82-92394-13-3

    Weichselian interstadial sediments on Jæren (SW Norway) paleoenvironments and implications for ice sheet configuration

    Ståle Raunholm, Eiliv Larsen & Hans Petter Sejrup

    pdfPDF for print1.59 MB
    pdfPDF for screen990.16 KB

    The Larajæg' gi outcrop - a large combined Neoproterozoic / Pleistocene roche moutonnèe at Karlebotn, Finnmark, North Norway

    Kauko Laajoki

    pdfPDF for print1.45 MB
    pdfPDF for screen512.07 KB

    Comparison of pattern-recognition techniques for classification of Silurian rocks from Lithuania based on geochemical data

    Donatas Kaminskas & Björn A. Malmgren

    pdfPDF for print401.34 KB
    pdfPDF for screen180.86 KB

    Late Quaternary, cryoplanation of rock surfaces in lacustrine environments in the Bergen area, Norway

    Inge Aarseth & Haakon Fossen

    pdfPDF for print324.05 KB
    pdfPDF for screen309.44 KB


    NJG 2004 volume 84 no 3

    ISBN: 82-92394-18-4

    Impact breccia and ejecta from the Mjølnir crater in the Barents Sea - The Ragnarok Formation and Sindre Bed

    Henning Dypvik, Atle Mørk, Morten Smelror, Pål T. Sandbakken, Filippos Tsikalas, Jorunn Os Vigran, Gerd Merethe A. Bremer, Jenö Nagy, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Jan Inge Faleide, Gashawbeza Mengisu Bahiru & Hermann M. Weiss

    pdfPDF for print9.31 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2.07 MB

    A geological model for the Ormen Lange hydrocarbon reservoir

    Nicola K. Möller, John G. Gjelberg, Ole Martinsen, Michael A. Charnock, Roald B. Færseth, Susanne Sperrevik and Joe A. Cartwright

    pdfPDF for print10.83 MB
    pdfPDF for screen2 MB

    Mixed deep- and shallow-water depositional model for the forties Sandstone Memgber in the South Central Graben, North Sea

    Tom Dreyer, Jonathan Bujak, Harald Brunstad, Jørn Ramberg & Lisbeth Søyseth

    pdfPDF for print18.62 MB
    pdfPDF for screen3.73 MB 


    NJG 2004 volume 84 no 4

    ISBN: 82-92394-19-2

    The Bjørntvedt metabentonite: A new correlation tool for the Silurian of the southwest Oslo Region

    Callum J. Hetherington, Hans Arne Nakrem & Richard A Batchelor

    pdfPDF for print1.5 MB
    pdfPDF for screen625.03 KB

    Sveconorwegian U-Pb zircon and monazite ages of granulite-facies rocks, Hisarøya, Gulen, Western Gneiss Region, Norway

    Torkil S. Røhr, Fernando Corfu, Håkon Austrheim & Torgeir B. Andersen

    pdfPDF for print2.15 MB
    pdfPDF for screen439.21 KB

    Metamorphic conditions across the Seve-Köli Nappe boundary, southeastern Trondheim region, Norwegian Caledonides: Comparison of garnet-biotite thermometry and amphibole chemistry

    Elizabeth A. McClellan

    pdfPDF for print2.28 MB
    pdfPDF for screen1.13 MB


  • NJG 2003 VOL 83 Open or Close

    Omslag 120

    NJG 2003 Volume 83 No. 1

    ISBN 82-92394-06-0

    Holocene mass-movement processes in Trondheimfjorden, Central Norway

    Reidulv Bøe, Leif Rise, Lars Harald Blikra, Oddvar Longva & Asle Eide

     pdfPDF17.73 MB


    Sedimentery processes and the enviroment during deglaciation of a fjord basin in Ullsfjorden, North Norway

    Liv Plassen & Tore O. Vorren

    pdfPDF7.62 MB


    Fluid flow features in fjord-fill deposit, ullsfjorden, North Norway

    Liv Plassen & tore O. Vorren

    pdfPDF4.67 MB


    Tertiary structure of the Sørkapp-Hornsund region, South Spitsbergen, and implications for the offshore southern extension of the fold-thrust Belt

    Steffen G. Bergh & Paul Grogan

    pdfPDF4.45 MB


    Mesozoic mudstone compositions and the role of kaolinite weathering - a view from shallow cores in the Norwegian Sea (Møre to Troms)

    Mai Britt E. Mørk, Jorunn Os Vigran, Morten Smelror, Vidar Fjerdingstad & Reidar Bøe

    pdfPDF4.81 MB


    A 12- to 14-million year faunal diversity cycle in the Ordovician of Western Baltica

    Øyvind Hammer

    pdfPDF225.64 KB




    NJG 2003 Volume 83 No. 2

    ISBN 82-92394-07-9

    A depositional and sequence stratigrapic model for the Rannoch and Etive formations, Oseberg Field, northern North Sea

    Tore M. Løseth & Alf Ryseth

    pdfPDF12.51 MB


    Cenozoic stratigraphy and evolution of the Sørvestsnaget Basin, southwestern Barents Sea

    Alf Ryseth, Jan Harald Augustson, Mike Charnock, Ole Haugerud, Stig-Morten Knutsen, Peter S. Midbøe, Jan Gunnar Opsal & Gyrd Sundsbø

    pdfPDF12.03 MB


    Internal fault geometry and clay smear distribution. examples from field studies and drained ring-shear experiments

    Jill A. Clausen, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Eivind Johnsen & John Korstgård

    pdfPDF8.16 MB



    NJG 2003 Volume 83 No. 3

    ISBN 82-92394-09-5

    Kinematics and timing of polyphase post-Caledonian deformations in the Bergen area, SW Norway

    Øystein Larsen, Haakon Fossen, Knut Langeland & Rolf-Birger Pedersen

    pdfPDF4.06 MB


    Geochemistry of trondhjemites and mafic rocks in the Bymarka ophiolite, Trondheim, Norway: petrogenesis and tectonic implications

    Trond Slagstad

    pdfPDF1.27 MB


    Geology of a magma transfer zone: the Hortavær Igneous Complex, north-central Norway

    Calvin G. Barnes, Tore Prestvik, Melanie A. W. Barnes, Elizabeth Y. Anthony & Charlotte M. Allen

    pdfPDF2.48 MB


    Isotope chemostratigraphy combined with a detailed mapping of high-grade marble sequences: progress towards a new generation og geological maps in metamorphic terranes

    Victor A Melezhik, Bouke K. Zwaan, Gedeminas Motuza, David Roberts, Arne Solli, Anthony E. Fallick, Igor M. Gorokhov & Anton B. Kusnetzov

    pdfPDF3.54 MB


    Tectonic implications of geochronology and petrology of the Tielma Magmatic Complex, northern Swedish Caledonides

    Emma F. Rehnström

    pdfPDF1.61 MB


    Neoproterozoic peripheral-basin deposits in eastern Finnmark, N. Norway: stratigrapic revision and palaeotectonic implications

    Signe-Line Røe

    pdfPDF1.26 MB


    The Late Riphean Porsangerhalvøyan tectonometamorphic event in the North Norwegian Caledonides: a comment on nomenclature

    David Roberts

    pdfPDF261.13 KB



    NJG 2003 Volume 83 No. 4

    ISBN 82-92394-11-3

    Calcareous, alluvial and lacustrine deposits in the Old Red Sandstone of central north Spitsbergen (Wood Bay Formation, Early Devonian)

    Dierk Blomeier, Max Wisshak, Michael Joachimski, Andre Freiwald & Eden Volohonsky

    pdfPDF10.93 MB


    Sedimentary facies and depositional history of the mid-Carboniferous Minkinfjellet Formation, Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    Arild eliassen & Michael R. Talbot

    pdfPDF22.88 MB


    Diagenesis of the mid-Carboniferous Minkinfjellet Formation, central Spitsbergen, Svalbard

    Arild eliassen & Michael R. Talbot

    pdfPDF11.15 MB


    Carboniferous palynology of the Loppa High, Barents Sea, Norway

    Sofie Lindström

    pdfPDF10.13 MB


    Late Palaeozoic evolution of the Finnmark Platform, Southern Norwegian Barents Sea

    Tommy J. Samuelsberg, Geir Elvebakk & Lars Stemmerik

    pdfPDF12.23 MB


  • NJG 2002 VOL 82 Open or Close

    NGT 82 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 2002 Volume 82 No. 1

    ISBN 82-519-1799-9

    Devonian-Triassic brittle deformation based on dyke geometry and fault kinematics in the Sunnhordland region, SW Norway

    Paul Valle, Roald B. Færseth & Haakon Fossen

    pdfPDF2.16 MB


    U-Pb zircon ages from the Bymarka ophiolite, near Trondheim, Central Norwegian Caledonides, and regional implications

    David Roberts, Nicholas Walker, Trond Slagstad, Arne Solli & Allan Krill

    pdfPDF1.39 MB


    Residual Bouguer satellite gravity anomalies reveal basement grain and structual elements of the Vøring Margin, off Norway

    Christian Berndt

    pdfPDF1003.88 KB


    A new Baltoeurypterus (Eurypterida: Chelicerata) from the Wenlock of Norway

    Odd Erik Tetlie

    pdfPDF891.71 KB


    The Caledonian tectono-metamorphic evolution of Lindås Nappe: Constraints from U-Pb, Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr ages granitoid dykes

    Alexander Kühn, Johannes Glodny, Håkon Austrheim & Arne Råheim

    pdfPDF1.32 MB


    A large rockfall avalanche in Oldedalen, inner Nordfjord, western Norway, dated by means of a sub-avalanche Salix sp. tree trunk

    Atle Nesje

    pdfPDF962.42 KB


    NGT 82 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 2002 Volume 82 No. 2

    ISBN 82-92394-02-8

    U-pb zircon and titanite geochronological constraints on the late/post-Caledonian evolution of the Scandinavian Caledonides in north-central Norway

    Øystein Larsen, Øyvind Skår & Rolf-Birger Pedersen

    pdfPDF1.51 MB


    Caledonian migmatization in central Nordaustlandet, Svalbard

    Alexander M. Tebenkov, Stefan Sandelin, David G. Gee & Åke Johansson

    pdfPDF1.53 MB


    Granulite-facies contact metamorphism around the Hakefjorden Norite-Anorthosite Complex, SW Sweden

    Hans Årebäck & Ulf B. Andersson

    pdfPDF2.2 MB


    The lower Ordovician trilobite Megistapis (Rhinoferus) hyorrhina (Leuchtenberg, 1843) (Trilobita) in Norway, with notes on its autecology

    Ole A. Hoel & Magne Høyberget

    pdfPDF1.08 MB


    Plumulitid machaeridian remains form the Silurian (Telychian) of Severnaya Zemlya, Artic Russia

    Anette E. S. Högström, Olga K. Bogolepova & Alexander P. Gubanov

    pdfPDF430.62 KB

    NGT 82 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 2002 Volume 82 No. 3

    ISBN 82-92394-03-8

    Lithostratigraphy and U-Pb geochronology of the Telemark supracrustals in the bandak-Sauland area, Telemark, South Norway

    Kauko Laajoki, Fernando Corfu & Tom Andersen

    pdfPDF2.18 MB


    The Mesoproterozoic sub-heddal unconformity, Sauland, Telemark, south Norway

    Kauko Laajoki

    pdfPDF2.23 MB


    Tectonic lineaments of Norway

    Roy H. Gabrielsen, Alvar Braathen, John Dehls & David Roberts

    pdfPDF2.22 MB


    The Berill Fault - first evidence of neotectonic faulting in southern Norway

    Einar Anda, Lars Harald Blikra & alvar Braathen

    pdfPDF1.37 MB


    Geological development of the Sørvestnaget basin, SW Barents Sea, from ocean bottom seismic, surface seismic and potential field data

    Rolf Mjelde, Asbjørn Johan Breivik, Harald Elstad, Alf Eivind Ryseth, Jan Reidar Skilbrei, Jan Gunnar Opsal, Hideki Shimamura, Yoshio Murai & Yuichi Nishimura

    pdfPDF2.43 MB


    NGT 82 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 2002 Volume 82 No. 4

    ISBN 82-92394-05-2

    Deep structure of the Mid Norway rifted margin

    Per Terje Osmundsen, Anna Sommaruga, Jan Reidar Skilbrei & Odleiv Olesen

    pdfPDF2.3 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon340.94 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon10.62 MB


    Orogen-parallel extension of the Caledonides in northern central Norway: an overview

    Alvar Braathen, Per Terje Osmundsen, Øystein Nordgulen, David Roberts & Gurli B. Meyer

    pdfPDF2.33 MB


    Bridging the gap between the onshore and offshore geology in Nordland, northern Norway

    Odleiv Olesen, erik Lundin, Øystein Nordgulen, Per Terje Osmundsen, Jan reidar Skilbrei, Mark A. Smethurst, Arne Solli, Tom Bugge & Christine Fichler

     pdfPDF22.47 MB


    A study of basement structures and onshore-offshore correlations in Central Norway

    Jan Reidar Skilbrei, Odleiv Olesen, Per Terje Osmundsen, Ola Kihle, Sven Aaro & Erik Fjellanger

    pdfPDF2.29 MB


    Greenland - Norway separations: A geodynamic model for North Atlantic

    Jon Mosar, Elizabeth A. Eide, Per Terje Osmunden, Anna Sommaruga & Trond H. Torsvik

    pdfPDF1.99 MB


    Polyphase kinematics and geochronology of the late-Calednoian Kollstraumen detachment, north-central Norway

    Øystein Nordgulen, Alvar Braathen, Fernando Corfu, Per Terje Osmunden & Tore Husmo

    pdfPDF1.63 MB


    The Nesna Shear Zone, north-central Norway: an 40Ar/39Ar record of Early Devonian - Early Carboniferous ductile extension and unroofing

    Elizabeth A. Eide, Per Terje Osmundsen, Gurli B. Meyer, Mark A. Kendrick & Fernando Corfu

    pdfPDF1.94 MB


    40Ar/39Ar geochronoly and structural analysis: Basin evolution and detrital feedback mechanisms, Hold with Hope region, East Greenland

    Ebbe H. Hartz, Elizabeth A. Eide, Arild Andresen, Peter Midbøe, Kip V. Hodges & Storm N. Kristiansen

    pdfPDF2.15 MB


  • NJG 2001 VOL 81 Open or Close

    NGT 81 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 2001 Volume 81 no 1

    ISBN 82-519-1641-0

    Evolution of the Scoresby sund Fan, central East Greenland - evidence from ODP site 987

    Faisal A. Butt, Anders Elverhøi, Carl Fredrik Forsberg & Anders Solheim

    pdfPDF1.48 MB


    Middle Weichselian interstadial sediments in Sogndalsdalen, western Norway

    Asbjørn Rune Aa & Eivind Sønstegaard

    pdfPDF1002.04 KB


    Holocene glacial and colluvial activity in Leirungsdalen, eastern Jotunheimen, south-central Norway

    Sigurd Sandvold, Øyvind Lie, Atle Nesje & Svein Olaf Dahl

    pdfPDF2.04 MB


    A new sedimentary succession from the southern margin of the Neoproterozoic Gaissa Basin, South Varangerfjord, North Norway; teh Lattanjar'ga unit

    A. H. N. Rice, Ch.-Ch. Hofmann & A. Pettersen

    pdfPDF1.21 MB


    Genesis of Ni-Cu sulphide ore at the Skjækerdalen intrusive complex, central Norway

    Stephen C. Hildreth, Jr., Tor Grenne & William E. Sharp

    pdfPDF1.05 MB


    NGT 81 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 2001 Volume 81 No. 2

    ISBN 82-519-1694-1

    AMS radiocarbon dating of glacigenic sediments with low organic carbon content - an important tool for reconstructiong the history of glacial variations in Norway

    Lars Olsen, Klaas Van Der Borg, Bjørn Bergstrøm, Harald Sveian, Stein-Erik Lauritzen & Geir Hansen

    pdfPDF4.88 MB


    Rapid adjustments of the western part of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the Mid and Late Weichselian - a new model

    Lars Olsen, Harald Sveian & Bjørn Bergstrøm

    pdfPDF3.26 MB


    Late Cainozoic stratigraphy of the Tampen area (Snorre and Visund fields) in the northern North Sea, with emphasis on the chronology of early Neogene sands

    Tor Eidvin & Yngve Rundberg

    pdfPDF5.14 MB


    The Ordovician Billingen/Volkhov boundrary interval (Arenig) at Lava Rive, northwestern Russia

    Tatiana Tolmacheva & Petr Fedorov

    pdfPDF1.03 MB


    NGT 81 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 2001 Volume 81 No. 3

    ISBN 82-519-1726-3

    Forward depositional modelling of the Cretaceous post-rift deposits in the northern North Sea

    Lena K. Øvrebø, Tomas Kjennerud, Stephen J. Lippard, Jan C. Rivenæs & Martin Hamborg

    pdfPDF1.08 MB


    Correlations of Telychian (Silurian) altered volcanic ash beds in Estonia, Sweden and Norway

    Tarmo Kiipli, Peep Männik, Richard A. Batchelor, Enli Kiipli, Toivo Kallaste & Helle Perens

    pdfPDF1.89 MB


    The geological evolution of Bjørneøya, Artic Norway: implications for the Barents Shelf

    David worsley, Torleiv Agdestein, John G. Gjelberg, Knut Kirkemo, Atle Mørk, Inger Nilsson, Snorre Olaussen, Ron J. Steel & Lars Stemmerik

    pdfPDF4.32 MB


    Postglacial changes in the groundwater table at the Gardemoen, Norway interpreted from diatom ananlysis

    Karin Bøe & Bjørg Stabell

    pdfPDF1.19 MB

    NGT 81 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 2001 Volume 81 No. 4

    ISBN 82-519-1741-7

    Tectonic structual features of the Fauske conglomerates in the Løvgavlen quarry, Nordland, Norwegian Caledonides, and regional implications

    David Roberts, Tom Heldal & Victor Melezhik

    pdfPDF1.13 MB


    The transition from Neoproterozoic glacial to interglacial sedimentation near Hammarness, East Finnmark, north Norway

    A. H. N. Rice & Ch.-Ch. Hofmann

    pdfPDF837.82 KB


    Ar-Ar dating of Caledonian and Grenvillian rocks from northeasternmost Svalbard - evidence of two stages of Caledonian tectonothermal activity in the high Arctic?

    Åke Johansson, Henri Maluski & david G. Gee

    pdfPDF1.67 MB


    The Late Jurassic Bjorøy Formation: A provenance indicator for offshore sediments derived from SW Norway as based on single zircon (SIMS) data

    Trine-Lise Knudsen & Haakon Fossen

    pdfPDF943.37 KB


    The ML 4.5 Stord/Bømlo, southwestern Norway, earthquake of 12 August 2000

    Eric C. Hicks & Lars Ottemöller

    pdfPDF1.17 MB


    Field relationships and geochemistry of the Ostereide Dykes, western Norway: implications for caledonian tectonomorphic evolution

    Ole Petter Wennberg, Kjell Petter Skjerlie & Yilderim Dilek

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    Field evidence for thrusting of the basement rocks coring tectonic windows in the Scandinavian Caledonides; an insight from the Kunes Nappe, Finnmark, Norway

    A. H. N. Rice

    pdfPDF902.5 KB





  • NJG 2000 VOL 80 Open or Close

    NGT 80 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 2000 Volume 80 No. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Use of strontium isotope ratios and rare earth elements in apatite microphenocrysts for characterization and correlation of Silurian metabentonites: a Scandinavian case study

    Batchelor, R. A. & Evans, J.

    pdfPDF571.4 KB


    Differential subsidence in the Ness Formation (Bajocian), Oseberg area, northern North Sea: facies variations, accommodation space development and sequence in front of Bøyabreen, western Norway

    Ryseth, A.

    pdfPDF2.3 MB


    Schmidt hammer age evaluation of the moraine sequence in front of Bøyabreen, western Norway

    Aa, A. R. & Sjåstad, J. A.

    pdfPDF812.84 KB


    Structure and stratigraphy of the Palaeoproterozoic Karasjok Greenstone Belt, north Norway - regional implications

    Braathen, A. & Davidsen, B.

    pdfPDF3.35 MB


    An isostatic test of the hypothesis of ice-free mountain areas during the last glaciation

    Fjeldskaar, W.

    pdfPDF796.91 KB


    How important are elastic deflections in the fennoscandian postglacial uplift?

    Fjeldskaar, W.

    pdfPDf926.54 KB

    NGT 80 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 2000 Volume 80 No. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Teritary divergent thrust directions from partitioned transpression, Brøggerhalvøya, Spitsbergen

    Bergh, S. G., Maher Jr, H. D. & Braathen A.

    pdfPDF2.91 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 1403.17 KB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 2287.72 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 19.51 MB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 26.51 MB


    Geology and structual evolution of pre-Caledonian rocks and the ?Devonian Sutrofjella conglomerate, northern Prins Karls Forland (Svalbard)

    Piepjohn K., Griem-Klee, S.,Post, H., Post, J. & Thiedig, F.

    pdfPDF1.85 MB


    Geochemistry and petrogenesis of extrusive rocks, dykes and high-level plutonic rocks on the island of Oldra, Solund-Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex, western Norway

    Ryttvad, H., Furnes, H. L., Skjerlie, K. P. & Rolfsen, R.

    pdfPDF1.41 MB


    Geology of western Ullfjord, North Norway, with emphasis on the development of an inverted metamorphic gradient at the top of the Lyngen Nappe Complex

    Coker-Dewey, J., Steltenpohl, M. G. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF1.79 MB


    Sequence stratigraphy of the inner Finnmark carbonate platform (Upper Carboniferous-Permian), Barents Sea: correlation between well 7128/6-1 and the shallow IKU cores

    Ehrenberg, S. N., Pickard, N. A. H., Svånå, T. A., Nilsson, I. & davydov, V. I.

    pdfPDF6.81 MB


    NGT 80 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 2000 Volume 80 No. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Palaeoproterozoic magnesite-stromalite-dolostone-'red bed' assosiation, Russian Karelia: palaeoenviromental constraints on the 2.0 Ga-positive carbon isotope shift

    Melezhik, V. A., Fallick, A. E., Medvedev, P. V. & Makarikhin, V. V.

    pdfPDF2.65 MB


    Isotrophic molluscs (Tergomya and Gastropoda) from the Upper Ordovician of Norway

    Ebbestad, J. O. R. & Yochelson, E. L.

    pdfPDF1.78 MB


    Submerged littoral sediments, beach ridges and wave-cut platforms off troms, North Norway: revisiting old questions

    Møller, J. J.

    pdfPDF1.66 MB


    Internal morphology and taphonomic history of the neoproterozoic vase-shaped microfossils from Visingsö Group, Sweden

    Marti Mus, M. & Moczydlowska

    pdfPDF1.51 MB


    Was Hardengerfjorden, western Norway, glaciated during the Younger Dryas?

    Mangerud, J.

    pdfPDF762.76 KB

    NGT 80 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 2000 Volume 80 No. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Stress inversion of earthquake focal mechanism solutions from onshore and offshore Norway

    Hicks, E. C., Bungum, H. & Lindholm, C. D.

    pdfPDF1.61 MB


    Acritarchs from the Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway

    Ribecai, C., Bruton, D. L. & Tongiorgi, M.

    pdfPDF989.39 KB


    Conditions of pluton emplacement and anatexis in the Caledonian Bindal Batholith, north-central Norway

    Barnes, C. G. & Prestvik, T.

    pdfPDF1.38 MB


    Clitambonitoid brachiopods from the Middle and Upper Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway

    Vinn, O. & Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF1.31 MB


    Vein architecture in the devonian sandstones of the Hornelen basin, western Norway, and implications for the palaeostrain history

    Odling, N. E. & Larsen, Ø.

    pdfPDF1.21 MB



  • NJG 1999 VOL 79 Open or Close

    NGT 79 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1999 Volume 79 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Upper Oligoscene diatomaceous deposits in the northern North Sea - silica diagenesis and paleogeographic implications

    Thyberg, B. I., Stabell, B., Faleide, J. I. & Bjørnlykke, K.

    pdfPDF1.75 MB


    Basement-cover relations and late- to post-Caledonian extension in the Leknes group, west-central Vestvågøy, Lofoten, north Norway

    Klein, A.C. & Steltenpohl, M. G.

    pdfPDF1.75 MB


    Youger Dryas glaciation in the Ålfoten area, western Norway; evidence from lake sediments and marginal moraines

    Sønstegaard, E., Aa, A. R. & Klakegg, O.

    pdfPDF1.47 MB


    Timing of Gothian structual evolution in SE Norway: a Rb-Sr whole-rock age study

    Graversen, O. & Pedersen, S.

    pdfPDF1.6 MB


    Caledonian thrusting on Bjørnøya: implications for Palaeozoic and Mesozoic tectonism of the western Barents Shelf

    Braathen, A., Maher Jr., H. D., Haabet, T. E., Kristensen, S. E., Tørudbakken, B. O. & Worsley, D.

    pdfPDF1.95 MB


    NGT 79 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1999 Volume 79 No. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Geochemical signature of the Egersund basaltic dyke swarm, SW Norway, in the context of late-Neoproterozoic opening of the Iapetus Ocean

    Bingen, B. & Demaiffe. D.

    pdfPDF1.32 MB


    Emplacement ages and metamorphic overprinting of granitoids in the Sveconorwegian Province in Värmland, Sweden - an ion probe study

    Larson, S. Å., Cornell, D. H. & Armstrong, R. A.

    pdfPDF1.24 MB


    Upper Cainozoic stratigraphy in the central North Sea (Ekofisk and Sleipner fields)

    Eidvin, T., Riis, F. & Rundberg, Y.

    pdfPDF2.62 MB


    Radiocarbon and seismic evidence of ice-sheet extent and the last deglaciation on the mid-Norwegian continental shelf

    Rokoengen, K. & Frangstad, B.

    pdfPDF367.2 KB


    NGT 79 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1999 Volume 79 No. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Vendian-Cambrian subsidence of the passive margin of western baltica - application of new stratigraphic data from the Scandinavian Caledonian margin

    Greiling, R. O., Jensen, S. & Smith, A. G.

    pdfPDF1.27 MB


    Caledonian terrane analysis in Troms-Torneträsk, northern Scandinavia, utilizing the geochemistry of high-level metabasites

    Anderson, M. W. & Barker, A. J.

    pdfPDF1.85 MB


    U-Pb zircon age and geochemistry of the Blåfjellhatten granite, Grong-Olden Culmination, Central Norway

    Roberts, D., Nissen, A. L. & Walker, N.

    pdfPDF780.84 KB


    On the age and tectonic significance of Permo-Trassic dikes in the Bergen-Sunnhordland region, southwestern Norway

    Fossen, H. & Dunlap, W. J.

    pdfPDF962.44 KB


    Trilobites of the Hagastrand Member (Tøyen Formation, lowermost Arenig) from the Oslo Region, Norway. Part I: Asaphidae

    Hoel, O. A.

    pdfPDF2.67 MB


    NGT 79 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1999 Volume 79 No. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Petrogenesis of the volcanic suite of Bouvetøya (Bouvet Island), South Atlantic

    Prestvik, T., Goldberg, S. & Goles, G. G.

    pdfPDF1.11 MB


    Computer-aided study of growth patterns in tabulate corals, exeplified by Catenipora heintzi from Ringerike, Oslo Region

    Hammer, Ø.

    pdfPDF1.06 MB


    Kinematics of the isfjorden-Ymerbukta Fault Zone: a dextral oblique-thrust ramp in the Teritary fold-thrust belt of Spitsbergen

    Braathen, A., Bergh, S., Karlsen, F., Maher, H., Jr., Andresen, A., Hansen, A.-I. & Bergvik, A.

    pdfPDF1.77 MB


    Bucaniidae (Gastropoda) from the Upper Ordovician of Norway

    Ebbestad, J. O. R.

    pdfPDF2 MB


    Trilobites of the Hagastrand Member (Tøyen Formation, lowermost Arenig) from the Oslo Region, Norway. Part II: Remaining non-asaphid groups

    Hoel, O. A.

    pdfPDF2.38 MB


    Homeomorphic gastropods from the Silurian of Norway, Estonia and Bohemia

    Isakar, M., Ebbestad, J. O. R. & Peel, J. S.

    pdfPDF1.09 MB


  • NJG 1998 VOL 78 Open or Close

    NGT 78 1 mini

    Njg 1998 volume 78 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Taxonomy and evolution of earliest Ordovician graptoloids

    Cooper, R. A., Maletz, J., Haifeng, W. & Erdtmann, B.-D.

    pdfPDF2.97 MB


    Advances in understanding the post-Caledonian structual evolution of the Bergen area, West Norway

    Fossen, H.

    pdfPDF1.69 MB


    The Norwegian strandflat - a geomorphological puzzle

    Holtedahl, H.

    pdfPDF2.29 MB


    Tectonostratigraphy of the Caledonian Atomfjella Antiform of Northern Ny Friesland, Svalbard

    Witt-Nilson, P., Gee, D.G. & Hellman F. J.

    pdfPDF1.4 MB


    NGT 78 2 cover Page mini

    NJG 1998 Volume 78 no. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Contact metamorphism of shales and limestones from the Grua area, the Oslo Rift, Norway: a phase-petrological study

    Svensen, H. & Jamtveit, B.

    pdfPDF2.15 MB


    The Pleistocene to Middle Eocene stratigraphy and geological evolution of the western Barents Sea contentinal margin at well site 7316/5-1 (Bjørnøya West area)

    Eidvin, T., Goll, R. M., Grogan, P., Smelror, M. & Ulleberg, K.

     pdfPDF1.98 MB


    Cenozoic stratigraphy of the Norwegian Sea Contentinal shelf 64oN-68oN

    Eidvin, T., Brekke, H., Riis, F., & Renshaw., D. K.

     pdfPDF3.92 MB


    Middle and Late Quaternary despositinal history reconstructed from two boreholes at Lågjæren and Høgjæren, SW Norway

    Janocko, J., Landvik, J. Y., Larsen, E., Sejrup, H. P. & Steinsund, P. I.

    pdfPDF1.98 MB


    NGT 78 3 cover mini

    NJG 1998 Volume 78 No. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    The northern bergen Arc Shear Zone - an oblique-lateral ramp in the Devonian extensional detachment system of western Norway

    Wenneberg, O. P., Milnes, A. G. & Winsvold, I.

    pdfPDF1.76 MB


    Depositional evolution of the Finnmark carbonate platform, Barents Sea: results from wells 7128/6-1 and 7128/4-1

    Ehrenberg, S. N., Nielsen, E. B., Svånå, T. A. & Stemmerik, L.

    pdfPDF4.84 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 385.48 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon5.74 MB


    Diagenesis and reservoir quality of the Finnamrk carbonate platform, Barents Sea: results from wells 7128/6-1 ans 7128/4-1

    Ehrenbreg, S. N., Nielsen, E. B., Svånå, T. A. & Stemmerik. L.

    pdfPDF2.67 MB


    Late Cambrian U-Pb zircon age of a metatrondhjemite from Ytterøya, Trondheimsfjorden, Central Norwegian Caledonides

    Roberts, D. Tucker, R. D.

    pdfPDF527.91 KB


    NGT 78 4 cover mini

    NJG 1998 volume 78 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Magma mixing, structure, and re-evalution of the emplacement mechanism of Vrådal pluton, central Telemark, southern Norway

    Sylvester, A. G.

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    Streching lineations and structual evolution of the Kalak Nappe Complex (Middle Allochthon) in the Repparfjord-Fægfjord area, Finnmark, northern Norway

    Rice, A. H. N.

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    Carbon and oxygen isotope geochemistry of Early neoproterozoic successions on the Kola Peninsula, northwest Russia

    Samuelsson, J.

    pdfPDF1004.84 KB


    Trace fossils from the Dividalen Group, northern Sweden: implications forEarly Cambrian Biostratigraphy of Baltica

    Jensen, S. & Grant, S. W. F.

    pdfPDF1.44 MB


  • NJG 1997 VOL 77 Open or Close

    NGT 77 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1997 Volume 77 No. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Norsk nomenklatur for sekvensstratigrafi

    Helland-Hansen, W., Martinsen, O. J., Flood, S. B., Hadler-Jacobsen, F., Johannessen, E. P., Nystuen, J. P. & Olaussen, S.

    pdfPDF1.3 MB


    Basement structure of the continental margin in the Lofoten-Lopphavet area, northern Norway: constrants from potential field data, on-land structual mapping and palaeomagnetic data

    Olesen, O., Torsvik, T. H., Tveten, E., Zwaan, K. B., Løseth, H. & Henningsen, T.

    pdfPDF2.98 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 1601.45 KB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 2630.3 KB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 3521.07 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 114.34 MB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 212.41 MB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 38.76 MB


    Textural and compositional characteristics of cobalt ores from the Skuterud Mines of Modum, Norway

    Grorud, H.-F.

    pdfPDF953.18 KB


    Sm-Nd dating of gabbro- and garnet-bearing contact metamorphic/anatectic rocks from Krutfjellet, Nordland, and some geochemical aspects of the intrusives

    Mørk, M. B. E., Sundvoll, B. & Stabel, A.

    pdfPDF1.26 MB


    Glacial geology and deglaciation chronology of the area between inner Nordfjord and Jostedalsbreen - Strynefjellet, western Norway

    Rye, N., Nesje, A., Lien, R., Blikra, L. H., Eikenæs, O., Hole, P. A. & Torsnes, I.

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    NGT 77 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1997 Volume 77 No. 2

     ISSN 0029-196X

    Seismic stratigraphy of Younger Dryas ice-marginal deposits in western Norwegian fjords

    Aarseth, I., Austbø, P. K., & Risnes, H.

    pdfPDF2.46 MB


    Stratigraphy and sedimentology of Middle to Upper Pleistocene sediments in the new Grødedal borehole at Jøren, SW Norway

    Janocko, J., Landvik, J. Y., Larsen, E. & Sejrup, H. P.

    pdfPDF1.49 MB


    Indications of a Younger Dryas marine transgression in inner Hardanger, West Norway

    Helle, S. K., Anundsen, K., Aasheim, S. & Haflidason, H.

    pdfPDF1.91 MB


    A mineralogical and structual study of red corundum, Al1,98Cr.02O3` from Froland, Norway

    Estifanos, B., Ståhl, K., Andreasson, P.-G., Bylund, G. & Johansson, L.

    pdfPDF563.36 KB


    A new occurence of porphyritic syenite in the Oslo igneous province, southeast Norway

    Petersen, N. W. & Sørensen, H.

    pdfPDF1.42 MB


    NGT 77 3 cover Page 1

    NGJ 1997 Volume 77 no. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Sedimentology and depositional history of an early Holocene ice-contact submarine fan: the egge-Lyngås 'end-moraine', southern Norway

    Lønne, I.

    pdfPDF2.76 MB


    Carboniferous dolerite dykes on Magerøy: new age determination and tectonic significance

    Lippard, S. J. & Prestvik, T.

    pdfPDF747.46 KB


    Biostratigraphy and palaeobiology of Early Neoproterozoic strata of the Kola peninsula, Northwest Russia

    Samuelson, J.

    pdfPDF2.31 MB


    Shoreline displacement on the coast of Sør-Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal, Central Norway; a botanical and zoological approach

    Solem, T. & Solem, J. O.

    pdfPDF1.18 MB


    NGT 77 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1997 volume 77 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Sedimentation history as an indicator of rift initation and development: the Late Bajocian-Bathonian avolution of the Oseberg-Brage area, northern North Sea

    Ravnås, R., Bondevik, K., Helland-Hansen, W., Lømo, L., Ryseth, A. & Steel, R. J.

    pdfPDF3.61 MB


    Sedimentation in a high-latitude karst cave: Sirijordgrotta, Nordland, Norway

    Valen, V., Lauritzen, S.-E. & Løvlie, R.

    pdfPDF1.84 MB


    Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian strata and biota from offshore South Norway

    Smelror, M., Cocks, L. R. M., Mørk, A., Neuman, B. E. E. & Nakrem, H. A.

    pdfPDF2.46 MB


    The Bjorøy Formation: a newly discovered occurrence of Jurassic sediments in the Bergen Arc System

    Fossen, H., Mangerud, G., Hesthammer, J., Bugge, T. & Gabrielsen. R.

    pdfPDF2.57 MB





  • NJG 1996 VOL 76 Open or Close

    NGT 76 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1996 volume 76 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Cainozoic biostratigraphy and palaeobathymetry, northern North Sea and Haltenbanken

    Gradstein, F. M. & Bäckström, S. A.

    pdfPDF3.44 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 1347.09 KB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 2399.25 KB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon 3389.15 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 13.76 MB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 22.52 MB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 36.03 MB


    Early Teritary sedimentation and salt tectonics in the Nordkapp Basin, southern Barents Sea

    Henriksen, S. & Vorren, T. O.

    pdfPDF1.76 MB


    Geology, geochemistry and age of the 'Tricolor' granite and some other Proterozoic (TIB) granitoids at Trysil, southeast Norway

    Heim, M., Skjöld, T. & Wolff, F. C.

    pdfPDF1.05 MB


    Correlation of the late Precambrian Ekkerøya Formation (Vadsø Group; E. Finnmark) and the Brennelvfjord Interbedded Member (Porsangerfjord Group; W. Finnmark), N. Norwegian Caledonides

    Rice, A. H. N. & Townsend, C.

    pdfPDF911.44 KB


    Regional geometry, petrographic variation, and origins of the Upper Ordovician dolomites in Hadeland, Norway

    Braithwaite, C. J. R. & Heath, R. A.

    pdfPDF1.17 MB


    NGT 76 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1996 volume 76 no. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Sequence stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Middle Jurassic Brent and Vestland deltaic systems, Northern North Sea

    Fjellanger, E., Olsen, T. R. & Rubino, J. L.

    pdfPDF4.11 MB


    The Lower Ordovician graptolites Didymograptus balticus Tullberg and D. protobalticus Monsen

    Maletz, J.

    pdfPDF991.25 KB


    Loveringite from the Last-Yavr mafic-ultramafic intrusion, Kola Peninsula; a second occurrence in Russia

    Barkov, A. Y., Savchenko, Y. E., Men'shikov, Y. P. & Barkova, L. P.

    pdfPDF559.84 KB


    Possibilities foir early settlement on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

    Rokoengen, K. & Johanssen, A. B.

    pdfPDF741.31 KB


    NGT 76 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1996 volume 76 no. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Permian stratigraphy of the Svalis Dome, south-western Barents Sea

    Nilsson, I., Mangerus, G. & Mørk, A.

    pdfPDF2.81 MB


    Vendian-Lower Cambrian acritarch biostratigraphy of the central Caledonian fold belt in Scandinavia and the palaeogeography of the lapetus-Tornquist seaway

    Vidal, G. & Moczydlowska, M.

    pdfPDF2.33 MB


    Stratigraphic framework of Upper Carboniferous (Moscovian-Kasimovian) strata in Bünsow Land, central Spitsbergen: palaeogeographic implications

    Pickard, N. A. H., Eilertsen, F., Hanken, H.-M., Johansen, T. A., Lønøy, A., Nakrem, H. A., Nilsson, I., Samuelsberg, T. G. & Somerville, I. D.

    pdfPDF3.93 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon441.86 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon4.68 MB


    Crustal structure of the Lofoten Margin, N. Norway, from normal incidence and wide-angle seismic data: a review

    Mjelde, R., Kodaira, S. & Sellevoll, M. A.

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    NGT 76 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1996 volume 76 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Triassic to Early Cretaceous stratigraphic and structual development of the northeatsern Møre Basin margin, off Mid-Norway

    Jongepier, K., Rui, J. C. & Grue, K.

    pdfPDF2.03 MB

    pdfPDF Illustrasjon345.45 KB

    jpgJPG Illustrasjon 3.82 MB


    Post-Caledonian structural evolution of the Lofoten and vesterålen offshore and onshore areas

    Løseth, H. & Tveten, E.

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    S-wave structure of the Lofoten Margin, N. Norway, from wide-angle seismic data: a review

    Mjelde, R. & Sellevol, M. A.

    pdfPDF2.23 MB


    Quantification of net uplift and erosion on the Norwegian Shelf south of 66oN from sonic transit times og shale

    Hansen, S.

    pdfPDF956.9 KB


    Sedimentological changes across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary in Hadeland and their implications of regional patterns of deposition in the Oslo Region: a comment

    Baarli, B. G.

    pdfPDF282.81 KB


    Sedimentological changes across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary in Hadeland and their implications for regional patterns of deposition in the Oslo Region: a reply

    Braithwaite, C. J. R., Owen, A. W. & Heath, R. A.

    pdfPDF327.63 KB



  • NJG 1995 VOL 75 Open or Close

    NGT 75 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1995 volume 75 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    The Upper Palaeozoic succession on the Finnamrk Platform, Barents Sea

    Bugge, T., Mangerud, G., Elvebakk, G., Mørk, A., Nilsson, I., Fanavoll, S. & Vigran, J. O.

    pdfPDF4.62 MB


    Rb-Sr dating of a syn-tectonic granite within the Lyngen Nappe Complex and its implications for late orogenic evoulution of the Troms Caledonides

    Lindstrøm, M. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF953.2 KB


    Palaeomagnetism and stratigraphy of Late Younger Dryas and Holocene sediments in Lake Årungen, southeatsern Norway

    Abrahamsen, N., Nybakken, S., Gillebo, T. & Sørensen, R.

    pdfPDF1.48 MB


    A Mid-Carboniferous, carbonate-dominated platform, Central Spitsbergen

    Lønøy, A.

    pdfPDF1.9 MB


    NGT 75 23 cover Page 1

    NJG 1995 volume 75 no. 2-3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Quaternary of the Norwegian Channel: glaciation history and palaeoceanography

    Sejrup, H. P., Aarseth, I., Haflidason, H., Løvlie, R., Bratten, A., Tjøstheim, G., Forsberg, C. F. & Ellingsen, K. L.

    pdfPDF1.6 MB


    Upper Cenozoic stratigraphy on the Mid-Norwegian continental shelf

    Rokoengen, K., Rise, L., Bryn, P., Frengstad, B., Gustavsen, B., Nygaard, E. & Sættem, J.

    pdfPDF2.19 MB


    Influence of basement in structuring of the North Sea basin, offshore southwest Norway

    Færseth, R. B., Gabrielsen, R, R. H. & Hurich, C. A.

    pdfPDF1.3 MB


    Late Holocene glaciers and avalanche activity in the Ålfotbreen area, western Norway: evidence from a lacustrine sedimentary record

    Nesje, A., Dahl, S. O. & Løvlie, R.

    pdfPDF782.51 KB


    Stratigraphical evidence of a considerable Younger Dryas glacier advance in southeastern Norway

    Bergstrøm, B.

    pdfPDF1.25 MB


    Mineral distribution in four podzolic soils in southern Norway

    Ali, A., Esser, K. B. & Esser, J. M.

    pdfPDF993.08 KB


    Sewage history in the anoxic sediments of the fjord Nordåsvannet, western Norway: (II) The origin of the sedimented organic matter fraction

    Paetzel, M. & Schrader, H.

    pdfPDF758.66 KB


    Radiogenic whole-rock lead in Precambrian metasedimentary gneisses from South Norway: evidence of Sveconorwegian LILE mobility

    Andersen, T. & Munz, I. A.

    pdfPDF765.46 KB


    Hydrogeology of a fjord delta aquifer, Sunndalsøra, Norway

    Soldal, O. & Rye, N.

    pdfPDF856.37 KB


     NGT 75 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1995 volume 75 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Extension of Trollheimen tectono-stratigraphic sequence in deep synclines near Molde and Brattsvåg, Western Gneiss Region, southern Norway

    Robinson, P.

    pdfPDF2.24 MB


    Sedimentological changes across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary in Hadeland and their implications for regional patterns of deposition in the Oslo Region

    Braithwaite, C. J.R., Owen, A. W. & Heath, R. A.

    pdfPDF1.59 MB


    Geochemistry of Telychian metabentonites from Vik, Ringerike District, Oslo Region

    Batchelor, R. A., Weir, J. A. & Sjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF931.95 KB


    Stacked fluviodeltiac cycles in the Upper Proterozoic Godkeila Member, varanger Peninsula, northern Norway

    Røe, S. L.

    pdfPDF1.68 MB


    Lefite from a nepheline syenite pegmatite on Vesle Arøya in the Langesundsfjord district, Oslo Region, Norway

    Larsen, A. O. & Åsheim, A.

    pdfPDF390.72 KB


    U-Pb zircon ages from the Eskolabreen Formation, southern Ny Friesland, Svalbard

    Larionov, A. N., Johansson, Å., Tebenkov, A. M. & Sirotkin, A. N.

    pdfPDF1.06 MB





  • NJG 1994 VOL 74 Open or Close

    NGT 74 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1994 volume 74 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    The amplitude and decay of the glacial forebulge in Fennoscandia

    Fjeldskaar, W.

    pdfPDF830.71 KB


    Late Pleistocene glacial-deglacial facies successions and geologic history at Vuolgamasjåkka, Finnmarksvidda, Norway

    Lyså, A. & Corner, G. D.

    pdfPDF1.81 MB


    Fission-track and K-Ar dating of tectonic activity in a tramsect across the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Zone, central Norway

    Grønlie, A., Naeser, C. W., Naeser, N. D., Mitchell, J. G., Sturt, B. A. & Ineson, P. R.

    pdfPDF960.4 KB


    The rift-related mafic dyke complex of the Rohkunborri Nappe, Indre Troms, northern Norwegian Caledonides

    Stølen, L. K

    pdfPDF1.84 MB


    Stratigrapic overlap of the late Proterozoic Vadsø and Barents Sea Groups and correlation across the Trollfjorden-Komagelva Fault, Finnmark, North Norway

    Rice, A. H. N.

    pdfPDF1.53 MB


    Strontium isotope study of two supposed satellite massifs of the Egersund Anorthosite Complex: the Sjelset Igneous Complex and the Undheim Leuconorite

    Maijer, C., Verschure, R. H. & Visser, D.

    pdfPDF1.19 MB


    NGT 74 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1994 volume 74 no. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    A record of late Holocene avalanche activity in Frudalen, Songdalsdalen, western Norway

    Nesje, A., Aa, Ar., Kvamme, M. & Sønstegaard, E.

    pdfPDF711.15 KB


    The geochemical evoulution of the Gulfjellet Ophiolite Complex, west Norwegian Caledonides

    Heskestad, B., Hofshagen, N. H., Furnes, H. & Pedersen. R.-B.

    pdfPDF1.61 MB


    Jurassic to Cretaceous stratigraphy of shallow cores on the Møre Basin Margin, Mid Norway

    Smelror, M., Jacobsen, T., Rise, L., Skarbø, O., Verdenius, J. G. & Vigran, J:

    pdfPDF3.26 MB


    Dating rockfall-avalanche deposits from degree of rock-surface weathering by Schmidt-hammer tests: a study from Norangdalen, Sunnmøre, Norway

    Nesje, A., Blikra, L. H. & Anda, E.

    pdfPDF749.2 KB


    Proterozoic orogenic magmatism within the Western Gneiss Region, Sunnfjord, Norway

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    pdfPDF1.65 MB


    NGT 74 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1994 volume 74 no. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Aspects of 'strike-slip' or wrench tectonics - an introductory discussion

    Milnes, A. G.

    pdfPDF471.47 KB


    Strain modelling of transpressional and transtendional deformation

    Fossen, H., Tikoff, B. & Teyssier, C. T.

    pdfPDF1.57 MB


    Possible oblique-slip faulting in the Skagerak Graben, as interpreted from high resolution seismic data

    Fanavoll, S. & Lippard, S. J.

    pdfPDF1.36 MB


    The structual relations and regional tectonic implications of metadolerite dykes in the Kongsfjord Formation, North Varanger Region, Finnmark, N. Norway

    Rice, A. H. N. & Reiz, W.

    pdfPDF1.9 MB


    Interpretation of kinematic indicators along the northeastern margin of the Bergen Arc System: a preliminary field study

    Wennberg, O. P. & Milnes, A. G.

    pdfPDF1002.35 KB


    NGT 74 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1994 volume 74 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Structural evolution of the Precambrian Bjerkreim-Sokndal intrusion, South Norway

    Pauldan, J., Hansen, U. B. & Olesen, N. Ø.

    pdfPDF1.65 MB


    Stratigraphy of Ordovician limestones, Lower Allochthon, Scandinavian Caledonides

    Rasmussen, J. A. & Bruton, D. L.

    pdfPDF1.63 MB


    The stratabound sulphide deposits in the Folldal area, Southern trondheim Region, Norway

    Bjerkegård, T. & Bjørlykke, A.

    pdfPDF2.5 MB


    Aphthitalite in high-temperature fluid inclusions in quartz from the Eikeren-Skrim granite complex, the Oslo paleorift

    Hansteen, T. H. & Burke, E. A. J.

    pdfPDF357.29 KB


    Submerged and tilted coastal features off Troms, northern Norway: a comment

    Fjalstad, A. & Møller, J. J.

    pdfPDF580.46 KB


    Submerged and tiltes coastal features off Troms, northern Norway: a reply

    Rokoengen, K. & Dekko, T.

    pdfPDF433.93 KB





  • NJG 1993 VOL 73 Open or Close

    NGT 73 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1994 volume 73 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Post-Early Cretaceous uplift and erosion in the southern Barents Sea: a discussion based on analysis of seismic interval velocities

    Richardsen, G., Vorren, T. O. & Tørudbakken, B. O.

    pdfPDF2.62 MB


    Geology and geochemistry of mafic-ultramafic rocks (Köli) in the Handöl area, central Scandinavian Caledonides

    Bergman, S.

    pdfPDF2.38 MB


    Pb isotopic contraints on the origin of the Husvika Zn-Pb deposit in Nordland, north-central Norway

    Birkeland, A. & BJørlykke, A.

    pdfPDF1.48 MB


    Cl-rich scapolite from Ødegårdens Verk, Bamble, Norway

    Lieftink, D. J., Nijland, T. G. & Maijer, C.

    pdfPDF449.36 KB


    Natural gamma activity - a possible aid in sedimentological fieldwork

    Dypvik, H.

    pdfPDF775.56 KB


    NGT 73 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1994 volume 73 no. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    A 'flash-flood' dominated braid delta in the upper Proterozoic Næringselva Member, Varanger Peninsula, northern Norway

    Hjellbakk, A.

    pdfPDF1.83 MB


    Geological and geochemical development of the submarine volcanic sequence on Storøya, Leka Ophiolite Complex, North Trøndelag

    Tveit, R., Furunes, H. & pedersen, R.-B.

    pdfPDF1.4 MB


    Linear fabrics in the bergsdalen Nappes, southwest Norway: implications for deformation history and fold development

    Fossen, H.

    pdfPDF1.69 MB


    The sveconorwegian Orogeny in southern Norway, relative to deep crustal structures and events in the North Atlantic Proterozoic Supercontinent

    Starmer, I. C.

    pdfPDF2.44 MB


    The age and regional correlation of the Svecofennian Geitfjell granite, Vestranden, Norway

    Johansson, L.

    pdfPDF1.15 MB


    NGT 73 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1993 volume 73 no. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Preface - Postglacial relative sea-level change

    Corner, G. D. & Bøe, R.

    pdfPDF162.3 KB


    Holocene emergence along the Ellesmere Island coast of northernmost Baffin Bay

    Blake, W. Jr.

    pdfPDF1.33 MB


    Late Devensian and Holocene relative sea-level changes at Rumach, near Arisaig, northwest Scotland

    Shennan, I., Innes, J. B., Long, A. J. & Zong, Y.

    pdfPDF1.37 MB


    Marine-lacustrine stratigraphy of raised coastal basins and postglacial sea.level change at Lyngen and Vanna, Troms, northern Norway

    Corner, G. D. & Haugane, E.

    pdfPDF2.72 MB


    Submerged and tilted coastal features off Troms, northern Norway

    Rokoengen, K. & Dekko, T.

    pdfPDF1.65 MB


    NGT 73 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1993 volume 73 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Late Pliocene basaltic volcanism on the Western Barents Shelf margin: implications from petrology and 40Ar-39Ar dating of volcaniclastic debris from a shallow drill core

    Mørk, M. B. E. & Duncan, R. A.

    pdfPDF2.07 MB


    Conditions of metamorphism estimated from alteration lithologies and ore at the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb-(Cu) deposit, Nordland, Norway

    Cook, N. J.

    pdfPDF884.61 KB


    Groundwater springs in the Hedmarksvidda mountains related to the deglaciation history

    Haldorsen, S., Englund, J.-O. & Kirkhusmo, L. A.

    pdfPDF1.1 MB


    Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr ages of hornblende clinopyroxenite and metagabbro from the Lillebukt Alkaline Complex, Seiland Igneous Province

    Cadow, R.

    pdfPDF1.12 MB


    Crystallization and metasomatism of nepheline syenite xenoliths in quartz-bearing intrusive rocks in the Permian Oslo rift, SE Norway

    Andersen, T & Sørensen, H.

    pdfPDF1.09 MB



  • NJG 1992 VOL 72 Open or Close

    NGT 72 1 cover Page 1

    NJg 1992 volume 72 no. 1

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Recent understanding of the Svalbard basement in the light of new radiometric age determinations

    Ohta, Y.

    pdfPDF663.32 KB


    Tectonic evolution of the Devonian Basin of northern Svalbard

    Manby, G. M. & Lyberis, N.

    pdfPDF1.52 MB


    Gravity-induced detachment of Devonian basin sediments in northern Svalbard

    Chorowicz, J.

    pdfPDF630.37 KB


    Origins and deformation of post-Caledonian sediment on Blomstrandhalvøya and Lovènøyane, northwest Spitsbergen

    Thiedig, F. & Manby, G. M.

    pdfPDF1014.82 KB


    Mid-Carboniferous extension and rift-infill sequences in the Billefjorden Trough, Svalbard

    Johannessen, E. P. & Steel, R. J.

    pdfPDF2.14 MB


    Multiphase tectonic evolution of the Sørkapp-Hornsund mobile zone (Devonian, Carboniferous, Tertiary), Svalbard

    Dallmann, W. K.

    pdfPDF2.24 MB


    Influence of Carboniferous structures on Tertiary tectonism at St Jonsfjorden and Bellsund, Western Svalbard

    Maher, H. D. Jr. & Welbon, A. I.

    pdfPDF1.05 MB


    Ruminations on Tuttle lamellae (fluid inclusion planes) in Carboniferous strata from Bellsund and St Jonsfjorden, Western Svalbard

    Pray, J. R., Maher, H. D. Jr. & Welbon, A. I.

    pdfPDF792.07 KB


    Structural geology around the southern termination of the Lomfjorden Fault Complex, Agardhdalen, east Spitsbergen

    Andresen, A., Haremo, P., Swensson, E. & Bergh, S. G.

    pdfPDF727.79 KB


    Tectonics of the Palaeogene Forlandsundet Basin, Spitsbergen: a premliminary report

    Kleinspehn, K. L. & Teyssier, C.

    pdfPDF1007.39 KB


    A structual outline of Forlandsundet Graben, Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard

    Gabrielsen, R. H., Kløvjan, O. S., Haugsbø, H., Midbøe, P. S., Nøttvedt, A., Rasmussen, e. & skott, P. H.

    pdfPDF1.65 MB


    Tectonic history of Tertiary sedimentation of Svalbard

    Livsic, Ju. Ja.

    pdfPDF560.99 KB


    Early Tertiary palaeostress distribution on Spitsbergen: implications for the tectonic development of the western fold-and-thrust belt

    Lepvier, C.

    pdfPDF665.16 KB

    NGT 72 2 cover Page 1

    NGJ 1992 volume 71 no. 2

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Late Palaeozoic kinematics of the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Zone and adjacent areas, central Norway

    Seranne, M.

    pdfPDF1.71 MB


    Significance of tidal cyclicity for modelling of reservoir heterogeneities in the lower Jurassic Tilje Formation, mid-Norwegian shelf

    Dreyer, T.

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    Isoleucine epimerization kinetics in the shell of Arctica islandica

    Haugen, J.-E. & Sjerup, H. P.

    pdfPDF802 KB


    New evidence of basement in the Svalbard Caledonides: Early Proterozoic zircon ages from Ny Friesland granites

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    pdfPDF974.93 KB


    Palaeocene and eocene development of the Tromsø Basin - sedimentary response to rifting and early seafloor spreading in the Barents Sea area

    Knutsen, S.-M., Skjold, L.-J. & Skott, P. H.

    pdfPDF4.2 MB


    Equilibrium-line altitude depressions of reconstructed Younger Dryas and Holocene glaciers in Fosdalen, inner Nordfjord, western Norway

    Nesje, A. & Dahl, S. O.

    pdfPDF1.22 MB


    Clay minerals in some samples from Opstad and Høgemork on Jæren, southwest Norway

    Fugelli, E. M. F.

    pdfPDF434.15 KB


    NGT 72 3 cover Page 1

    NGJ 1992 volume 72 no. 3

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Symposium issue: Post-Cretaceous uplift and sedimentation along the Western Fennoscandian shield

    Proceedings of the 7th TSGS Conference held in Stavanger, 3-5 October 1990

    pdfPDF11.54 MB



    NGT 72 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1992 volume 72 no. 4

    ISSN 0029-196X

    Structure and evolution of the Lofoten continental margin, offshore Norway

    Mokhtari, M. & Pegrum, R. M.

    pdfPDF2.6 MB


    Sedimentology and stratigraphy of two glacial-deglacial sequences at Skorgnes, western Norway

    Larsen, E. & Ward, B.

    pdfPDF1.37 MB


    U-Pb age of the Leirungsmyran gabbroic complex, Jotun Nappe, southern Norway

    Corfu, F. & Emmett, T.

    pdfPDF492.64 KB


    Early Caledonian high-grade metamorphism within exotic terranes of the Troms Caledonides?

    Lindstrøm, M. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF528.73 KB


    Lorenzenite from the Bratthagen nepheline syenite pegmatites, Lågendalen, Oslo Region, Norway

    Larsen, A. O., Raade, G. & Sæbo, P. C.

    pdfPDF362.18 KB


    On ammonium in upper-amphibolite facies cordierite-orthoamphibole-bearing rocks from Rød, Bamble Sector, south Norway

    Visser, D.

    pdfPDF453.74 KB


  • NJG 1991 VOL 71 Open or Close

    NGT 71 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1991 volume 71 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Stratigraphy and sedimentation of a terminal moraine deposited in a marine enviroment - two examples from the Ra-ridge in Østfold, southeast Norway

    Brandal, M. K. & Heder, E.

    pdfPDF1.58 MB


    Contact relationships between the Askvoll group and the basement gneisses of the Western Gneiss Region (WGR), Sunnfjord, Western Norway

    Swensson, E. & Andersen, T. B.

    pdfPDF1.72 MB


    Palynological evidence of Lower Triassic rocks subcropping offshore mid-Norway

    Vigran, J. O. & Mangerud, G.

    pdfPDF757.72 KB


    The Ordovian trilobite genus Robergia Wiman, 1905 and some other species hitherto included

    Nikolaisen, F.

    pdfPDF2.57 MB


    NGT 71 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1991 volume 71 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Heavy metal (Zn, Cu, Pb) accumulation in the Barsnesfjord, Western Norway

    Paetzel, M. & Schrader, H.

    pdfPDF669.25 KB


    A climatic record for the last 12,000 years from sediment core on the Mid-Norwegian Continental Shelf

    Rokoengen, K., Erlenkeuser, H. Løfaldli, M. & Skarbø, O.

    pdfPDF1.96 MB


    Stratigraphy and biota across the Ordovician-Silurian boundary in Hadeland, Norway

    Heath, R. A. & Owen, A. W.

    pdfPDF2.29 MB


    The Otta Conglomerate, the Vågåmo Ophiolite - further indications of early Ordovician Orogenesis in the Scandinavian Caledonides

    Sturt, B. A., Ramsay, D. M. & Neuman, R. B.

    pdfPDF1.25 MB


    A contemporary small-scale thrust-fault near Lebesby, Finnmark

    Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF473.58 KB


    Silver mineralization in the ancient Akersberg mine, Oslo

    Nilsen, O. & Bjørlykke, A.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB


    NGT 71 3 cover Page 1

    NJg 1991 volume 71 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-106X

    Symposium issue: Climate of the Northern Latitudes: Past, Present and Future

    An International Conference held in Tromsø, 2-4 April 1990

    pdfPDF7.96 MB



    NGT 71 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1991 volume 71 no. 4

     ISSN: 0029-196X

    Conodonts from the Permian succession of Bjørnøya (Svalbard)

    Nakrem, H. A.

    pdfPDF1.65 MB


    Separate gravimetric and magnetic anomaly sources: deep Permian intrusions at Nes, Hedmark

    Røthing, K. & Gjøen, E.

    pdfPDF919.2 KB


    The transition from deposition of condensed carbonates to dark claystones in the Lower Cretaceous succesion of the southwestern Barents Sea

    Århus, N.

    pdfPDF686.42 KB


    Conodont stratigraphy of the Lower Ordovician Huk Formation at Slemmestad, southern Norway

    Rasmussen, J. A.

    pdfPDF686.42 KB


    A post-Caledonian dolerite dyke from Magerøy, North Norway: age and geochemistry

    Roberts, D., Mitchell, J. G. & Andresen, T. B.

    pdfPDF2.44 MB


    The D3 fold mechanism in the Joma mine district, Leipkvattnet Nappe, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

    Marshall, B.

    pdfPDF678.14 KB


    Gaidonnayite from nepheline syenite pegmatite in Siktesoya in the southern part of the Oslo Region, Norway

    Larsen, A. O. & Raade, G.

    pdfPDF490.89 KB



  • NJG 1990 VOL 70 Open or Close

    NGT 70 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1990 volume 70 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The Dragset copper-zinc deposit: a deformed, volcanogenic sulphide occurrence in the Løkken greenstones, Central Norway

    McQueen, K. G.

    pdfPDF1.43 MB


    Geological implications of mixed oceanic-metalliferous and continental sediments from the Solund-Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex, West Norway

    Boyle, J. F.

    pdfPDF582.39 KB


    Block fields, ice-flow directions and the Pleistocene ice sheet in Nordmøre and Romsdal, West Norway

    Follestad, B. A.

    pdfPDF694.22 KB


    Groundwater recharge of fluvial deposits at Haslemoen, Solør, southeastern Norway

    Jakobsen, B., Gottschalk, L., Haldorsen, S. & Høstmark, A. K. S.

    pdfPDF880.56 KB


    Tilting of lake shorelines in Jølstravatnet, western Norway, caused by glacioisostatic rebound

    Klakegg, O. & Rye, N.

    pdfPDF1.27 MB


    Late Jurassic sedimentary bedrock north of utsira, offshore western Norway

    Rokoengen, K. & Sørensen, S.

    pdfPDF363.14 KB


    NGT 70 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1990 volume 71 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Mid-Norway shelf - hydrocarbon habitat in relation to tectonic elements

    Fagerland, N.

    pdfPDF1.24 MB


    Glaciotectonic forms and structures on the Norwegian continental shelf: observations, processes and implications

    Sættem, J.

    pdfPDF1.35 MB


    Clast petrography and stratigraphy in Late Quaternary sediments in the southwestern Barents Sea

    Vassmyr, S. & Vorren, T. O.

    pdfPDF1.73 MB


    Sea-level changes and pollen stratigraphy on the outer coast of Sunnmøre, western Norway

    Svendsen, J. I. & Mangerud, J.

    pdfPDF2.67 MB


    NGT 70 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1990 volume 70 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Late Weichselian and early Holocene vegetation, climate and floral migration at Utsira, North-Rogaland, southwestern Norway

    Paus, Aa.

    pdfPDF1.74 MB


    Coticules at Sulitjelma, Norway and their possible origin

    Cook, N. J. & Halls, C.

    pdfPDF594.18 KB


    Possible basement rocks in the Kalak Nappe Complex on Sørøy, Finnamrk, N. Norway

    Rice, A. H. N.

    pdfPDF1.56 MB


    Premilinary fission-track ages of fluorite mineralisation along frature zones, inner Trondheimsfjord, Central Norway

    Grønlie, A., Harder, V. & Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF569.51 KB


    A discussion: Basement-cover relationships on northern Vanna, Troms, Norway

    Rice, A. H. N.

    pdfPDF697.68 KB


    A reply: A discussion: Basement-cover relationships on northern Vanna, Troms, Norway

    Andresen, A. & Opheim, J. A.

    pdfPDF235.86 KB


    The brachiopod Heterorthis from the Caradoc of the Oslo Region - a Gondwanan immigrant?

    Harper, D. A. T.

    pdfPDF282.35 KB


    NGT 70 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1990 volume 70 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Lower Cambrian acritarchs and the Proterozoic-Cambrian boundary in southern Norway

    Vidal, G. & Nystuen, J. P.

    pdfPDF2.03 MB


    Scatter in vitrinite reflectance data from coal samples in North Sea wells

    Throndsen, T.

    pdfPDF736.35 KB


    A U-Pb zircon age for the Råna intrusion, N. Norway: New evidence of basic magmatism in the Scandinavian Caledonides in Early Silurian time

    Tucker, R. D., Boyd, R. & Barnes, S.-J.

    pdfPDF1.06 MB


    Middle and Late Weichselian stratigraphy in shallow drillings from the southwestern Barents Sea: foraminiferal, amino acid and radiocarbon evidence

    Hald, M., Sættem, J. & Nesse, E.

    pdfPDF1.4 MB


    Rb-Sr whole-rock and thin-slab dating of mylonites from the Kalak Thrust Zone, near Børselv, Finnmark

    Roberts, D. & Sundvoll, B.

    pdfPDF807.59 KB


    A Precambrian age for an early gabbromonzonitic intrusive on the Øksfjord peninsula, Seiland Igneous Province, northern Norway

    Krogh, E. J. & Elvevold, S.

    pdfPDF528.96 KB


    Cambrian Sm-Nd dates for an ultramafic intrusion and for high-grade metamorphism on the Øksfjord peninsula, Finnmark, North Norway

    Mørk, M. B. E. & Stabel, A.

    pdfPDF1.58 MB



  • NJG 1989 VOL 69 Open or Close

    NGT 69 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1989 volume 69 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    On the origin and age of hydrothermal thorium-enriched carbonate veins and breccias in the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Zone, central Norway

    Grønlie, A. & Torsvik, T. H.

    pdfPDF1.47 MB


    A pre-Devonian pediment in the lowermost Old Red Sandstone Hitra Group, Western Norway

    Bøe, R.

    pdfPDF912.66 KB


    The origin and properties of uranium-niobium-tantalum mineralised hydrocarbons at Narestø, Arendal, southern Norway

    Eakin, P. A.

    pdfPDF729.04 KB


    Biostratigraphy of some Callovian and Oxfordian cores off Vega, Helgeland, Norway

    Århus, N. Birkelund, T. & Smelror, M.

    pdfPDF1.63 MB


    The inner shelf of North Cape, Norway and its implications for the Barents Shelf-Finnmark Caledonide boundary. A comment

    Gabrielsen, R. H. & Færseth, R. B.

    pdfPDF957.77 KB


    The inner shelf of North Cape, Norway and its implications for the Barents Shelf-Finnmark Caledonide boundary. A reply

    Townsend, C.

    pdfPDF249.78 KB


    NGT 69 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1989 volume 69 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Basement-cover relationships on northern Vanna, Troms, Norway

    Opheim, J. A. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF1.41 MB


    A seve duplex (Upper Allochthon) at the northern margin of the Grong district (Caledonides of central Norway)

    Greiling, R. O., & Kaus, A. & Leipziger, K.

    pdfPDF1010.21 KB


    A new Ordovician tubular 'alga' from Norway

    Nitecki, M. H. & Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF560.1 KB


    Middle Ordovician  conodonts from allochthonous limestones at Høyberget, southeastern Norwegian Caledonides

    Rasmussen, j. A. & Stouge, S.

    pdfPDF945.38 KB


    Foraminiferal stratigraphy and amino acid geochronology of Quaternary sediments in the Norwegian Channel, northern North Sea

    Sejrup, H. P., Nagy, J. & Brigham-Grette, J.

    pdfPDF1.12 MB


    Schmidt hammer relative-age evaluation of possible pre-'Little Ice Age' Neoglacial moraine, Leirbreen, southern Norway

    McCarroll, D.

    pdfPDF647.6 KB


    The age of the hauerseter delta

    Longva, O. & Thoresen, M. K.

    pdfPDF556.36 KB


    The Teritary orogenic belt of west Spitsbergen: Seismic expressions of the offshore sedimentary basins. A comment

    Townsend, C. & Mann, A.

    pdfPDF260.9 KB


    The Teritary orogenic belt of west Spitsbergen: Seismic expressions of the offshore sedimentary basins. A reply

    Eiken, O. & Austegard, A.

    pdfPDF559.97 KB


    NGT 69 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1989 volume 69 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The structual history of the Leipikvattnet Nappe in the Joma area of Nord Trøndelag, central Scandinavian Caledonides, Norway

    Odling, N. E.

    pdfPDF1.35 MB


    The Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian rocks in the Os area, Major Bergen Arc, Western Norway

    Ingdahl, S. E.

    pdfPDF950.62 KB


    Geochemistry of Sveconorwegian augen gneisses from SW Norway at the amphibolite-granulite facies transition

    Bingen, B.

    pdfPDF985.93 KB


    Seawater alteration of the Karmøy Ophiolite Complex, SW Norway: Nd and Sr isotopic evidence

    Menuge, J., Pedersen, R.-B. & Furunes, H.

    pdfPDF576.36 KB


    NGT 69 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1989 volume 69 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Some erroneous radiocarbon dates of lacustrine sediments

    Blystad, P. & Selsing, L.

    pdfPDF1016.11 KB


    Primary and tectonic basement-cover relationships in northermost Vestranden, central Norwegian Caledonides.

    Schouenborg, B. E.

    pdfPDF1.88 MB


    A revision of the upper ordovician trilovite genus Erratencrinurus with a description of new species from Hadeland

    Owen, A. W. & Heath, R. A.

    pdfPDF662.69 KB


    Senaite from syenite pegmatite at Tvedalen in the southern part of the Oslo region, Norway

    Larsen, A. O.

    pdfPDF615.57 KB


    Complex exsolution microstructures in inverted pigeonites from Sjelset Igneous Complex, Rogaland, SW Norway

    Kloprogge, J. T., Van Roermund, H. L. M. & Maijer, C.

    pdfPDF1.07 MB


    Geochemistry of pleistocene ash zones in cores from the North Atlantic

    Kvamme, T., Mangerud, J., Furnes, H. & Ruddman, W. F.

    pdfPDF957.12 KB


    The age, petrography, geochemistry and tectonic setting of the late Caledonian Gåsøy Intrusion, west Norway

    Furnes, H., Pedersen, R. B., Sundvoll, B., Tysseland, M. & Tymyr, O.

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    A comment: Alternative to the Finnmarkian-Scandian interpretation on Magerøya, northern Norway

    Andersen, T. B.

    pdfPDF265.83 KB


     A reply: Alternative to the Finnmarkian-Scandian interpretation on Magerøya, northern Norway

    Krill, A. & Rogers, J.

    pdfPDF189.28 KB




  • NJG 1988 VOL 68 Open or Close

    NGT 68 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1988 volume 68 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Bedrock geology and Quaternary sediments in the Lista basin, S. Norway

    Holtedahl, H.

    pdfPDF1.87 MB


    Formation of saw-toothed moraines in front of the Bødalsbreen glacier, western Norway

    Lien, R. & Rye, N.

    pdfPDF1 MB


    Structure and petrofabrics of quartzite and elongate pebbles at Sandviksfjell, Bergen, Norway

    Sylvester, a. G. & Janecky, D. R.

    pdfPDF1.9 MB


    Geochemical comparisons of the origin of eclogite protoliths (Flemsøy, Sunnmøre, Western Norway)

    Mørk, M. B. E. & Brunfelt, A. O.

    pdfPDF926.19 KB


    Platinum-group minerals in the Lillefjellklumpen nickelcopper deposit, Nord-trøndelag, Norway

    Grønlie, A.

    pdfPDF676.56 KB


    Evidence of synsedimetary tectonics in the Lower Silurian (Llandovery) strata of Brumunddalen, Ringsaker, Norway: a reply

    Møller, N. K.

    pdfPDF104.79 KB

    NGT 68 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1988 volume 68 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    U/Pb-zircon datings of Caledonian cover rocks and cover-basement contacts, northern Vestranden, central Norway

    Shouenborg, B. E.

    pdfPDF1.13 MB


    U-Pb zircon dating of felsic intrusions, Middle Köli Nappes, central Scandinavian Caledonides

    Claesson, S., Stephens, M. B. & Klingspor, I.

    pdfPDF757.92 KB


    Glaciotectonic structure and genesis of the Precambrian of Finnamrk, northern Norway

    James S. Aber & Inge Aaarseth

    pdfPDF691.18 KB

    The Stuoragurra Fault, evidence of neotectonics in the Precambrian of Finnmark, northern Norway

    Odleiv Olesen

    pdfPDF1.17 MB


    Helvite group minerals from syenite pegmatites in the Oslo Region, Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, No. 68

    Larsen, A. O.

    pdfPDF747.38 KB


    The Geitvann lead-copper (-zinc) mineralisation, Porsangerhalvøya, Finnmark, northern Norway

    Lindahl, I. & Bjørlykke, A.

    pdfPDF527.4 KB


    Geochemical evidence for a rift-related origin of metadolerites within the Senja Nappe, Troms, north Norway Caledonides: a discussion

    Dallmeyer, R. D.

    pdfPDF233.33 KB

    NGT 68 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1988 volume 68 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Basement-cover relations at the Grong-Olden culmination, central Norway

    Stel, H.

    pdfPDF1.06 MB


    Block fields in southern Norway, Significance for the late Weichselian ice sheet

    Nesje, A., Dahl, S. O., Anda. E. & Rye, N.

    pdfPDF1.85 MB


    Alternative to the Finnmarkian-Scandian interpretation on Magerøya, northern Norway

    Krill, A., Rodgers, J. & Sundvoll, B.

    pdfPDF930.69 KB


    Tectonic implications of U-, Mo- and V-enriched graphitic phyllites in the Høgtuva and Nasafjëll Windows, Scandinavian Caledonides

    Lindqvist, J.-E.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB


    Geochronological investigation of the Ingdal Granite Gneiss and discordant pegmatites from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway

    Tucker, R. D. & Krogh, T. E.

    pdfPDF754.91 KB


    Reply to Dallmeyer

    Bergh, S. G. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF226.39 KB


    Reinterpretation of Finnmarkian deformation on western Sørøy, northern Norway: a comment

    Sturt, B. A. & Ramsay, D. M.

    pdfPDF647.86 KB


    Reinterpretation of Finnmarkian deformation on western Sørøy, northern Norway: a reply

    Krill, A. G. & Zwaan, K. B.

    pdfPDF128.98 KB


    NGT 68 4 cover Page 1

    Njg 1988 volume 68 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Metamorphic history in the Bergen Arcs, Norway, as determined from amphiobole chemistry

    Fossen, H.

    pdfPDF1.32 MB


    The Norwegian Upper Ordovician illaenid trilobites

    Bruton, D. L. & Owen, A. W.

    pdfPDF1.7 MB


    Biostratigraphy of key brachiopod lineages from the Llandovery Series (Lower Silurian) of the Oslo region

    Baarli, B. G. & Johnson, M. E.

    pdfPDF1.41 MB


    Structure, age and formation of dykes on the island of Smøla, Central Norway

    Gautneb, H.

    pdfPDF1.22 MB


    Volcanic rocks on Jeløya, central Oslo Region: the mafic lavas

    Schou-Jensen, E. & Neuman, E.-R.

    pdfPDF1.86 MB


    Reinterpretation of Finnmarkian deformation on western Sørøy, northern Norway: some comments

    Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF241.86 KB




  • NJG 1987 VOL 67 Open or Close

    NGT 67 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1987 volume 67 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Basement-cover relationships and regional correlations of the Caledonian nappes, eastern Hinnøy, N. Norway

    Björklund, L. J. O.

    pdfPDF1.14 MB


    Reinterpretation of Finnmarkian deformation on western Sørøy, northern Norway

    Krill, A. G. & Zwaan, B.

    pdfPDF860.06 KB


    Geochemical evidence for a rift-related origin of metadolerites within the Senja Nappe, Troms, North Norwegian Caledonides

    Bergh, S. G. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF868.97 KB


    The structual geology of north Hadeland.

    Morley, C. K.

    pdfPDF1.08 MB


    Source parameters for earthquakes in the northern North Sea

    Havskov, J. & Bungum, H.

    pdfPDF478.32 KB


    Tectonostratigraphic position of the rocks in the western extreme of the Major Bergen Arc (Fanafjell Nappe), West Norway

    Fossen, H. & Ingdahl, S. E.

    pdfPDF828.53 KB


    Evidence of synsedimentary tectonics in the lower Silurian (Llandovery9 strata of Brumunddalen, Ringsaker, Norway: A comment

    Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF201.15 KB


    NGT 67 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1987 volume 67 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The geology of the northern Sulitjelma area and its relationship to the Sulitjelma Ophiolite

    Bilett, M. F.

    pdfPDF997.75 KB


    An occurrence of the Gula Nappe in the western Gneiss region, central Scandinavian Caledonides

    Johansson, L., andreasson, P.-G. & Schöberg, H.

    pdfPDF549.25 KB


    The Nordfjord-Sogn Detachment, W. Norway

    Norton, M. G.

    pdfPDF976.79 KB


    Weichselian glacial episodes in outer Sunnmøre, western Norway

    Landvik, J. Y. & Hamborg, M.

    pdfPDF1.63 MB


    The vertical extent of the Late Weichselian ice sheet in the Nordfjord-Møre area, western Norway

    Nesje, A., Anda, E., Rye, N., Lien, R., Hole, P. A. & Blikra, L. H.

    pdfPDF1.36 MB


    Llandovery and Wenlock miospores and spore-like microfossils from the Ringerike district, Norway 

    Smelror, M.

    pdfPDF362.62 KB


    The inner shelf of North Cape, Norway and its implications for the Barents Shelf-Finnmark Caledonide boundary

    Townsend, C.

    pdfPDF164.5 KB


    NGT 67 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1987 volume 67 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The Sunnhordland Batholith, W. Norway: regional setting and internal structure, with emphasis on the granitoid plutons

    Andersen, T. B. & Jansen, Ø. J.

    pdfPDF1.56 MB


    Geothermobarometry of igneous and metamorphic rocks around the Åna-Sira anorthosite massif: Implications for the depth of emplacement of the South Norwegian anorthosites

    Wilmart, E. & Duchesne, J.-C.

    pdfPDF768.11 KB


    Frost weathering and rock platform erosion on periglacial lake shorelines: a test of hypothesis

    Shakesby, R. A. & Matthews, J. A.

    pdfPDF597.09 KB


    Platinum metal geochemistry of the Bruvann nickel-copper deposit, Råna, North Norway

    Boyd, R., McDade, J. M., Millard, H. T., Jr. & Page, N. J.

    pdfPDF1.05 MB


    Unusual nickel and copper to noble-metal ratios from the Råna Layered intrusion, northern Norway

    Barnes, S.-J.

    pdfPDF1.14 MB


    The Scandinavian alum shales - Mid Cambrian to Tremadoc deposition in response to early Caledonian subduction

    Gee, David G.

    pdfPDF192.4 KB


    NGT 67 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1987 volume 67 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Depositional and structual architecture of prograding clastic continental margins: tectonic influence of patterns of basin filling

    Galloway, W. E.

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    Extensional models for the formation of sedimentary basins and continental margins

    Sclater, J. G. & Cèlèrier, B.

    pdfPDF1.3 MB


    Constraints on the measurement of extension in the brittle upper crust

    White, N.

    pdfPDF713.19 KB


    A synthesis of tectonically related stratigraphy in the North Atlantic-Artic region from Aalenian to cenomanian time

    Larsen, V. B.

    pdfPDF2.1 MB


    Tectonics and basin evolution of the Norwegian shelf between 62oN and 72oN

    Brekke, H. & Riis, F.

    pdfPDF2.48 MB


    Tectonic evolution of Devonian basins in northern Scotland and southern Norway

    Norton, M. G., McClay, K. R. & Way, N. A.

    pdfPDF1.21 MB


    Application of extensional models to the Northern Viking Graben

    Giltner, J. P.

    pdfPDF999.65 KB


    Aspects of strike-slip tectonics in the Inner Moray Firth Basin, offshore Scotland

    Bird, T. J., Bell, A., Gibbs, A. D. & Nicholson, J.

    pdfPDF2.19 MB


    Description and structural implications of fractures in late Jurassic sandstones of Troll Field, northern North Sea

    Gabrielsen, R. H. & Koestler, A. G.

    pdfPDF1.38 MB


    The Teritary orogenic belt of West-Spitsbergen: Seismic expressions of the offshore sedimentary basins

    Eiken, O. & Austegard, A.

    pdfPDF1.39 MB


    Synthesis of the tectonic and sedimentological evolution of the late Proterozoic-early Cambrian Hedmark Basin, the Caledonian Thrust Belt, southern Norway

    Nystuen, J. P.

    pdfPDF1.9 MB


    Tectonics and sedimentation in the Lower Palaeozoic back-arc basin of S. Wales, U.K.: some quantitative aspects  of basin development

    James, D. M. D.

    pdfPDF572.26 KB


    Proceedings abstracts

    pdfPDF1.49 MB







  • NJG 1986 VOL 66 Open or Close

    NGT 66 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1986 volume 66 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Evidence of synsedimentary tectonics in the Lower Silurian /Llandovery) strata of Brumunddalen, Ringsaker, Norway

    Møller, N. K.

    pdfPDF1.54 MB


    Biostratigraphy of a Lower Cretaceous section from Sklinnabanken, Norway with some comments on the Andøya exposure

    Aarhus, N., Verdenius, J. & Birkelund. T.

    pdfPDF2.97 MB


    Trace element signatures in Dictyonema Shales and their geochemical and stratigrapic significance

    Berry, W. B. N., Wilde, P., Quinby, hunt, M. S. & Orth, C. J.

    pdfPDF430.62 KB


    Petrology and geochemistry of spinel peridotite nodules and host basalt, Vestspitsbergen

    Furnes, H., Pedersen, R. B. & Maaløe, S.

    pdfPDF1.37 MB


    Age and tectonic setting of the Tysfjord gneiss granite, Efjord, North Norway

    Andresen, A. & Tull, J. F.

    pdfPDF1.21 MB


    Scenella Barrandei (Mollusca) from the Middle Cambrian of Baltoscandia

    Berg-Madsen, V. & Peel, J. S.

    pdfPDF535.96 KB


    NGT 66 2 cover Page 1

    Njg 1986 volume 66 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Relict Ordovician brachiopod faunas in the lower Silurian of Asker, Oslo Region

    Baarli, B. G. & Harper, D. A. T.

    pdfPDF716.71 KB


    Geology of the inner shelf west of north Cape, Norway

    Vorren, T. O., Kristoffersen, Y. & Andreassen, K.

    pdfPDF668.39 KB


    Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous palynomorph assemblages from Cape Flora, Franz Josef Land, Artic USSR

    Smelror, M.

    pdfPDF1.16 MB


    Llandovery conodonts from the Oslo Region, Norway

    Nakrem, H. A.

    pdfPDF1.2 MB


    The early Holocene climate and sea-level changes in Lofoten and vesterålen, North Norway

    Vorren, K.-D. & Moe, D.

    pdfPDF843.89 KB


    Evaluation of REE mobility in low-grade metabasalts using mass-balance calculations

    Bartley, J. M.

    pdfPDF689.26 KB


    Kvithola at Fauske, northern Norway: an example of ice-contact speleogenesis

    Lauritzen, S.-E.

    pdfPDF861.19 KB


    Polyphase deformation in the Hattfjelldal Nappe, internal zone of the Scandinavian Caledonides, North-Central Norway

    Dallman, W. K.

    pdfPDF2.91 MB


    Hydrobiotite formation in some Norwegian artic-alpine soils developing in Neoglacial till

    Mellor, A.

    pdfPDF184.94 KB


    Carbonate cemented pillars on Nesøya: a reply

    Nagy, J. & Dypvik, H.

    pdfPDF206.5 KB

    NGT 66 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1986 volume 66 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The geology and mineralogy of some Fe-Cu-Ni sulphide deposits in the bamble area, Norway

    Brickwood, J.

    pdfPDF1.81 MB


    Distribution og benthic foraminifers in surface sediments along the norwegian continetal shelf between 62o and 72oN

    Qvale, G.

    pdfPDF1.18 MB


    Hydrogeological properties of the fine sand - coarse silt ('koppjord) in Solør, southeastern Norway

    Haldorsen, S., Jenssen, P. D. & Samuelsen, J. M.

    pdfPDF1.05 MB


    A late- to post-Caledonian hydrothermal pebble breccia from the basal gneiss region of Nord-Trøndelag, Central Norway

    Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF745.66 KB


    Post-Caledonian thermal evolution and crustal uplift in the Eidfjord area, western Norway

    Andriessen, P. A. M. & Bos, A.

    pdfPDF571.06 KB


    In memoriam: Dennis Field 1943-1986

    Clough, P. W. L.

    pdfPDF214.05 KB


    NGT 66 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1986 volume 66 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Ages of lamprophyre dykes from Ytterøy and lerkehaug, near Steinkjer, Central Norwegian Caledonides

    Mitchell, J. G. & Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF549.77 KB


    A Rb-Sr age study from the mosjøn unit, Helgeland Nappe Complex and its bearing on the timing of tectonometamorphic events within the Uppermost Allocthon, Central Scandinavian Caledonides, Norway

    Tørudbakken, B. O. & Mickelson, M.

    pdfPDF908.16 KB


    Jack-straw-textured olivines in some Norwegian metaperiodotites

    Bakke, S. & Korneliussen, A.

    pdfPDF835.45 KB


    Major element chemistry of precambiran dolerite dikes of tholeiitic composition from Rogaland/Vest Agder, SW Norway

    Venhuis, G. J. & Barton, M.

    pdfPDF1004.39 KB


    Thickness of pre-Zechstein-salt Palaeozoic sediments in the southern part of the norwegian sector of the North Sea

    Hospers, J., Rathore, J. S., Feng, J. & Finnstrøm, E. G.

    pdfPDF976.14 KB


    Olenellid trilobites from the uppermost Lower Cambrian Evjevik Limestone at Tømten in Ringsaker, Norway

    Nikolaisen, F.

    pdfPDF542.57 KB


    Sea-floor morphology and Late Quaternary sediments south of the Langesundsfjord, northeastern Skagerrak

    Holtedahl, H.

    pdfPDF1.46 MB


    Benthic foraminifers in the Norwegian Channel: A comparison of Upper Quaternary and recent zonations

    Qvale, G.

    pdfPDF629.8 KB




  • NJG 1985 VOL 65 Open or Close

    NGT 65 12 cover Page 1

    njg 1985 volume 65 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Upper Quaternary marine Skagerrak (NE north sea) deposits: stratigraphy and depositinal enviroment

    A contribution to OSKAP (Oslofjord-Skagerrak Project) of the Department of geology, University of Oslo

    pdfNGT_65_12_001-150.pdf7.5 MB




    NGT 65 3 cover Page 1

    NJg 1985 volume 65 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The structual history of the northwestern margin of the Jotunheimen Massif

    Twist, D.

    pdfPDF1.6 MB


    Age and tectonic setting of the uraniferous Precambrian basement rocks at Orrefjell, Salangen, Troms

    Lindahl, I., Andresen, A., Rindstad, B. I. & Rundberg, Y.

    pdfPDF1.23 MB


    Development of the diatom flora in prestvannet, Tromsø, Northern Norway

    Stabell, B.

    pdfPDF786.59 KB


    Otolith stratigraphy of Late Weichselian and Holocene sediments of Malangsdjupet, off northern Norway

    Gaemers, P. A. M. & Vorren, T. O.

    pdfPDF1.22 MB


    Geochemistry of the central granitic stock in the Glitrevann cauldron within the Oslo rift, Norway

    Jensen, I. S.

    pdfPDF1.24 MB


    First meeting of the Tectonics and Structural geology Studies Group of NGF on 'Fault tectonics of the Norwegian mainland, Svalbard and Continental shelf'

    Gabrielsen, R. H. & Koestler, A. G.

    pdfPDF406.52 KB


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    pdfPDF562.86 KB


    Dictyonema - Rhabdinopora

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    pdfPDF707.85 KB


    A preliminary structual profile through the western Gneiss Complex, Sognefjord, western Norway

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    Origin of the volcanic Storøya group, Leka. results from new geochemical investigations

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    In memoriam: Henrich Neumann, 16 July 1914-24 October 1983

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    NGT 65 4 cover Page 1

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    The Nirwegian strandflat: A reconsideration of its age and origin

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    pdfPDF674.27 KB


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    pdfPDF1.57 MB


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    pdfPDF1.19 MB


    Second meeting of the Tectonics and Structural Geology Studies Group of NGF on 'Dating of structural events'

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    pdfPDF221.18 KB




  • NJG 1984 VOL 64 Open or Close

    NGT 64 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1984 volume 64 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Holocene shore displacement at Nappstraumen, Lofoten, North Norway

    Møller, J. J.

    pdfPDF589.26 KB


    Pyroxene (re-)equilibration in the Precambrian terrain of SW Norway btween 1030-990 Ma and reinterpretation of events during regional cooling (M3 stage)

    Rietmeijer, F. J. M.

    pdfPDF1.3 MB


    Kyanite-grade metamorphism in the Evenes and Bogen Groups, Ofoten, North Norway

    Steltenpohl, M. G. & Bartley, J. M.

    pdfPDF924.5 KB


    En strandforskyvningskurve fra Verdalsøra, Nord-Trøndelag

    Sveian, H. & Olsen, L.

    pdfPDF1.11 MB


    The extension of the Tornquist Zone in the Norwegian North Sea

    Pegrum, R. M.

    pdfPDF2.95 MB


    The Tørvikbygd Ophiolite - a newly discovered ophiolite fragment with an unconformable cover sequence in the central Hardanger area, West Norway

    Andersen, T. B., Furnes, H., Brekke, H., Sturt, B. A. & Naterstad

    pdfPDF520.33 KB


    NGT 64 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1984 volume 64 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    High Pre-Late Weichselian sea-fomred caves and other marine features on the Møre-romsdal coast, West Norway

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    pdfPDF902.85 KB


    K-Ar dating of dolerite dyke in the Kongsberg-Fiskum district, and their relationships with the silver and base metal veins

    Ihlen, P. M., Ineson, P. R., Mitchell, J. G. & Vokes, F. M.

    pdfPDF651.01 KB


    High-P metamorphism and deformation of the gurskebotn garnet peridotite, Sunnmøre, western Norway

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    pdfPDF1.17 MB


    Geochronology of the Gloserheia pegmatite, Froland, southern Norway

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    pdfPDF774.33 KB


    Lithified Holocene shallow marine carbonates from Nesøya, North Norway

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    pdfPDF1.42 MB


    Recent sediment accumulation in Skagerrak as depicted by 210Pb-dating

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    pdfPDF1.27 MB


    Archaeocyatha from the Caledonian rocks of Sørøy, North Norway - a doubtful record

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    pdfPDF237.32 KB


    Occurence of glaucophane and crossite in eclogites of the Seve nappes, southern Norrbotten Caledonides, Sweden

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    pdfPDF1.09 MB


    An eclogites from the Caledonides of southern Norrbotten

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    pdfPDF351.29 KB


    Rb-sr whole-rock dates from Senja, North Norway

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    NGT 64 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1984 volume 64 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The significance of a thrust fault lineation in the Kalak Nappe Complex of Finnamark

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    pdfPDF928.83 KB


    Local variations in the distribution of silurian sonodonts of the Distomodus Kentuckyensis

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    pdfPDF1.09 MB


    Late Weichselian moraine chronology of the Vesterålen islands, North Norway

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    pdfPDF4.33 MB


    Hybridization between larvikite and nordmarkite in the Oslo region, S.E. Norway: A case study from the Sande Cauldron central pluton

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    pdfPDF1.07 MB


    Benthic foraminifers in fjords: Response to water masses

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    The Surnadal syncline revisited

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    pdfPDF550 KB


    Obituary: Jens Andreas Werenskiold Bugge

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    pdfPDF113.05 KB


    NGT 64 4 cover Page 1

    Njg 1984 volume 64 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Lawsonite and pumpellyite from the Vestgötabreen Formation in Spitsbergen

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    pdfPDF742.54 KB


    Rotated boundins associated with Caledonian thrusting from Seiland, North Norway

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    pdfPDF1.07 MB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 34. The type Nakholmen Formation (Upper Caradoc), Oslo, and its faunal significance

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    pdfPDF518.46 KB


    Cambrian and ordovician fossils from the Hardangervidda Group, Haukelifjell, southern norway

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    pdfPDF1.19 MB


    Metallogeny of the Elsjø area, northern Oslo Region, Norway

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    pdfPDF937.95 KB






  • NJG 1983 VOL 63 Open or Close

    NGT 63 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1983 volume 63 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Geochemical exploration methods for niobium and rare earth elements at Sæteråsen, Vestfold volcanic area, Oslo Graben

    Ryghaug, P.

    pdfPDF1.04 MB

    Mineralogy and geochemistry of basal till and their relationship to till-forming processes

    Haldorsen, S.

    pdfPDF1.28 MB


    Secondary elemental mobility within the Støren greenstone, Norway

    Walsh, J.J. 

    pdfPDF803.59 KB

    The Lillevik dyke complex, Narvik: geochemistry and tectonic implications of a probable ophiolite fragment in the Caledonides of the Ofoten region, North Norway

    Boyd, R.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

    Quaternary sediments and bedrock geology in the outer Oslofjord and northernmost Skagerrak

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    pdfPDF2.03 MB


    NGT 63 23 cover Page 1

    njg 1983 volume 63 no. 2-3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Iron ores in the fen central complex, telemark (S. Norway): Petrography, chemical evolution and conditions of equilibrium

    Andersen, T.

    pdfPDF1020.36 KB


    Shallow bedrock geology and Quaternary thickness in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea between 60o 30'N and 62oN

    Rokoengen, K. Rønningsland, T. M.

    pdfPDF2.68 MB


    A shore diplacement curve from the Tromsø district, North Norway

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    pdfPDF996.19 KB


    The structure of the Ordovician rocks of the ringerrike district: evidence of a thrust system within the Oslo Region

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    pdfPDF680.51 KB


    Late Weichselian paleoceanography of the southeastern Norwegian Sea

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    pdfPDF2.96 MB


    The Caradoc-Ashgill boundary in the central Oslo Region and associated graptolite faunas

    Williams, S. H. & Bruton, D. L.

    pdfPDF4.69 MB


    Find of a nearly complete Late Weichselian polar bear skeleton, ursus maritimus Phipps, at Finnøy, southwestern Norway: a preliminary report

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    pdfPDF660.21 KB


    NGT 63 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1983 volume 63 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Oxygen and hydrogen isotope disequilibria in the Landsverk I pegmatite Evje, Southern Norway: Evidence for anomalous hydro- thermal fluids
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    pdfPDF712.16 KB

    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 33. Trilobites from the lowermost part of the Ogygiocaris Series
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    pdfPDF4.72 MB

    The age of the Lødingen granite and its possible regional significance
    Andresen, A. & Tull, J.F. 

    pdfPDF728.68 KB

    Late Weichselian Stratigraphy at Hjelmeland, Southwest Norway
    Blystad, P. & Anundsen, K.

    pdfPDF1.4 MB

    Note: Redescription of a Lower Cambrian eodiscid trilobite from Norway
    Ahlberg, P. 

    pdfPDF249.19 KB


  • NJG 1982 VOL 62 Open or Close

    NGT 62 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1982 volume 62 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Obituary: C. Eugen Wegmann.

    Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF545.86 KB


    Thickness and layering of the Odbergmoen Late Weichselian and Holocene sediments in Lågendalen, southeastern Norway

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    pdfPDF971.43 KB


    The genesis of tills from Åstadalen, southeastern Norway

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    pdfPDF2.41 MB


    The Tjøtta glacial event in southern Nordland, North Norway

    Andersen, B.G., Bøen, F., Rasmussen, A., Rokoengen, K. & Vallevik, P.N. 

    pdfPDF1.27 MB


    K-Ar age determination on the Raipas suite in the Komagfjord Window, northern Norway

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    pdfPDF854.76 KB


    Teleostei (bony fish) from the Paleocene of the Norwegian North Sea Drillings 

    Bonde, N. 

    pdfPDF585.98 KB


    A discussion of the Torfinnsbu Window, Jotunheimen

    Hossack, J. & Garton, M. 

    pdfPDF87.03 KB


     A reply to "A discussion of the Torfinnsbu Window, Jotunheimen." 

     Emmet, T.F.

    pdfPDF128.42 KB



    NGT 62 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1982 volume 62 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Christoffer Oftedahl. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening, avd. Trondheim 21. oktober 1982

    Wolff, F.C. 

    pdfPDF315.63 KB


    Rb-Sr whole rock ages from Magerøya, north Norwegian Caledonides

    Andersen, T.B., Austrheim, H., Sturt, B.A., Pedersen, S. & Kjærsrud, K.

    pdfPDF698.83 KB


    Archaeological and radiocarbon dating of the Holocene transgression maximum (Tapes) on Skuløy, Sunnmøre, western Norway

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    pdfPDF775.75 KB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 31. The upper Caradoc trilobites and brachiopods from Vestbråten, Ringerike

    Owen, A.W & Harper, D.A.T. 

    pdfPDF2.18 MB


    A reorganization and proposed phylogenetic classification of planktic Tremadoc (early Ordovician) dendroid graptolites

    Erdtmann, B.D.

    pdfPDF2.09 MB


    NGT 62 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1982 volume 62 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Petrography and geochemistry of peralkaline, ultrapotassic syenite dykes of Middle Permian age, Sunnfjord, West Norway

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    pdfPDF958.74 KB


    The Torsvik sagvandite body, North Norway 

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    pdfPDF551.85 KB


    Remnants of preglacial weathering in western Norway 

     Roaldset, E., Pettersen, E., Longva, O. & Mangerud, J. 

    pdfPDF1.1 MB


    Ice movements and deglaciation in the area between Sogndal and Jostedalsbreen, western Norway 

    Aa, A.R. 

    pdfPDF1.46 MB


    On the Late Weichselian and Flandrian shoreline displacement in Nærøy, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway 

    Ramfjord, H. 

    pdfPDF1.82 MB


    Rare earth element patterns from the Ordovician volcanites of Smøla, Nordmøre, west-central Norway

    Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF287.33 KB


    Storm-influenced marine sandstones in the Ordovician Lower Hovin Group, Nord-Trøndelag 

    Buller, A.T. & Johnsen, S.O.

    pdfPDF720.33 KB


    Resetting of a Rb-Sr total rock system in Rödingsfjället Nappe Complex, Nordland, North Norway

    Brattli, B., Tørudbakken, B.O. & Ramberg, I.B.   

    pdfPDF498.85 KB


    A Precambrian age for the Ofredal granodiorite intrusion, Central Jotun Nappe, Sogn, Norway 

    Koestler, A.G. 

     pdfPDF475.3 KB




    NGT 62 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1982 volume 62 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 32. Trilobites of the family Remopleurididae

    Nikolaisen, F.

     pdfPDF5.95 MB


    Note: Opprettelse av Norsk Stratigrafisk Komite

    Siedlecka, A.

    pdfPDF111.38 KB

  • NJG 1981 VOL 61 Open or Close

    NGT 61 1 cover Page 1NJG 1981 volume 61 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A shoreline displacement investigation from Frosta in Trondheimsfjorden, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Kjemperud, A. 

    pdfPDF1.75 MB


     Stratigraphy and Caledonian structures in the area between the Atnsjøen and Spekedalen windows, Sparagmite Region, southern Norway.
    Nystuen, J.P. & Ilebekk, S. 

    pdfPDF789.19 KB

    Weichselian till stratigraphy and ice movement in Ottadalen, central south Norway.
     Hole, J. & Bergersen, O.F. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB


     Mineral relations in siliceous dolomites and related rocks in the high-grade metamorphic Precambrian of Rogaland, SW Norway.
     Sauter, P.C.C. 

    pdfPDF1.04 MB


     Strain analysis of polyphase deformed conglomerate from the Sunnhordaland region, west Norway.
     Roy, S.S. & Færseth, R.B. 

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 29. Stratigraphy of the Mjøsa Limestone in the Toten and Nes-Hamar areas.
     Opalinski, P.R. & Harland, T.L. 

    pdfPDF2.46 MB


     The oral area of Echinoencrinites von Meyer 
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     pdfPDF566.25 KB

    Interpretation of Rb-Sr dates from the Western Gneiss Region: a cautionary note.
     Krill, A.G. & Griffin, W.L. 

     pdfPDF424.21 KB

    The Brakfjellet tectonic lens: evidence of pinch-and-swell in the Caledonides of Nordland, north central Norway.
     Ramberg, I.B. 

     pdfPDF651.45 KB

    The Dictyonema-bearing phyllites at Nordaunevoll, eastern Trøndelag, Norway.
     Gee, D.G

    pdfPDF284.78 KB


    NGT 61 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1981 volume 61 no.2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Rb-Sr geochronological evidence suggesting a reinterpretation of part of the north Norwegian Caledonides.
    Cribb, S.J. 

    pdfPDF1.11 MB


     Larval development, musculature, and relationships of Sinuitopsis and related Baltic bellerophonts.
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     pdfPDF1.09 MB

    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 30. The eocrinoid genera Cryptocrinites, Rhipidocystis and Bockia.
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    pdfPDF2.26 MB

    The brachiopod Stenocamara from the Ordovician of Smøla, Norway.
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     pdfPDF406.32 KB

    Brachiopods and trilobites of the early Ordovician serpentine Otta Conglomerate, south central Norway.
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    pdfPDF2.43 MB


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     pdfPDF904.96 KB


    NGT 61 34 cover Page 1

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    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Tectonic framework, stratigraphy, sedimentation and volcanism of the Late Precambrian Hedmark Group, Østerdalen, south Norway.
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     pdfPDF1.6 MB

    The geology of Jæren and adjacent districts. A contribution to the Caledonian nappe tectonics of Rogaland, southwest Norway.
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     pdfPDF1.87 MB

    Field relations, metamorphism and age of the Middagstind Quartz Syenite.
    Bartley, J.M. 

    pdfPDF922.62 KB

    Clarification of the petrology and occurrence of garnet lherzolites, garnet websterites and eclogite in the vicinity of Rødhaugen, Almklovdalen, West Norway.
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    pdfPDF1005.79 KB


     Upper Jurassic-Lower Creataceous Buchia from Andøya, northern Norway.
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    pdfPDF1.14 MB

     The trilobite Mucronaspis in the uppermost Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Owen, A.W. 

     pdfPDF1.02 MB

    A reconnaissance Rb-Sr study of Precambrian rocks from the Sjangeli-Rombak window and the pattern of initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios from northern Scandinavia.
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    pdfPDF867.98 KB

    Mesozoic high-angle faults, east Hinnøy, North Norway.
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    pdfPDF717.25 KB

     Hydroxyapophyllite from the Mofjellet mine, Mo i Rana, northern Norway. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 66.
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    pdfPDF409.25 KB


  • NJG 1980 VOL 60 Open or Close

    NGT 60 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1980 volum 60 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Columnar stromatolites of the terminal Precambrian Porsanger Dolomite and Grasdalen Formation of Finnmark, north Norway.
     Bertrand-Sarfati, J. & Siedlecka, A. 

    pdfPDF3.07 MB

     Rare earth element contents of Norwegian greenstones and their geotectonic implications.
     Loeschke, J. & Schock, H.H. 

    pdfPDF728.67 KB

     Overconsolidated sub-till clays in Herlandsdalen, lower Numedal, south Norway.
     Roaldset, E. 

    pdfPDF1.68 MB

     Petrology of the Holterkollen plutonic complex, Oslo Region, Norway.
     Neff, T.R. & Khalil, S.O. 

    pdfPDF1.64 MB

     Holocene shorelevel displacement in Telemark, southern Norway.
     Stabell, B. 

    pdfPDF1.08 MB

     Planktonic foraminifers under the Norwegian Coastal Current: surface sediment assemblages.
     Qvale, G. & Thiede, J. 

    pdfPDF613.33 KB

     An abnormal cranidium of the trilobite Calyptaulax norvegicus.
     Owen, A.W. 

    pdfPDF322.09 KB

     The presence of a bothriocidarid (Echinoid) in the Ordovician of Norway.
     Bockelie, J.F. & Briskeby, P.I.

    pdfPDF407.14 KB


    NGT 60 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1980 volum 60 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     New Caradocian ostracodes from the Oslo-Asker district, Norway.
     Qvale, G. 

    pdfPDF2.06 MB

     Polylithionite from syenite pegmatite at Vøra, Sandefjord, Oslo Region, Norway. Contributions to the mineralogy of norway, no. 65.
     Raade, G. & Larsen, A.O.

    pdfPDF647.9 KB

     Quartz-bleb-rich zones in perthite phenocrysts in ekerite.
     Dietrich, R.V. & Jorgenson, D.B. 

    pdfPDF710.95 KB

     Intrusive meta-anorthosite/leucodiorite from the Precambrian of Akershus, SE Norway.
     Graversen, O. 

    pdfPDF760.43 KB

     A note on Rb-Sr whole-rock ages in the Seve Nappe of the central Scandinavian Caledonides.
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    pdfPDF1010.44 KB

     Strength of experimentally deformed Adirondack anorthosite.
     Seifert, K.E. 

    pdfPDF410.5 KB


    NGT 60 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1980 volum 60 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Early Cambrian trilobites from northern Scandinavia.
     Ahlberg, P. 

    pdfPDF599.06 KB

     Late Ordovician bryozoa from Ringerike, Norway.
     Brood, K. 

    pdfPDF1.83 MB

     Geochronological investigations in the Oppdal area, central Norway.
     Solheim, S. 

    pdfPDF1.03 MB

     A Proterozoic mylonite zone in the Kongsberg Series north of Hokksund, south central Norway.
     Starmer, I.C. 

    pdfPDF480.63 KB

     Trace element geochemistry of the amphibolites of the Holleindalen Greenstone Group, Jotunheimen, Norway.
     Elliott, R.B. & Harvey, P.K. 

    pdfPDF635.26 KB

     A discussion: rare earth element contents of Norwegian greenstones and their geotectonic implications.
     Furnes, H. & Roberts, D. 

    pdfPDF443.35 KB

     Antwort: Gehalte Seltener Erden in Norwegischen Grünsteinen und ihre Bedeutung für geotektonische Interpretationen.
     Loeschke, J. 

    pdfPDF288.2 KB

     Seismic evidence of complex tectonics in the Meløy earthquake area.
     Vaage, S.

    pdfPDF361.27 KB

     Stylolites and crack-seal veins in Finnmark, north Norway.
     Milton, N.J. 

    pdfPDF244.74 KB


    NGT 60 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1980 volum 60 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A regional lithostratigraphy for southern and eastern Sulitjelma, north Norway.
     Findlay, R.H.

    pdfPDF1.08 MB

     Petrology, mineralogy, and origin of the Feragen ultramafic body, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Moore, A.C. & Hultin, I. 

    pdfPDF1.71 MB

     The geology of the Torfinnsbu window, central Jotunheimen, Norway.
     Emmett, T.F. 

    pdfPDF857.88 KB

     Prospecting for geothermal energy in the Iddefjord granite, Østfold, Norway.
     Grønlie, G., Johansen, T.E., Karlstad, B. & Heier, K.S.

    pdfPDF525.38 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 28. Lithostratigraphy of the Steinvika Limestone Formation, Langesund-Skien district.
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    pdfPDF967.38 KB

     Smectite formed as a weathering product of granite at Holmsbu, southern Norway.
     Bergseth, H., Låg, J. & Tungesvik, K. 

    pdfPDF295.86 KB


  • NJG 1979 VOL 59 Open or Close

    NGT 59 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1979 volume 59 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Fenitization of some mafic igneous rocks in the Seiland province, northern Norway.
     Robins, B. & Tysseland, M. 

    pdfPDF1.63 MB

     Platysolenites, other animal fossils, and the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in Norway.
     Føyn, S. & Glaessner, M.F. 

    pdfPDF2.16 MB

     Major element chemistry of metavolcanic rocks and tectonic setting of the Precambrian Dyrskard Group, Hardangervidda, south Norway.
     Andresen, A. & Gabrielsen, R.H. 

    pdfPDF1002.35 KB

     Rb-Sr age determination on the intrusive Precambrian Homme granite and consequences for dating the last regional folding and metamorphism in the Flekkefjord region, SW Norway.
     Falkum, T. & Pedersen, S.

    pdfPDF657.14 KB

     Geology and geochemistry of a metamorphosed picrite-ankaramite dyke suite from the Seiland province, northern Norway.
     Robins, B. & Takla, M.A. 

    pdfPDF2.41 MB

     Notes: The presence of Rhabdotetradium (tabulate coral) in the Upper Ashgillian of the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Hanken, N.M. 

    pdfPDF453.92 KB

     Pre-Late Weichselian fossils at Kvalsundet near Tromsø, north Norway.
     Vorren, T.O. 

    pdfPDF392.43 KB

    NGT 59 2 cover Page 1

    Njg 1979 volume 59 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     On the significance of Caledonian pahoehoe, aa, and pillow lava from Bømlo, SW Norway.
     Furnes, H. & Lippard, S.J. 

    pdfPDF736.61 KB

     Tinguaite dikes adjacent to the Fen alkaline complex in Telemark, Norway.
     Bergstøl, S. 

    pdfPDF1.23 MB

     The intrusive granites of the Farsund area, south Norway: their interrelations and relations with Precambrian metamorphic envelope.
     Falkum, T., Wilson, R., Petersen, J.S. & Zimmermann, H.D. 

    pdfPDF1.49 MB

     Precambrian ages from the Geiranger-Tafjord-Grotli area of the Basal Gneiss Region, west Norway.
     Brueckner, H.K.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

     K-Ar age determinations of the Alta-Kvænangen window rocks, northern Norway.
     Gautier, A.M., Gulaçar, F. & Delaloye, M. 

    pdfPDF619.2 KB

     Geochronology of basal gneisses and mangerite syenites of Stadlandet, west Norway.
     Lappin, M.A., Pidgeon, R.T. & van Breemen, O.

    pdfPDF1.53 MB

     Notes: Tectonic analysis of the Meløy earthquake area based on Landsat lineament mapping.
     Gabrielsen, R.H. & Ramberg, I.B. 

    pdfPDF464.6 KB

     The Meløy, northern Norway, earthquake sequence - a unique intraplate phenomenon.
     Bungum, H. & Husebye, E.S. 

    pdfPDF666.13 KB

     Structural and metamorphic break between the Trondheim basin and Surnadal synform.
     Råheim, A.

    pdfPDF440.82 KB


    NGT 59 3 cover Page 1

    Njg 1979 volume 59 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Ordovician stromatoporoids from the Mjøsa district, Norway.
     Webby, B.D. 

     pdfPDF1.31 MB

    Late Caradoc - early Ashgill trilobite distribution in the central Oslo Region, Norway.
     Bruton, D.L & Owen, A.W.

    pdfPDF737.2 KB

     Glaciotectonic deformation structures in unconsolidated sediments at Os, south of Bergen.
     Sønstegaard, E. 

    pdfPDF719.09 KB

     Crystallographic studies of some Norwegian aventurinised feldspars by optical, X-ray, and electron optical methods.
     Copley, P.A. & Gay, P. 

    pdfPDF660.75 KB

     Clast studies in the Late Precambrian Moelv Tillite and Osdal Conglomerate, Sparagmite Region, south Norway.
     Nystuen, J.P. & Sæther, T.

    pdfPDF1.58 MB

     A Rb-Sr study of a possible Precambrian thrust zone, Hardangervidda-Ryfylke Nappe Complex, southwest Norway.
     Gabrielsen, R.H., Naterstad, J. & Råheim, A.

    pdfPDF1.22 MB

     Britholite (-Y) and its alteration: Reiarsdal, Vest-Agder, south Norway. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 64.
     Griffin, W.L., Nilssen, B. & Jensen, B.B.

    pdfPDF594.48 KB

     Sedimentological and mineralogical investigations of Quaternary bottom sediments off the Norwegian west coast.
     Elverhøi, A. 

    pdfPDF1019.56 KB


    NGT 59 4 cover Page 1

    Njg 1979 volume 59 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Leif Størmer. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 1. november 1979.
     Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF339.42 KB

     Bibliography of Leif Størmer.
     Ramberg, E.M.

    pdfPDF183.65 KB

     Whiterockian (Ordovician) conodonts from the Hølonda Limestone of the Trondheim Region, Norwegian Caledonides.
     Bergström, S:M. 

    pdfPDF990.82 KB

     Late Quaternary sedimentation in a glacial trough on the continental shelf off Troms, northern Norway.
     Elvsborg, A. 

    pdfPDF1.57 MB

     The geology of the Bidjovagge mining field, western Finnmark, Norway.
     Hollander, N.B. 

    pdfPDF1.39 MB

     Late Galcial and Holocene deglaciation and sedimentation in Lågendalen, southeastern Norway.
     Jørgensen, P. & Sørensen, R. 

    pdfPDF860.36 KB


  • NJG 1978 VOL 58 Open or Close

    NGT 58 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1978 volume 58 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     The geochemistry of meta-igneous rocks from the amphibolite facies terrain of south Norway.
     Beeson, R. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

     Micromineralogy and geochemistry of spalerites from Sulitjelma mining district, Norway.
     Rai, K. 

    pdfPDF1.22 MB

     Glacial geology of the island Stord, west Norway.
     Genes, A.N. 

    pdfPDF1.67 MB

     Earthquake activity in Fennoscandia between 1497 and 1975 and intraplate tectonics.
     Husebye, E.S., Bungum, H., Fyen, J. & Gjøystdal, H.

    pdfPDF1.45 MB

     On the Precambrian structures of the Sandbukta-Mølen inlier in the Oslo graben, SE Norway.
     Hageskov, B. 

    pdfPDF1.18 MB

     The Old Vigsnes copper mine at Karmøy, western Norway. Presentation of geophysical data.
     Grønlie, G. & Logn, Ø. 

    pdfPDF1.18 MB


     A scanning electron microscope investigation of some Norwegian aventurine feldspars.
     Copley, P.A. & Gay, P. 

    pdfPDF371.11 KB



    NGT 58 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1978 volume 58 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Strontium-isotope study of the Kleivan granite, southern Norway.
     Steen Petersen, J. & Pedersen, S. 

    pdfPDF691.09 KB

     A note on the cumulate stratigraphy of the Fongen-Hyllingen gabbro complex, Trondheim Region, Norway.
     Esbensen, K.H., Thy, P. & Wilson, R. 

    pdfPDF457.8 KB

     Aspects of the lithology and structure of the Leksdalsvann Group, Tømmerås window, central Norwegian Caledonides.
     Andreasson, P.G. 

    pdfPDF369.78 KB

     Precambrian primary volcanic structures in the Alta-Kvænangen tectonic window, northern Norway.
     Bøe, P. & Gautier, A.M. 

    pdfPDF884.75 KB

     Stromatoporoids from the Silurian of the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Mori, K. 

    pdfPDF2.41 MB


    NGT 58 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1978 volume 58 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Silurian conglomerate sedimentation and tectonics within the Fennoscandian continental margin, Sunnhordaland, western Norway.
     Færseth, R.B. & Steel, R.J. 

    pdfPDF1.63 MB

     Geochemistry of the Skålvær greenstone, and a geotectonic model for the Caledonides of Helgeland, north Norway.
     Gustavson, M. 

    pdfPDF1.38 MB

     Facies distributions and lithostratigraphic correlation in the late Precambrian Ekkerøy Formation, east Finnmark, Norway.
     Johnson, H.D.

    pdfPDF1.99 MB

     An extreme form of poikiloblastic texture in Rogaland - Vest-Agder, SW Norway.
     Rietmeijer, F.J.M. & Dekker, A.G.C.

    pdfPDF1008.99 KB

     The trilobita genera Panarchaeogonus Öpik, Isbergia Warburg and Cyamops gen. nov. from the Ordovician of Balto-Scandia and the British Isles.
     Owens, R.M.

    pdfPDF1.85 MB

     A major early Caledonian igneous complex and a profound unconformity in the Lower Palaeozoic sequence of Karmøy, southwest Norway.
     Sturt, B.A. & Thon, A. 

    pdfPDF977.46 KB

     A Rb/Sr date from anorthosite-suite rocks of the Gloppen-Eikefjord area, western Norway.
     Abdel-Monem, A.A. & Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF503.83 KB

     A submerged beach in the northern part of the North Sea.
     Dekko, T. & Rokoengen, K.

    pdfPDF492.57 KB

     New occurrences of mega-lenses of the Särv Nappe in northern Trøndelag, Norway.
     Kautsky, F.E. 

    pdfPDF680.83 KB

     Glacial comminution om mineral grains.
     Haldorsen, S. 

    pdfPDF150.46 KB


    NGT 58 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1978 volume 58 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Upper Ordovician succession at Norderhov and on Frognøya in Ringerike, Norway.
     Owen, A.W.

    pdfPDF1.25 MB

     A Rb/Sr whole-rock isochron date from the lowermost gneiss complex of the Gaular area, west Norway and its regional implicatios.
     Skjerlie, F.J. & Pringle, I.R. 

    pdfPDF476.79 KB

     Basement gneisses mapped as Valdres Sparagmite near Hermansverk, in Sogn, west Norway.
     Roberts, J.L.

    pdfPDF768.68 KB

     Flood deposits in the Hornelen Basin, west Norway (Old Red Sandstones).
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF2.85 MB

     Notes: Comments on chitonozoan classification.
     Bockelie, T.L. 

    pdfPDF368.3 KB

     Some remarks on the Steinkjer Mega-boudin.
     Andreasson, P.G., Gee, D.G. & Kumpulainen, R. 

    pdfPDF278.25 KB


  • NJG 1977 VOL 57 Open or Close

    NGT 57 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1977 volume 57 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    The geology and evolution of the southwestern part of the Kongsberg series.
     Starmer, I.C. 

    pdfPDF1.71 MB

     Late Weichselian marine sediments containing shells, foraminifera, and pollen, at Ågotnes, Western Norway.
     Mangerud, J.

    pdfPDF2.68 MB

     The petrography and possible regional significance of the Hjelmkona ultramafic body (Sagvandite), Nordmøre, Norway.
     Moore, A.C. 

    pdfPDF995.65 KB

    The migmatite complex near Lyngdal, Southern Norway, and related granulite metamorphism.
     Steen Petersen, J.

    pdfPDF1.84 MB

     Die Verbandsverhältnisse südlich von Tellnes im zentralteil des Åna-Sira-Massivs (Südnorwegen).
     Knorn, H. & Krause, H. 

    pdfPDF906.38 KB




    NGT 57 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1977 volume 57 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The South Norway Precambrian Region - a proterozoic cordilleran-type orogenic segment.
     Torske, T. 

    pdfPDF1.11 MB

     Three fold phases in the northern part of Trollheimen in the Norwegian Caledonides.
     Løset, F. 

    pdfPDF856.6 KB

     The early Cambrian genus volborthella in southern Norway.
     Youchelson, E., Henningsmoen, G. & Griffin, W.L.

    pdfPDF1.46 MB

     Terrestrial heat-flow determinations from Norway.
     Grønlie, G., Heier, K.S. & Swanber, C.A. 

    pdfPDF768.45 KB

     Extension of the Offerdal and Särv Nappes and Seve Supergroup into northern Trøndelag.
     Gee, D.G. 

    pdfPDF861.5 KB

     The Nappe Complex in the Tyin-Bygdin-Vang region, central southern Norway.
     Heim, M., Schärer, U. & Milnes, A.G. 

    pdfPDF607.26 KB

     Orbicular diorite from Hardangervidda, south Norway.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF924.58 KB

     Maijer, C., Jansen, J.B.H., Wevers, J. & Poorter, R.B.E. 

    pdfPDF235.04 KB

     A Permo-Carbinoferous fossil from Tromsøyflaket, north Norway.
     Vorren, T.O. & Lind-Hansen, O.W. 

    pdfPDF394.03 KB


    NGT 57 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1977 volume 57 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A Rb, Sr study of the rocks of the Surnadal syncline.
     Råheim, A. 

    pdfPDF743.32 KB

     Mineralogical and geochemical studies of lower palaeozoic rocks from the Trondheim and Oslo regions, Norway.
     Dypvik, H. 

    pdfPDF2.09 MB

     Internal structure and mineralogy of the Gloserheia granite pegmatite, Froland, Southern Norway.
     Åmli, R. 

    pdfPDF1.44 MB

     Untersuchungen zum geologischen und petrographischen aufbau des Storgangen-Ilmeniterzkörpers und seiner Nebengesteinseinheiten (Süd-Norwegen).
     Krause, H. & Pape, H. 

    pdfPDF1.71 MB

     A gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric determination of some organic compounds of two Norwegian rocks.
     Langmyhr, F.J., Kolsaker, P. & Steen, B.G. 

     pdfPDF642.86 KB

     Monoplacophora(mollusca) from the Upper Ordovician of Norway.
     Yochelson, E.L. 

    pdfPDF1.81 MB


    NGT 57 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1977 volume 57 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Stratigraphy and dating of Holocene gully sediments in Os, Western Norway.
     Sønstegaard, E. & Mangerud, J.

    pdfPDF3.24 MB

     New light on the precambrian Holum granite, South Norway.
     Wilson, J.R., Pedersen, S., Berthelsen, C.R. & Jakobsen, B.M. 

    pdfPDF1.95 MB

     A geochemical approach to the genesis of the Caledonian sulphide mineralization at Sulitjelma, Norway.
     Rai, K. 

    pdfPDF2 MB

     Middle ordovician gastropods, from the Hølonda area, Trondheim region, Norway.
     Yochelson, E.L. 

    pdfPDF1.09 MB

     Bibliography of Ivar Werner Oftedal.
     Eeg-Henriksen, V. 

    pdfPDF925.44 KB


  • NJG 1976 VOL 56 Open or Close

    NGT 56 1 cover Page 1njg 1976 volume 56 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Two refinements for the calculation of structural formulae for pyroxenes and amphiboles.
     Neumann, E.R. 

    pdfPDF348.33 KB


    A possible equivalent of the Laksefjord Nappe, south west of Porsangerfjorden, Finnmark, Norway.
     Williams, D.M.

    pdfPDF592.91 KB

     Two new gastropod genera from the lower silurian of the Oslo region, Norway.
     Peel, J.S. & Yochelson, E.L. 

    pdfPDF834.77 KB

     Late precambrian Moelv tillite deposited on a discontinuity surface associated with a fossil ice wedge, Rendalen, southern Norway.
     Nystuen, J.P. 

    pdfPDF1.86 MB

     Plagioklase im antorthosite-komplex von Åna-Sira, SW-Norwegen. Petrologische und chemische untersuchungen.
     Zeino-Mahmalat, R. & Krause, H. 

    pdfPDF2.44 MB

     'Gabbro' in the solund conglomerates - a devonian debris flow deposit.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

    NGT 56 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1976 volume 56 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Gunnar Holmsen Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 1. april 1976.
     Føyn, S. 

    pdfPDF338.91 KB

     The orthoamphibole-bearing rocks of the Søndeled-Tvedestrand area, Aust-Agder, South Norway.
     Beeson, R. 

    pdfPDF1.16 MB

     Major element variations in ordovician pillow lavas of the Støren group, Trondheim Region, Norway.
     Loeschke, J. 

    pdfPDF1.4 MB

     Plate tectonic model based on greenstone geochemistry in the late precambrian - lower palaeozoic sequence in the Solund-Stavfjorden areas, West Norway.
     Furnes, H., Skjerlie, F.J. & Tysseland, M. 

    pdfPDF1.55 MB

     Stratigraphical evidence for an early neoglacial glacier maximum of Steikvassbreen, Okstindan, North Norway.
     Griffey, N.J. 

    pdfPDF581.22 KB

     Gravimetric indications of basement undulations below the Cambro-Silurian deposits of Røros, southern Norway.
     Grønlie, G. & Rui, I.J. 

    pdfPDF810.77 KB

     A projection for analysis of mineral assemblages in calc-pelitic metamorphic rocks.
     Griffin, W.L. & Styles, M.T.

    pdfPDF532.09 KB

     A seismic refraction line across the Seiland igneous province, Northern Norway.
     Chroston, P.N., Brooks, M. & Sellevoll, M.A. 

    pdfPDF546.18 KB


    NGT 56 3 cover Page 1

     njg 1976 volume 56 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Trygve Strand - Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 29. april 1976.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF395.71 KB

     Bibliography of Trygve Strand.
     Eeg-Henriksen, V. 

    pdfPDF331.37 KB

     Late precambrian sedimentation in the central sparagmite basin of south Norway.
     Bjørlykke, K., Elvsborg, A. & Høy, T. 

    pdfPDF4.44 MB

     The syn-metamorphic emplacement of the Magerøy Nappe.
     Ramsay, D.M. & Sturt, B.A. 

    pdfPDF1.87 MB

     Compositional gradient in interstitial hornblende from a Norwegian garnet websterite.
     Banno, S. & Mori, T. 

    pdfPDF426.04 KB

     A Rb-Sr isochron age of meta-andesites from Skorpehei, Suldal, south Norway.
     Sigmond, E.M. & Andresen, A.

    pdfPDF644.27 KB

     A stylolitic marble from the Caledonian metasedimentary sequence of southern Troms.
     Nicholson, R. 

    pdfPDF406.43 KB

     A comment.  Western Karmøy, an integral part of the Precambrian basement of south Norway.
     Geis, H.P.

    pdfPDF191.33 KB

     A reply.  Western Karmøy, an integral part of the Precambrian basement of south Norway.
     Birkeland, T. 

    pdfPDF190.6 KB


    NGT 56 4 cover Page 1

     njg 1976 volume 56 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 27. Trilobites of the family Calymenidae.
     Siveter, D.J. 

    pdfPDF4.15 MB

     Sapphirine occurrence near Vikeså in Rogaland, Southwestern Norway.
     Hermans, G.A.E.M., Hakstege, A.L., Jansen, J.B.H. & Poorter, R.P.E. 

    pdfPDF1.58 MB

     A study of Flandrian glacier fluctuations in Tunsbergdalen, southern Norway.
     Mottershead, D.N. & Collin, R.L.

    pdfPDF2.11 MB

     Devonian spores from outer Trøndelag, Norway.
     Allen, K.C. 

    pdfPDF1019.76 KB

     (Co, Ni)SbS phases and argentian boulangerite in galena from Espeland, Norway.
     Naik, M.S., Griffin, W.L. & Cabri, L.J. 

    pdfPDF646.67 KB

     Mesozoic rifting of the North Sea region and the formation of joints on the west coast of Norway.
     Nilsen, T.H. 

    pdfPDF220.33 KB

     Palaeozoic fossils from Troms, Norway.
     Olaussen, S.

    pdfPDF339.42 KB

  • NJG 1975 VOL 55 Open or Close

    NGT 55 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1975 volume 55 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The petrology of the pyroxene-granulite facies rocks of Jotunheimen, Norway.
     Battey, M.H. & McRitchie, W.D. 

    pdfPDF3.2 MB

     Stratabound sulphide mineralization in the Kjøli area, Røros district, Norwegian Caledonides.
     Rui, I.J. & Bakke, I. 

    pdfPDF2.12 MB

     The first occurrence of grandidierite in Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 59.
     Krogh, E. 

    pdfPDF403.47 KB

     Mineralogical and chemical changes during weathering of acid and basic rocks in Uganda.
     Bjørlykke, K.

    pdfPDF625.44 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 25. Methods for the study of microfacies with an example from the Oslo Region.
     Lauritzen, Ø. 

    pdfPDF477.79 KB

     A comment. Reconnaissance Rb-Sr investigations of salic, mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Øksfjord area, Seiland province, northern Norway.
     Pringle, I.R. 

    pdfPDF155.22 KB

     A reply. Reconnaissance Rb-Sr investigations of salic, mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Øksfjord area, Seiland province, northern Norway.
     Brueckner, H.K.

    pdfPDF219.03 KB

     Submarine peat from Vestvågøy, Lofoten, North Norway.
     Moe, D. 

    pdfPDF411.58 KB



    NGT 55 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1975 volume 55 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Geochronologic investigation of the metamorphic terrain of southwestern Norway.
     Pasteels, P. & Michot, J.

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

     Upper Ordovician bivalves from the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Toni, R.T. 

    pdfPDF1.25 MB

     Interpretation of preliminary trace element data from Lower Palaeozoic greenstone sequences on Stord, west Norway.
     Furnes, H. & Færseth, R.B.

    pdfPDF817.77 KB

     Rb-Sr whole rock dating of the Nordagutu granite, Oslo Region, Norway.
     Jacobsen, S.B. & Raade, G. 

    pdfPDF443.88 KB

     Radioelement and heat production measurements in the Trysil granite, east Hedmark, Norway.
     Killeen, P.G. & Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF603.99 KB

     Silver sulphosalts in galena from Espeland, Norway.
     Naik, M.S. 

    pdfPDF273.63 KB

     The age of the Hernes granite, Lower Bergsdalen Nappe, western Norway.
     Pringle, I.R., Kvale, A. & Anonsen, L.B. 

    pdfPDF109.12 KB


    NGT 55 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1975 volume 55 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Anatol Heitz. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 15. mai 1975.
     Størmer, L. 

    pdfPDF226.78 KB

     Western Karmøy, an integral part of the Precambrian basement of south Norway.
     Birkeland, T. 

    pdfPDF2.4 MB

     The stratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician stage 5 in the Oslo-Asker district, Norway.
     Brenchley, P.J. & Newall, G. 

    pdfPDF2.45 MB

     Simultaneous estimation of eleven elements in sulfide ore samples from Pakistan.
     Rehman, F. 

    pdfPDF305.26 KB

     Hedleyite (Bi14Te6) from the Vaddas-Rieppe area, north Troms, northern Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 60.
     Lindahl, I. 

    pdfPDF491.33 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 26. A Microfacies analysis of a section at Fornebu.
     Toni, R.T. 

    pdfPDF549.22 KB

     Dalskardtjern - a fossil locality on Stord, west Norway.
     Breivik, H. 

    pdfPDF389.46 KB

     Melonite (NiTe2) from the Middavarre Copper Seposit. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 61.
     Strand, G.S. 

    pdfPDF487.41 KB

     A comment on a gravity interpretation of the Horg area in the Trondheim Region, Norwegian Caledonides.
     Rui, I.J. & Grønlie, G. 

    pdfPDF630.2 KB


    NGT 55 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1975 volume 55 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Olaf Holtedahl. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 18. september 1975.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF421.03 KB

     Cauldron subsidences, ring-structures, and major faults in the Skien district, Norway.
     Segalstad, T.V.

    pdfPDF1.46 MB

     New lower Palaeozoic streptelasmatid corals from Scandinavia.
     Neuman, B. 

    pdfPDF2.34 MB

     The Stokkvola conglomerate - a revised stratigraphical position.
     Roberts, D. 

    pdfPDF859.71 KB

     Jurassic ammonites from the northern North Sea.
     Callomon, J.H. 

    pdfPDF1.22 MB

     Mikroskopische Untersuchungen der Mineralvergesellschaftung in Erz und Nebengesteine der Ilmenitlagerstätte Storgangen (Süd-Norwegen).
     Krause, H. & Pape, H.

    pdfPDF2.52 MB

     The form of the Fongen-Hyllingen gabbro complex, Trondheim Region, Norway.
     Wilson, J. R. & Olesen, N.Ø. 

    pdfPDF1.13 MB

     Stromatolites in metamorphosed dolomitic limestone on Karlsøy, Troms, northern Norway.
     Binns, R.E. 

    pdfPDF505.46 KB


  • NJG 1974 VOL 54 Open or Close

    NGT 54 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1974 volume 54 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Marine calcarenites from the Ringerike Group ("stage" 10) of southern Norway.

    Turner, P.

     pdfPDF1023.22 KB

     Contact metamorphism around the Innset massif.
     Rohr-Torp, E. 

    pdfPDF1.68 MB

    A preliminary Rb/Sr geochronological study of the Hardangervidda-Ryfylke nappe system in the Røldal area, south Norway.
    Andresen, A.,  Heier, K.S., Jorde, K. & Naterstad, J.

    pdfPDF1.05 MB

     The geology of the northern half of the Lyngen peninsula, Troms, Norway.
     Munday, R.J.C.

    pdfPDF1.1 MB

     Gold from Flåt. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 56.
     Schønwandt, H.K.V. 

    pdfPDF524.16 KB

     Early middle Ordovician fossils from the Hølonda area, Trondheim region, Norway.
     Neuman, R.B & Bruton, D.L. 

    pdfPDF4.02 MB

     A serpentinite conglomerate on the island of Leka, Nord-Trøndelag.
     Bøe, P. & Prestvik, T. 

    pdfPDF522.47 KB

     Correlation of autochthonous stratigraphical sequences in the Alta-Repparfjord region, West Finnmark.
     Roberts, D. & Fareth, E. 

    pdfPDF651.45 KB

     Two radiocarbon dates from Tunsbergdal.
     Mottershead, D.N., Collin, R.L. & White, I.D.

     pdfPDF421.08 KB


    NGT 54 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1974 volume 54 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A post Caledonian syenite porphyry dyke in the Western Gneiss Region, Tustna, central Norway.
     Råheim, A. 

    pdfPDF689.67 KB

     The crystallization of simple pegmatites in the Moss area, southern Norway.
     Maaløe, S. 

    pdfPDF1.18 MB

     The highly differentiated Holtbu granite and its relation to the Herefoss pluton.
     Annis, M.P. 

    pdfPDF640.94 KB

     Norwegian chromian ugrandite-garnets. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 58.
     Prestvik, T. 

    pdfPDF399.87 KB

     Thelodonts from the upper Silurian of Ringerike, Norway.
     Turner, P & Turner, S. 

    pdfPDF930.93 KB

     Baddeleyit von Tellnes. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 57.
     Gierth, E. & Krause, H. 

    pdfPDF303.27 KB

     Contributing remarks to M. Gustavson's paper: The Caledonian mountain chain of the southern Troms and Ofoten areas, part III.
     Juve, G. 

    pdfPDF355.59 KB

     Two new finds and two new age-determinations of mammoths from Norway.
     Heintz, A. 

    pdfPDF206.08 KB

     A comment: A history of structural concepts of the Trondheim Region.
     Wolff, F.C. 

    pdfPDF137.51 KB

     A reply: A history of structural concepts of the Trondheim Region.
     Rohr-Torp, E. 

    pdfPDF211.48 KB

     A discussion. The relation of joint patterns to the formation of fjords in western Norway.
     Roberts, D. 

    pdfPDF149.04 KB

     A reply. The relation of joint patterns to the formation of fjords in western Norway.
     Nilsen, T.H. 

    pdfPDF190.77 KB

     Ordovician echinoderms from the Trondheim Region, Norway.
     Bockelie, J.F. 

    pdfPDF457.28 KB


    NGT 54 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1974 volume 54 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Synorogenic alkaline pyroxenite dykes on Seiland, northern Norway.
     Robins, B. 

    pdfPDF2.08 MB

     Petrography and geochemistry of granites in the Kongsberg area, south Norway.
     Kayode, A.A. 

    pdfPDF2.54 MB

     An amorphognathoides Zone conodont fauna from the Silurian of the Ringerike area, south Norway.
     Aldridge, R.J. 

    pdfPDF617.78 KB

     The Precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in south central Norway XIV: Structure and metamorphism of Precambrian rocks east of Fyresvatn.
     Stout, J.H. 

    pdfPDF1.69 MB


    NGT 54 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1974 volume 54 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     An occurrence of vein palygorskite from the nephelin syenite at Lillebugt, Stjernøy, northern Norway.
     Salter, D.L. & Appleyard, E.C. 

    pdfPDF574.67 KB

     Mafic and ultramafic inclusions from the initial (Cambrian?) volcanism in the central Trondheim region, Norway.
     Nilsen, O. 

    pdfPDF1.46 MB

     A three-fold division of the "farsundite" plutonic complex at Farsund, southern Norway.
     Falkum, T. & Petersen, J.S. 

    pdfPDF502.51 KB

     Gravity investigation and geological interpretation of the ultramafite complex of Åheim, Sunnmøre, western Norway.
     Grønlie, G. & Rost, F.

    pdfPDF694.46 KB

     Additional remarks about Hemicyclaspis from Jeløya, southern Norway.
     Heintz, A. 

    pdfPDF823.28 KB

     Surface faulting and fumerolic avtivity since the 1970 Beerenberg eruption, Jan Mayen.
     Sylvester, A.G. 

    pdfPDF802.61 KB

     A comment. Origin of limestone nodules in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Oslo Region.
     Sramek, J. 

    pdfPDF172.94 KB

     A reply. Origin of limestone nodules in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Oslo Region.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF154.29 KB

     A comment. Origin of limestone nodules in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Oslo Region.
     Henningsmoen, G.

    pdfPDF829.47 KB

     A reply. Origin of limestone nodules in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Oslo Region.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF240.86 KB

     Discussion. Petrology of the Hyllingen Gabbro Complex, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Robins, B. 

    pdfPDF219.93 KB

     A reply. Petrology of the Hyllingen Gabbro Complex, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Nilsen, O. 

    pdfPDF153.15 KB

     Terrestrial heat flow determinations from lakes in southern Norway.
     Hänel, R., Grønlie, G. & Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF315.84 KB

     Thickness of Pleistocene deposits by gravimetric methods in Numedalen, Norway.
     Grønlie, G. & Jørgensen, P.

    pdfPDF734.82 KB

     Comments on the metamorphic allochthon in northern Trøndelag, central Scandinavian Caledonides.
     Gee, D.G. 

    pdfPDF524.36 KB

  • NJG 1973 VOL 53 Open or Close

    NGT 53 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1973 Volume 53 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Trace elements in a Precambrian gabbro intrusion, Hiåsen, Bamble area, south Norway.
    Frodesen, S. 

     pdfPDF699.97 KB

     Reconnaissance Rb-Sr investigation of salic, mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Øksfjord area, Seiland Province, northern Norway.
     Brueckner, H.S.

    pdfPDF1.08 MB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 24. Stage 4b at Lunner, Hadeland.
     Lauritzen, Ø. 

     pdfPDF1.56 MB

    A giessenite-cosalite-galena-bearing mineral suite from the Bjørkåsen sulphide deposit at Ofoten in northern Norway.
     Karup-Møller, S.

    pdfPDF1.82 MB

     The age and status of the basal geniss complex of north-west southern Norway.
     Carswell, D.A. 

    pdfPDF1.22 MB

     A comment.  A late Precambrian tilloid from Varangerhalvøya - evidence of both glaciation and subaqueous mass movement.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF378.63 KB

     A reply.  A late Precambrian tilloid from Varangerhalvøya - evidence of both glaciation and subaqueous mass movement.
     Siedlecka, A. & Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF260.48 KB

     Pertica sp. in the Devonian of Mimerdalen, Spitsbergen.
     Høeg, O.A. 

    pdfPDF256.68 KB



    NGT 53 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1973 Volume 53 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X
    Ordovician proetidae (Trilobita) from Scandinavia.

    Owens, R.M. 

    pdfPDF5.18 MB

     The relation of joint patterns to the formation of fjords in western Norway.
     Nilsen, T.H. 

    pdfPDF811.12 KB

     The Vatnfjell fold nappe complex of Saltdal, north Norway.
     Nicholson, R. 

    pdfPDF1.39 MB

     Petrology of the Hyllingen gabbro complex, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Nilsen, O. 

    pdfPDF1.5 MB


    NGT 53 3 cover Page 1NJG 1973 Volume 53 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A geological traverse across the pyroxene-granulites of Jotunheimen in the Norwegian caledonides.
     Battey, M.H. & McRitchie, W.D. 

    pdfPDF1.8 MB

     A magnetic investigation of the larvikite complex SW of the lake Gjerdingen, Nordmarka.
     Kristoffersen, Y. 

    pdfPDF1.34 MB

     Classification of olenellid trilobites and som Balto-Scandian species.
     Bergstrøm, J. 

    pdfPDF2.61 MB

     Computer program for Computation of K, U, Th and Associated Data from Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Output.
     Killeen, P.G. 

    pdfPDF242.07 KB

     The Presence of Prunocystites (Cystoidea) in Stage 9e of Ringerike, Norway.
     Bockelie, J.F. 

    pdfPDF600.99 KB

     Iceberg pough marks in the vicinity of the Norwegian Trough.
     Belderson, R.H. & Wilson, J.B.

    pdfPDF507.03 KB

     On Chromian Montmorillonite (Volkonskoite) in Norway.
     Nilssen, B. & Raade, G. 

    pdfPDF224.49 KB

     A discussion.  Geology of the Kvikne mines with special reference to the sulphide ore mineralization.
     Vokes, F.M. & Morton, R.M. 

    pdfPDF254.46 KB

     A reply.  Geology of the Kvikne mines with special reference to the sulphide ore mineralization
     Nilsen, O. & Mukherjee, A.D. 

    pdfPDF267.11 KB


    NGT 53 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1973 Volume 53 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Gadolinite from Hundholmen, Tysfjord, North Norway.
     Nilssen, B. 

    pdfPDF443.5 KB

     Kornerupine: a mineral new to Norway.
     van der Wel, D. 

    pdfPDF887.91 KB

     Die Ilmenitlagerstätte Tellnes (Süd-Norwegen).
     Gierth, E. & Krause, H. 

    pdfPDF3.84 MB

     Gutter Casts, a new name for scour-and-fill structures: with examples from the Llandoverian of Ringerike and Malmöya, Southern Norway.
     Whitaker, J.H. McD. 

    pdfPDF1.28 MB

     Origin of limestone nodules in the lower Palaeozoic of the Oslo region.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF1.26 MB

     Geology and structures of the Røstvangen sulphide deposit in the Kvikne district, Central Norwegian Caledonides.
     Rui, I. 

    pdfPDF1.01 MB


  • NJG 1972 VOL 52 Open or Close

    NGT 52 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1972 volume 52 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Geology of the Røros district, south-eastern Trondheim region with a special study of the Kjøliskarvene-Holtsjøen area.
     Rui, I.J. 

    pdfPDF2.44 MB

     The Precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in south central Norway XIII: Stratigraphic studies of high-grade metamorphic rocks east of Fyresdal.
     Stout, J.H. 

    pdfPDF1.73 MB

     Polyphase metamorphism in the granulite facies terrain of the Risør area, South Norway.
     Starmer, I.C.

    pdfPDF2.53 MB

     Fossil ice wedges and ground wedges in sediments below till at Voss, western Norway.
     Mangerud, J. & Skreden, S.A. 

    pdfPDF2.4 MB



    NGT 52 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1972 volume 52 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Precambrian Vallesvær granite, South Norway. Petrography and major element relations.
     Neumann, E.R. 

    pdfPDF1.58 MB

     A sideritic ironstone of Jurassic age in Beitstadfjorden, Trøndelag.
     Oftedahl, Chr. 

     pdfPDF1.38 MB

    A late Precambrian tilloide from Varangerhalvøya - evidence of both glaciation and subaqueous mass movement.
     Siedlecka, A. & Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF735.52 KB

     A reconnaissance Rb-Sr geochronological study of the Kongsberg area, South Norway.
     O'Nions, R.K. &  Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF615.24 KB

     Geology of the Kvikne mines with special reference to the sulphide ore mineralization.
     Nilsen, O. & Mukherjee, A.D.

    pdfPDF3.96 MB

     Three minerals new to Norway: wickmannite, leadhillite and hydrocerussite. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 47.
     Åmli, R. & Griffin, W.L.

    pdfPDF474.99 KB

     Calcium-rich gadolinite from Kragerø. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 48.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF313.38 KB

     A note on Ti-rich secondary biotite in the Hareidlandet eclogite.
     Mysen, B. 

    pdfPDF313.81 KB

     Shear-fold-like structures developed by progressive deformation of initial buckle folds.
     Hageskov, B. 

    pdfPDF602.17 KB


    NGT 52 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1972 volume 52 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     On the palaeomagnetism of the Arendal diabases.
     Halvorsen, E. 

    pdfPDF801.28 KB

    Interstadial sediments with rebedded interglacial pollen from inner Sogn, west Norway.
     Vorren, T.O.

    pdfPDF1.51 MB

     Geochronological investigation of the gneisses and minor intrusive rocks from Kristiansund, west Norway.
     Pidgeon, R.T. & Råheim, A.

    pdfPDF1.24 MB

     Wittichenite, Cu3BiS3, from Tokke and Fyresdal in west Telemark. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 49.
     Nordrum, F.S.

    pdfPDF1.17 MB

     Naumannite from Kongsberg silver deposit, south Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 50.
     Frigstad, O.F.

    pdfPDF1.1 MB

    Asbestos minerals from Kongsberg silver deposit. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 51.
     van der Wel, D.

    pdfPDF713.99 KB

     A gravity profile across Lyngenhalvøya, Troms, northern Norway.
     Chroston, P.N. 

    pdfPDF1.04 MB

     Gravity investigation of the Hareidlandet eclogite, western Norway.
     Grønlie, G., Mysen, B.O. & Bech, O.M.

    pdfPDF658.09 KB

     A discussion. Sulphide mineralization and wall rock alteration at Rødhammeren mine, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Morton, R.D. 

     pdfPDF483.47 KB

    A discussion. Sulphide mineralization and wall rock alteration at Rødhammeren mine, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Olesen, N.Ø.

    pdfPDF503.74 KB

     A reply. Sulphide mineralization and wall rock alteration at Rødhammeren mine, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Nilsen, O. 

    pdfPDF308.59 KB

     A discussion. Supracrustal rocks and Mo-Cu-bearing veins in Dalen.
     Vokes, F.M. 

     pdfPDF440.54 KB

    A comment on discussion. Supracrustal rocks and Mo-Cu-bearing veins in Dalen.
     Hasan, Z.U.

    pdfPDF249.49 KB


    NGT 52 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1972 volume 52 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Mineralogy and geochemistry of quaternary clays in the Numedal area, southern Norway.
     Roaldset, E. 

    pdfPDF2.18 MB

     On large-scale tectonic structures in the Agder-Rogaland region, southern Norway.
     Falkum, T. 

    pdfPDF435.12 KB

     A Rb-Sr whole-rock isochron date from the Stavanger area, South Norway.
     Heier, K.S., Naterstad, J. & Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF779.28 KB

     Meta-hyaloclastite breccias associated with Ordovician pillow lavas in the Solund area, west Norway.
     Furnes, H. 

    pdfPDF2.33 MB

     Geochemistry and metamorphism of dolerite dikes from Austvågøy in Lofoten.
     Misra, S.N. & Griffin, W.L. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

     Conodont biostratigraphy of the Lower Ordovician Orthoceras and Stein Limestones (3c), Norway.
     Kohut, J.J. 

    pdfPDF1.47 MB

     Sn contents in some Nb-Ta minerals. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 52.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF324.45 KB

     Weathering of micaceous minerals.
     Kapoor, B.S. 

    pdfPDF323.57 KB

     A major inversion of the western part of the Trondheim nappe.
     Rohr-Torp, E.

    pdfPDF703.62 KB

     The discovery of a regional crush belt in the Ørje area, southeast Norway.
     Skjernaa, L. 

    pdfPDF266.34 KB

     The intrusive granites of the Farsund area, South Norway.
     Falkum, T., Wilson, J.R., Annis, M.P., Fregerslev, S. & Zimmermann, H.D. 

     pdfPDF238.68 KB

    Devonian conglomerates on some of the islands of Froan.
     Sæbøe, A.

    pdfPDF313.51 KB


  • NJG 1971 VOL 51 Open or Close

    NGT 51 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1971 volume 51 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Yttrialite from Ivedal, Iveland, South Norway.
     Nilssen, B. 

    pdfPDF584.89 KB

     External strucutres of the fusion crust of the Trysil meteorite.
     Frigstad, O.F. 

    pdfPDF890.59 KB

     On pyroxene twinning.
     Prasad, E.A.V. & Naidu, M.G.C.

    pdfPDF610.14 KB

     Buoyancy strucutres in rhabdosomes of Dictyonema flabelliforme (Eichwald).
     Bulman, O.M.B. & Størmer, L. 

    pdfPDF1.03 MB

     Basic igneous complex, mangerite and high grade gneisses of Flakstadöy, Lofoten, Northern Norway: I. Field relations and speculations on origins.
     Romey, W.D. 

    pdfPDF2.14 MB

     Geological investigations in the Bamble sector of the Fennoscandian shield, S. Norway, no. II. Metasediments etc.
     Morton, R.D.

    pdfPDF2.7 MB

     The age of the Torset granite, Langøy, Northern Norway.
     Brueckner, H.K. 

    pdfPDF315.11 KB

     The occurrence of olivine hyperite at Ödegårdens Verk, Bamble, South Norway, by M. Glaveris.
     Griffin, W.L. & Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF286.91 KB

     A note on the field occurrence of a large eclogite on Hareid, Sunnmøre, Western Norway.
     Mysen, B.O. & Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF357.18 KB



    NGT 51 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1971 volume 51 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Niels-Henrik Kolderup. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 25. februar 1971.
     Kvale, A. 

    pdfPDF637.73 KB

     Petrology of Ordovician sediments from Wales.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF730.93 KB

     A tourmaline-bearing eclogite from Sunnmøre, Norway.
     Smith, D.C. 

    pdfPDF1.58 MB

     The sedimentary breccias of the Sorjusvann region on the Norwegian-Swedish border north of Sulitjelma.
     Nicholson, R. 

    pdfPDF520.47 KB

     Faunal anticipation in the Lower Llandovery of the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Worsley, D.

    pdfPDF747.62 KB

     Saphirine à Sanresund, près de Tvedestrand (Norvège méridionale). Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 45.
     Touret, J. & Roche, H. 

     pdfPDF713.56 KB

    Anomalously elongated rutile in eclogite-facies pyroxene and garnet.
     Griffin, W.L., Jensen, B.B. & Misra, S.N.

    pdfPDF944.57 KB

     A study of zoned beryl from Rajasthan.
     Chaudhari, M.W. 

     pdfPDF359.1 KB

    Scanning electron microscope photographs of the alteration of omphacite.
     Wickström, A.

    pdfPDF286.57 KB

     A note on a new occurrence of baddeleyite in larvikite from Larvik, Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 43.
     Widenfalk, L. & Gorbatschev, R. 

    pdfPDF385.68 KB

     On natrojarosite in Norway. Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 44.
     Raade, G.

    pdfPDF353.6 KB

     Gravity indications of deep sedimentary basins below the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Vøring Plateau. A discussion.
     Åm, K. 

    pdfPDF272.12 KB



    NGT 51 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1971 volume 51 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Tom. F. W. Barth. Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening 25. mars 1971.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF783.14 KB

     Para-amphibolite from Gurskøy and Sandsøy, Sunnmøre, West Norway.
     Holdhus, S. 

    pdfPDF1.56 MB

     Notes on Silurian stratigraphy and correlation in the Oslo district.
     Bassett, M.G. & Rickards, R.B.

    pdfPDF1.26 MB

     Foraminifera in five sediment cores in a profile across the Norwegian Channel south of Mandal.
     Kihle, R. 

     pdfPDF1.76 MB

    Precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in south central Norway XI: Supracrustal rocks and Mo-Cu bearing veins in Dalen.
     Hasan, Z.U.

    pdfPDF2.79 MB

     Chemical distinction of high-grade ortho- and para-metabasites.
     Misra, S.N. 

    pdfPDF562.51 KB

     Gravity studies of the larvikite massif SW of the lake Gjerdingen, Nordmarka.
     Grønlie, G. 

    pdfPDF573.71 KB



    NGT 51 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1971 volume 51 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Sulphide mineralization and wall rock alteration at Rødhammeren Mine, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
     Nilsen, O. 

    pdfPDF2.16 MB

     The relative chronology of fold phases, metamorphism, and thrust movements in the Caledonides of Troms, North Norway.
     Olesen, N.Ø. 

    pdfPDF2.06 MB

     Investigation of element-specific reflected X-rays of the older Langø-Gumø gabbro, Kragerø archipelago, South Norway.
     Christie, O.H.J. & Mohn, E. 

    pdfPDF1015.19 KB

     40Ar/39Ar dates from recycled Precambrian rocks in the Gneiss region of the Norwegian Caledonides.
     Bryhni, I., Fitch, F.J. & Miller, J.A. 

    pdfPDF1.26 MB

     A phengite gneiss from the lower part of the Caledonian overthrust rocks in Troms, North Norway.
     Kalsbeek, F. 

    pdfPDF400.04 KB

  • NJG 1970 VOL 50 Open or Close

    NGT 50 1 cover Page 1

    NJg 1970 volume 50 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Hydrothermal experiments in the system jadeite - diopside.
     Wikström, A. 

     pdfPDF1.07 MB

    The occurrence of olivine hyperite at Ødegårdens verk, Bamble, South Norway.
     Glaveris, M.

    pdfPDF532.21 KB

     New light on the age of Dalradian deformation and metamorphism in western Ireland.
     Dewey, J.F., Rickards, R.B. & Skevington, D. 

    pdfPDF2.03 MB

     Untersuchungen an Erz und Nebengestein der Grube Blåfjell in SW-Norwegen.
     Krause, H. & Zeino-Mahmalat, R. 

    pdfPDF2.79 MB



    NGT 50 2 cover Page 1

    NJg 1970 volume 50 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The structural and metamorphic history of the Sulitjelma Region, Norway, with special reference to the nappe hypothesis.
     Henley, K.J. 

    pdfPDF3.39 MB

     Electron micro-probe studies of the alteration of omphacite in eclogites from the Nordfjord area, Norway.
     Wikström, A. 

    pdfPDF2.04 MB

     Palaeomagnetism and the age of the younger diabases in the Ny-Hellesund area, S. Norway.
     Halvorsen, E. 

     pdfPDF780 KB

    Interglacial sediments at Fjøsanger, near Bergen, with the first Eemian pollen-spectra from Norway.
     Mangerud, J.

    pdfPDF1.43 MB

     Note on the alteration of kyanite in the eclogites from the Nordfjord area, Norway.
     Wikström, A. 

    pdfPDF581.16 KB



    NGT 50 3 cover Page 1

    NJg 1970 volume 50 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Fragments of a Middle Jurassic flora from northern Trøndelag, Norway.
     Vigran, J. Os 

    pdfPDF2 MB

     Seismic refraction measurements on the Norwegian Continental Shelf between 62° and 65° North.
     Eldholm, O. 

    pdfPDF1.03 MB

     Continuous seismic profiling in Storfjorden, NW Norway.
     Gammelsæter, H. & Haugland, K.

    pdfPDF670.69 KB

     Perrierite from the Sogndal anorthosite, South Norway. Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway, no. 43.
     Raade, G. 

     pdfPDF473.94 KB

    Lithium contents of Norwegian beryls.
     Oftedal, I.

    pdfPDF325.05 KB

     Deep-seated volcanism along the major Precambrian breccia in South Norway. I. Degernes at lake Vegår.
     Touret, J. 

    pdfPDF677.82 KB

     Deep-seated volcanism along the major Precambrian breccia in South Norway. II. Svarten at Ny Hellesund.
     Barth, Tom. F.W.

    pdfPDF481.69 KB

     A note on the age of the Fyresdal granite, Telemark, Southern Norway.
     Venugopal, D.V. 

    pdfPDF462.8 KB

     Tafjord - Grotli-området og grensen mellom det eldre prekambriske kompleks og den senprekambriske - eokambriske lagrekke.
     Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF533.22 KB



    NGT 50 4 cover Page 1

    NJg 1970 volume 50 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Pegmatite veins and the surrounding rocks VI. Re-interpretation of the genesis of pegmatite veins in olivine gabbro, Risør, Norway.
     Reitan, P.H. 

    pdfPDF677.39 KB

     The Nautesund breccia in Sauherad, east Telemark, southern Norway.
     Myrland, R. 

    pdfPDF769.98 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 23. The Trilobite family Proetidae.
     Owens, R.M.

    pdfPDF2.08 MB

     Pyroxene relations in a hyperite near Lyngdal, Norway.
     Lavreau, J.J. 

    pdfPDF583.95 KB

     On the occurrence of archeaocyathids in the Caledonian metamorphic rocks of Sørøy and their stratigraphical significance.
     Holland, C.H. & Sturt, B.A. 

     pdfPDF1.53 MB

    Samarkites. Chemical composition, formula and crystalline phases produced by heating.
     Nilssen, B.

    pdfPDF1016.9 KB

     Gravity indications of deep sedimentary basins below the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Vøring Plateau.
     Grønlie, G. & Ramberg, I.B. 

    pdfPDF1.44 MB

     On the mode of formation of the Otta serpentine conglomerate.

    Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF295.88 KB




  • NJG 1969 VOL 49 Open or Close

    NGT 49 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1969 volume 49 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Primary sedimentary structures in Precambrian quartzites of Telemark, Southern Norway, and their environmental significance.
     Singh, I.B.

    pdfPDF4.25 MB

     The migmatite complex of the Risør area, Aust-Agder, Norway.
     Starmer, I.C. 

    pdfPDF2.49 MB

     The relationship between specific gravity and state of order in plagioclase from anorthositic rocks.
     Romey, W.D.

    pdfPDF639.89 KB

     Contributions to the ore mineralization in the Oslo region.
     Schulze, E.G. 

    pdfPDF1.08 MB

     On minor elements in Thortveitite.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF233.59 KB

     Seismicity of Norway in relation to cosmic conditions.
     Tamrazyan, G.P. 

    pdfPDF805.85 KB

     Note in the iron content of microcline.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF193.58 KB

    NGT 49 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1969 volume 49 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Die Gesteine der Inselngruppe Randøy-Fogn Beiträge zur Metamorphose und zum Aufbau der kambro-silurischen Gesteine des Stavanger-Gebietes I.
     Müller, G. & Wurm, F.

    pdfPDF3.74 MB

     Interrupted creation of nepheline syenite pegmatite dikes in the Langesundsfjord area, S. Norway.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF1.26 MB

     Petrology of the soda-minette dikes from Håøya, Langesundsfjord, S. Norway.
     Hasan, Z.U. 

     pdfPDF1.2 MB

    Potassium-argon ages from the Bamble sector of the Fennoscandian Shield in South Norway.
     O'nions, R. K., Morton, R.D. & Baadsgaard, H.

    pdfPDF1.37 MB

    NGT 49 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1969 volume 49 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Eclogites in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses of Nordfjord, West Norway.
     Bryhni, I., Bollingberg, H.J. & Graff, P.R.

    pdfPDF2.16 MB

     Cavity minerals from the Permian biotite granite at Nedre Eiker Church.
     Raade, G.

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

     The paleomagnetism of the Kvamhesten Old Red sequence, southwest Norway.
     Lie, L.G.,Storetvedt, K.M. & Gjellestad, G. 

    pdfPDF869.91 KB

     Lepidocrocite at Røssvatn, North Norway.
     Ramberg, I.B. 

    pdfPDF1.16 MB

     Interpretation of Rb-Sr age patterns in high-grade metamorphic rocks, North Norway.
     Heier, K.S. & Compston, W.

    pdfPDF2.5 MB

     A reinvestigation of the Pseudobrookite from Havredal (Bamble), Norway.
     Smith, D.G.W. 

    pdfPDF773.48 KB

     Bresjø-avsetninger ved Tynset i Østerdalen.
     Andersen, B.G. 

     pdfPDF2.85 MB

    Glacial-geologisk kart over Tynset-området.
     Sørensen, R, Österaas, T., Goffeng, G. & Andersen, B.G.

    jpgJPG kart15.76 MB

    pdfPDF kart826.34 KB

     Nyere undersøkelser i sentrale og nordlige deler av sparagmitt-bassenget, I Geologien i sentrale deler av Østerdalen.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

     Nyere undersøkelser i sentrale og nordlige deler av sparagmitt-bassenget, II Geologien i Gudbrandsdalen fra Lillehammer til Vinstra.
     Englund, J.O.

    pdfPDF670.39 KB

     Litostratigrafisk nomenklatur og den senprekambrisk-eokambriske lagrekke i Norge.
     Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF368.54 KB


    NGT 49 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1969 volume 49 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Geology of the Grotli area.
     Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF1.59 MB

     Some chemical characteristics of the pyroxenic skarns from Dognecea, Banat, Rumania.
     Vlad, S.N. & Vasiliu, C. 

    pdfPDF769.22 KB

     A deformed agglomerate in the Precambrian migmatites of southern Norway.
     Falkum, T. 

    pdfPDF1.98 MB

     Thelodont scales from the Grey Hoek Formation of Andrée Land, Spitsbergen.
     Örvig, T. 

    pdfPDF1.57 MB

     Basic plutonic intrusions of the Risør-Søndeled area, South Norway: The original lithologies and their metamorphism.
     Starmer, I.C. 

    pdfPDF2.88 MB

     Lenticular and lenticular-like bedding in the Precambrian Telemark suite, southern Norway: A comment.
     Roberts, D.

    pdfPDF406.79 KB

     The age of the peak of the Caledonian orogeny in West Finnmark, North Norway.
     Pringle, I. R. & Sturt, B. A.

    pdfPDF337.67 KB

     Two new mammoth-fragments from Norway and age-determination of one of them.
     Heintz, A.

    pdfPDF200.49 KB



  • NJG 1968 VOL 48 Open or Close

    NGT 48 12 mini
    njg 1968 volume 48 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    The tribolite genus Panderia from the Ordovician of Scandinavia and the Baltic areas.
     Bruton, D.L. 

    pdfPDF3.31 MB

     The occurence of prehnite in a high grade metaphoric sequence from South Norway.
     Field, D. & Rodwell, J. R. 

    pdfPDF418.16 KB

     A note on the origin of Brazil twins in lamellar quartz.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF290.91 KB

     A semiquantitative study of trace elements in pyrite by spark source mass spectrography.
     Mitchell, R.H.

    pdfPDF1.28 MB

     The granite rocks of Farsund, South Norway.
     Middlemost, E. 

    pdfPDF1.22 MB

     Structural analysis of the Monghyr area, India.
     Hasan, Z.U. & Sarkar, S.N.

    pdfPDF1.14 MB

     Perthite, a possible indicator of subsolvus temperature.
     Bose, M.K. 

    pdfPDF407.49 KB

     Palaeomagnetism and the origin of the Egersund dolorites, S. Norway.
     Storetvedt, K.M. & Gidskehaug. A. 

    pdfPDF327.36 KB

     Rb-Sr isochron for older gneisses of the Tafjord area, basal gneiss region, southwestern Norway.
     Brueckner, H.K., Wheeler, R.L. & Armstrong, R.L. 

    pdfPDF428.88 KB

     Minnetaler Memorial addresses Statsgeolog dr. philos. Arne Bugge født 25.4.1887, død 15.1 1968.
     Holmsen, G. 

    pdfPDF272.2 KB

     Minnetale Direktør, professor, dr. philos. Harald Bjørlykke, født 14.9.1901, død 28.2.1968.
     Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF424.98 KB




    NGT 48 3 mini

    njg 1968 volume 48 no. 3 

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The permanent magnetism of some basic intrusions in the Kragerø archipelago, S. Norway, and its geological implications.
     Storetvedt, K.M. 

    pdfPDF657.74 KB

     Lenticular and lenticular-like beding in the Precambrian Telemark suite, Southern Norway.
     Singh, I.B. 

    pdfPDF885.36 KB

     On the occurance of sillimanite in the Gula Schist Group, Trondheim Region.
     Roberts, D. 

    pdfPDF749.09 KB

     Awaruite (josephinite), a new mineral for Norway.
     Hultin, I.

    pdfPDF411.11 KB

     A geolgical reconnaissance of Oldereidhalvøya, Porsangerfjord, Finnmark, Northern Norway.
     White, B. 

    pdfPDF1.09 MB

     Coronas around olivine in a small gabbro intrusion, Bamble area, South Norway.
     Frodesen, S. 

    pdfPDF687.14 KB


    NGT 48 4 mini

    njg 1968 volume 48 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Age of Bogo Shale and western Ireland grapholite faunas and their bearing on dating Early Ordovician deformation and metamorphism in Norway and Britain.
     Berry, W.B.N.

    pdfPDF662.65 KB

     Hellefjord Schist Group-a probable turbidite formation from the Cambrian of Sørøy, West Finnmark.
     Roberts, D. 

    pdfPDF938.71 KB

     Yttrofluorite - yttrocerite - cerfluorite in Norwegian pegmatites.
     Sverdrup, T.L. 

    pdfPDF550.74 KB

     Occurance of Halotrichite at Sør-Fron (Oppland).
     Caillere, S. & Prost, A.

    pdfPDF590.74 KB

     Bavenite from druses in the biotite granite of the Oslo Region
     Raade, G.

    pdfPDF152.21 KB

     The 'a' lineation and the trend of the the Caledonides of Northern Norway.
     Hooper, P.R. 

    pdfPDF711.93 KB

     On the paragenesis of albitites.
     Bodart, D.E. 

    pdfPDF1.11 MB

     Petrographical and chemical investigations of a Precambrian gabbro intrusion, Hiåsen, Bamble area, South Norway.
     Frodesen, S. 

    pdfPDF2.11 MB

  • NJG 1967 VOL 47 Open or Close

    NGT 47 1 cover Page 1
     NJG 1967 volume 47 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Distribution patterns of rare earth elements in cerianite.
     Jensen, B.B. 

    pdfPDF538.98 KB

     Distribution patterns of rare earth elements in cerium rich minerals.
     Jensen, B.B. 

    pdfPDF935.62 KB

     The precambrian Holum granite, South Norway.
     Smithson, S.B. & Barth, Tom. F.W. 

    pdfPDF2.88 MB

     Permian sediments, lavas, and faults in the Kolsås area W of Oslo.
     Dons, J.A. & Györy, E.

    pdfPDF1.68 MB

     Block diagram of Kolsås.
     Dons, J.A. & Györy, E. 

     jpgJPG2.59 MB

    Silurian and Upper Ordovician Atrypids of the genera Plectatrypa and Spirigerina.
     Boucot, A.J. & Johnson, J.G. 

    pdfPDF2 MB

     En vulkansk bombe i rombeporfyr.
     Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF328.41 KB

     Konservator Alf Granli (1897-1966). Minneord på NGFs møte 6. oktober 1966.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF217.36 KB

    NGT 47 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1967 volume 47 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The upper mantle and alkalic magmas.
     Bose, M.K. 

    pdfPDF397.08 KB

     Les gneiss oielles de la region de Vegårshei-Gjerstad (Norvege Meridonale) I. Etude petrographique.
     Touret, J. 

    pdfPDF1.38 MB

     Separation of perthitic microline by heavy liquid fractionation - a too sensitive method?
     Nilssen, B.

    pdfPDF679.55 KB

     The deformation of Dharhara conglomerate in Monghyr District, India.
     Hasan, Z.U. & Sarkar, S.N. 

    pdfPDF954.63 KB

     Magnetic properties of an ultrabasic biotite lamprophyre dike from the island of Ytterøy, Norway.
     Storetvedt, K.M. 

    pdfPDF896.45 KB

     Comment on the Pb distribution in Southern Norwegian precambrian alkali feldspars.
     Heier, K.S., Palmer, P.D. & Taylor, S.R. 

    pdfPDF699.91 KB

     Lead contents in microcline from some granites and pegmatites.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF496.67 KB



    NGT 47 3 cover Page 1

     NJG 1967 volume 47 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Sedimentary pyrite and its metamorphism in the Oslo Region.
     Antun, P. 

     pdfPDF1.4 MB

    The field relations of the Sulitjelma Gabbro, Nordland.
     Mason, R. 

    pdfPDF798.63 KB

     Ramsayite as an alteration product of mosandrite.
     Raade, G.

    pdfPDF264.24 KB

     Note on minor elements in garnets.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF278.21 KB

     The age of alkaline rocks from West Finnmark, Northern Norway, and their bearing on the dating of the Caledonian Orogeny.
     Sturt, B.A., Miller, J.A. & Fitch, F.J. 

    pdfPDF985.57 KB

     Les Gneiss oeilles de la Region de Vegårshei-Gjerstad (Norvege Meridionale) II. L'Indice de triclinisme des feldspaths potassiques.
     Touret, J. 

    pdfPDF498.54 KB





    NGT 47 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1967 volume 47 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in south central Norway.
     Mitchell, R.H. 

    pdfPDF2.43 MB

     Drei typen von Kieslagerstätten om Mofjell-Gebiet, Nordland, und ein neuer vorschlag zur gliederung der kaledonischen kieslager Norwegens.
     Saager, R. 

    pdfPDF1.56 MB

     The chemical composition of granitic gneisses and spragamitic meta-sediments in the Glomfjord region, northern Norway.
     Rutland, R.W.R. & Sutherland, D.S. 

    pdfPDF1.34 MB

     A comparative table of recently published geological time-scales for the phanerozoic time - explanatory notice.

    pdfPDF490.04 KB


  • NJG 1966 VOL 46 Open or Close

    NGT 46 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1966 volume 46 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Sir Edward Bailey Noen minneord
     Holtedahl, O. 

    pdfPDF265.8 KB

     Garnets from Upper Amphibolite Lithologies of the Bamble Series, Kragerø, South Norway.
     Burrell, D.C. 

    pdfPDF1.03 MB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 21. A new pelecypod of the genus Palaeosolen Hall, 1885.
     Soot-Ryen, H. 

    pdfPDF786.35 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 22. Preliminary report on conodonts from the Oslo-Asker and Ringerike districts.
     Hamar, G. 

    pdfPDF3.78 MB

     Geological investigations in the precambrian of Southern Norway 1. The complex of metasediments and migmatites at Tveit, Kristiansand.
     Falkum, T. 

    pdfPDF1.58 MB

     The Lower Boundary of the Ordovician System.
     Skevington, D. 

    pdfPDF595.52 KB




    NGT 46 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1966 volume 46 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Distribution patterns of rare earth elements in minerals.
     Neumann, H. & Jensen, B. 

    pdfPDF1.92 MB

     Fault vein mineralization as the result of shearing in Norwegian basement rocks.
     Banham, P.H. 

    pdfPDF794.32 KB

     Application of rock magnetism in estimating the age of some Norwegian dikes.
     Storetvedt, K.M.

    pdfPDF550.66 KB

     Permafroststrukturer i Fjordane, Vest-Norge.
     Rye, N. 

    pdfPDF976.79 KB

     New Radio Carbon (C14) age determinations of Mammal Remains from the Permafrost in Siberia.
     Heintz, A.

    pdfPDF369.24 KB

     Eocambrian volcanism in Southern Norway.
     Ramberg, I.B. & Barth, Tom. F.W. 

    pdfPDF1.05 MB

     Note on the main Caledonian thrusting in Northern Scandinavia.
     Oftedahl, Chr. 

    pdfPDF638.39 KB



    NGT 46 3 cover Page 1

    NJG 1966 volume 46 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     On the type material of Dictyonema Norvegicum Kjerulf.
     Bulman, O.M.B. 

    pdfPDF1.01 MB

     Deformation in vein genesis.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF618.6 KB

     The petrochemistry of the amphibolites of the Holleindalen greenstone group, Jotunheimen, Norway.
     Elliott, R.B. & Cowan, D.R. 

    pdfPDF1.27 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 34. Stillwellite in the Langesundfjord nepheline syenite pegmatite dykes.
     Neumann, H. & Bergstøl, S. 

    pdfPDF876.13 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 35.  The first occurrences of the rare mineral barylite, Be2BaSi2O7, in Norway.
     Sæbø, P.C. 

    pdfPDF929.58 KB

     Barth's felspar geothermometer: a rapid method.
     Banham, P.H. 

    pdfPDF319.94 KB

     Exaggerated grain growth in the metamorphism of monomineralic rocks.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF2.01 MB

     A note on the interpenetration of detrital quartz grains during the formation of sedimentary quartzites.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF492.81 KB

     The effect of twinning on the recrystallization of albite.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF488.21 KB

     Distribution of some elements among minerals of Norwegian eclogites.
     Matsui, Y., Banno, S. & Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF413.07 KB



    NGT 46 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1966 volume 46 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The geochemistry of the Randesund banded gneisses.
     Ball, T.K. 

    pdfPDF1.29 MB

     Growth forms of stromatoporoids in the silurian of southern Norway.
     Broadhurst, F.M. 

    pdfPDF522.61 KB

     Some observations on minerals in the system CoAsS-FeAsS.
     Gammon, J.B. 

     pdfPDF1.77 MB

    The geochemistry of four icelandic basalts.
     Heier, K.S., Chappell, B.W., Arriens, P.A. & Morgan, J.W.

    pdfPDF898.85 KB

     The field relationships of basic and ultrabasic masses in the basal gneiss complex of Stadlandet and Almklovdalen, Nordfjorden, Southwestern Norway.
     Lappin, M.A. 

    pdfPDF3.79 MB

     Silurian tidal sediments from the base of the Ringerike formation, Oslo Region, Norway.
     Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF1.29 MB



  • NJG 1965 VOL 45 Open or Close

    NGT 45 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1965 volume 45 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The nodular metamorphic rocks from the environs of Kragerø, south coast of Norway.
     Elliott, R.B. & Morton, R.D.

    pdfPDF2.1 MB

     The geochemistry and origin of amphibolites from Bamble, South Norway. I. The determination of zinc in amphibolites by atomic absorption spectroscopy.
     Burrell, D.C. 

    pdfPDF735.51 KB

     Pegmatite veins and the surrounding rocks. V. Secondary recrystallization of aplite to form pegmatite.
     Reitan, P.H.

    pdfPDF566.6 KB

     A geochemical comparison of the Blue Mountain (Ontario, Canada) and Stjernøy (Finnmark, North Norway) nepheline syenites.
     Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF515.95 KB

     Boron in pegmatite minerals.
     Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF283.75 KB

     The precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in South Central Norway. IV. Calcite syenite with marginal breccia at Fjone.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF955.47 KB

     Electron-microscope investigations of larvikite and tønsbergite feldspars.
     Rosenqvist, I.T.

    pdfPDF766.45 KB

     Determination of the absolute age of the fossil remains of mammoth and woolly rhinoceros from the permafrost in Siberia by the help of Radio Carbon (C14).
     Heintz, A.E. & Garutt, V.E.

    pdfPDF419.12 KB

     Note on the apparent substitution of boron for beryllium in minerals.
     Oftedal, I.

    pdfPDF273.6 KB

     The attitude of the rhombic section in triclinic feldspars with a note on "diclinic" crystals.
     Barth, Tom. F. W. & Thoresen, K. 

    pdfPDF918.23 KB

     Eine spät-termadocische Graptolitenfauna von Töyen in Oslo.
     Erdtmann, B.D. 

    pdfPDF1.47 MB

     The nature of the "granitic" layer of the crust in the southern Norwegian Precambrian.
     Smithson, S.B. 

    pdfPDF1.26 MB

    NGT 45 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1965 volume 45 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 30. Minerals from nordmarkite druses.
     Oftedal, I. & Sæbø, P.C.

    pdfPDF393.15 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 31. Tysonite (fluocerite), a new mineral for Norway.
     Sverdrup, T.L., Sæbø, P.C. & Bryn, K.Ø. 

    pdfPDF912.33 KB

     Geology of the Hestbrepiggan area, preliminary account.
     Banham, P.H. & Elliott, R.B. 

    pdfPDF1013.26 KB

     Dalfyllinger i noen sidedaler til Gudbrandsdalen, med bemerkninger om norske mammutfunn .
     Mangerud, J. 

    pdfPDF2.09 MB

     A new mammoth-find from Norway and determination of the age of the tusk from Toten by means of C14.
     Heintz, A. 

    pdfPDF486.2 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 18. Rare trilobites of the families Olenidae, Harpidae, Ityophoridae and Cheiruridae.
     Nikolaisen, F. 

    pdfPDF1.54 MB

     Distribution patterns of rare earth elements in terrestrial rocks.
     Jensen, Brenda B. & Brunfelt, A. O.

    pdfPDF1.94 MB

    NGT 45 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1965 volume 45 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Professor Pentti Eskola født 8. januar 1883, død 6 desember 1964. Minnetale holdt ved N.G.F.'s møte.
     Barth, Tom. F.W. 

    pdfPDF333.92 KB

     Residual cipolino: end-product of calcareous rocks in regional metamorphism.
     Schuiling, R.D. 

    pdfPDF893.21 KB

     Petrology of the Grimstad granite. I. Progress report 1964.
     Christie, O.H.J., Falkum, T., Ramberg, I.B. & Thoresen, K. 

    pdfPDF848.88 KB

     Chemistry of some garnet-bearing rocks from South Norwegian peridotites.
     Mercy, E.L.P. & O'Hara, M.J. 

    pdfPDF624.26 KB

     An early post-glacial pollen profile from Flåmsdalen, a tributary valley to the Sognefjord, western Norway.
     Klovning, I. & Hafsten, U. 

    pdfPDF575.9 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 19. The trilobite family Odontopleuridae.
     Bruton, D.L. 

    pdfPDF1.54 MB

     An autoradiographic technique for illustration of structures in sedimentary rocks.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF414.9 KB

    NGT 45 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1965 volume 45 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Studies of the Precambrian Herefoss granite. I. K-feldspar obliquity.
     Nilssen, B. & Smithson, S.B. 

    pdfPDF1.46 MB

     Geological environment of the Herefoss & Grimstad granites.
     Nilssen, B. & Smithson, S.B. 

    jpgJPG2.02 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 32. Axinite in the Norwegian Caledonides.
     Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF1021.68 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 33. Idaite, Cu5FeS6, from Konnerud near Drammen.
     Krause, H.

    pdfPDF792.55 KB

     Substitution of boron in silicate crystals
     Christ, C.L. 

    pdfPDF393.97 KB

     Substitutions in the olivine layer of norbergite.
     Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF520.16 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 20. The geochemistry and mineralogy of some shales from the Oslo Region.
     Bjørlykke, K. 

    pdfPDF1.4 MB

     Olivines and orthopyroxenes from garnetiferous peridotites and related rocks
     Mercy, E.L.P. & O'Hara, M.J.

    pdfPDF345.78 KB

     Table 1.
     Mercy, E.L.P. & O'Hara, M.J. 

    jpgJPG1.54 MB

     A comparison of the Breccia-Metagabbro-Syenite Complex at Fjone, South Central Norway, with some Explosion-Breccia-Appinite Complexes in the Caledonian Orogenic Belt of Scotland
     Bowes, D.R. & Wright, A.E. 

    pdfPDF1.1 MB

     The occurence of Streptis (Brachiopoda) in the Ordovician of the Inner Oslo Fjord.
     Wright, A.D. 

    pdfPDF916.91 KB

     Outline stratigraphy of Graptolite-Bearing 3b (Lower Ordovician) Strata in the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Erdtmann, B.D. 

    pdfPDF3.82 MB

     Stratigenetic facies and distribution of 3b in the Oslo Region (map).
     Erdtmann, B.D. 

    jpgJPG2.2 MB



  • NJG 1964 VOL 44 Open or Close

    NGT 44 1 cover Page 1
     Njg 1964 volume 44 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Two compound corals from the Tretaspis beds of the Oslo - Asker district.
     Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF810.99 KB

     Zircons from some metamorphic rocks in the Stavanger area (Southern Norway).
     Kalsbeek, F. 

    pdfPDF466.71 KB

     Mud-crack diapirism in the Ringerike sandstone of southern Norway.
     Whitaker, J.H. McD.

    pdfPDF639.18 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 23. On supergene, colourless rutile.
     Juve, G. 

    pdfPDF252.13 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 24. On the chemical composition of Hellandite.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF421.99 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 25. Pyrophanite in the southern part of the Oslo area.
     Neumann, H. & Bergstøl, S. 

    pdfPDF283.46 KB

     Zur Genese der gemischten Gänge im Oslogebiet (erläutert an einem neuen Granitporphyr-Doleritgang vom Frognerpark).
     Antun, P. 

    pdfPDF647.06 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 16. Graptolites of the Ogygiocaris series.
     Berry, W.B.N. 

    pdfPDF5.11 MB

     Nogen tektoniske iagttagelser på Ustaostet.
     Størmer, L.

    pdfPDF623.43 KB




    NGT 44 2 cover Page 1

    Njg 1964 volume 44 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Excess radiogenic argon in pyroxenes and isotopic ages on minerals from Norwegian eclogites.
     McDougall, I. & Green, D.H. 

    pdfPDF485.67 KB

     A note on the geochemistry of alkaline rocks.
     Heier, K.S. & Taylor, S.R.

    pdfPDF291.27 KB

     Geochemistry of the nepheline syenite on Stjernøy, North Norway.
     Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF512.8 KB

     On the occurrence and distribution of boron in pegmatite.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF445.21 KB

     Mineralogical composition of two Silurian bentonite beds from Sundvollen, southern Norway.
     Jørgensen, P. 

    pdfPDF578.98 KB

     Temperaturer i dype borhull i Fosdalens gruver. (Temperatures in deep drillholes in the Fosdalen mines).
     Logn, Ø. 

    pdfPDF332.26 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 17. Conodonts from the lower Middle Ordovician of Ringerike.
     Hamar, G.

    pdfPDF2.32 MB



    NGT 44 3 cover Page 1

    Njg 1964 volume 44 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Stable chlorine isotope abundances in apatites from Ødegårdens Verk, Norway.
     Morton, R.D. & Catanzaro, E.J. 

    pdfPDF363.02 KB

     An Allerød fauna at Os, near Bergen, Norway.
     Holtedahl, H. 

    pdfPDF935.69 KB

     Anthophyllite-cordierite-gneisses in the basal rock complex of the Haugesund peninsula, western Norway.
     Sørbye, R.C. 

    pdfPDF1.46 MB

     Zig-zag evolution.
     Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF534.42 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 26. Chromian muscovite in meta-anorthosite.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF499.54 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 27. Saponite from Veo, Jotunheimen.
     Moum, J. & Sopp, O.I.

    pdfPDF256 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 28. Halloysitt i sleppeleire ved Slemmestad.
     Jørstad, F.I. &  Moum, J. 

    pdfPDF337.68 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 29. Vesuvianite as a host mineral for boron.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF260.11 KB

     Clay veins in rocks in Norway.
     Sæther, E. 

    pdfPDF1.27 MB

     Preliminary results of gravimetric investigations in the Fen area.
     Ramberg, I.B. 

    pdfPDF390.47 KB

     Dolomite from the Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region.
     Jørgensen, P. & Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF333.08 KB

     Note on boron-carrying minerals.
     Oftedal, I.

    pdfPDF178.03 KB




    NGT 44 4 cover Page 1

    Njg 1964 volume 44 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The precambrian rocks of the Telemark area in South Central Norway III. Geology of the Vrådal granite.
     Sylvester, A.G. 

    pdfPDF1.95 MB

  • NJG 1963 VOL 43 Open or Close

    NGT 43 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1963 volume 43 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The structural geology of the Navervatn - Storglomvatn area, Glomfjord, Northern Norway.
     Nicholson, R. & Walton, B.J. 

    pdfPDF1.93 MB

     Geological map - Navervatn - Storglomvatn area, Glomfjord, Northern Norway.
     Nicholson, R. & Walton, B.J. 

    gifGIF1.96 MB

    pdfPDF275.88 KB

     On anthophyllite and some reaction zones in anorthosite.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF648.71 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 16. Danburite from the Kragerø district.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF233.7 KB

     Gastropods from the Otta conglomerate.
     Yochelson, E. L. 

     pdfPDF415.25 KB

    A new scorpion from the upper Carboniferous of Siberia.
     Novojilov, N. & Størmer, L.

    pdfPDF458.35 KB

     Banded gneisses of eight localities.
     Dietrich, R.V. 

    pdfPDF2.14 MB

     Notis: Det VI. Nordiske Geologiske Vintermøte i Trondheim 1964
     Oftedahl, Chr. 

    pdfPDF127.7 KB


     NGT 43 2 cover Page 1

    njg 1963 volume 43 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Halvor Rosendahl - Minnetale holdt i Norsk Geologisk Forening den 4. april, 1963.
     Weyling-Hanssen, R.W. 

    pdfPDF287.88 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 15. Monoplacophora and gastropoda.
     Yochelson, E. L. 

    pdfPDF3.78 MB

     A preliminary geological survey of the Loppen district, West Finnmark.
     Ball, T. K., Gunn, C. B., Hooper, P. R. & Lewis, D. 

    pdfPDF1.76 MB

     Geological map of the Loppen district, West Finnmark.
     Ball, T. K., Gunn, C. B., Hooper, P. R. & Lewis, D. 

    gifGIF1.28 MB

    pdfPDF178.64 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 17. Cerianite from cleavelandite pegmatite dykes in Iveland.
     Neumann, H. & Bergstøl, S.

    pdfPDF561 KB

     A note on the age of the Bogo Shale.
     Skevington, D. 

    pdfPDF590.82 KB


    NGT 43 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1963 volume 43 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Lea isotope abundance studies on galena occurrences in Norway.
     Moorbath, S. & Vokes, F.M.

    pdfPDF1.93 MB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 14. The trilobite family Telephinidae.
     Nikolaisen, F. 

    pdfPDF2.6 MB

     Note on the crystal structure of cobaltite.
     Oftedal, I.

    pdfPDF264.42 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 18. Calssification of some Norwegian members of the Helvine Group.
     Oftedal, I. & Sæbø, P.C.

    pdfPDF283.18 KB



    NGT 43 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1963 volume 43 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     A study of fold styles, their associations and symmetry relationships. From Sørøy, North Norway.
     Ramsay, D.M. & Sturt, B.A.

    pdfPDF1.59 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 19. Red corundum of Froland at Arendal.
     Oftedahl, Chr. 

    pdfPDF724.59 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 20. The identity of Weibyeite.
     Sæbø, P.C. 

     pdfPDF393.94 KB

    Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 21. On the occurrence of Mn-poor piemonite and withamite in Norway.
     Morton, R.D. & Carter, N.L.

    pdfPDF524.41 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 22. Vesuvianite from Kristiansand, other occurrences in Norway, the general formula of vesuvianite.
     Barth, Tom. F.W. 

    pdfPDF682.08 KB

     On organic remains in the Eocambrian of Norway.
     Timofeev, B.V.

    pdfPDF336.45 KB

     Precambrian rocks of Central Telemark, Norway: II. Ripple marks and mud cracks. Appendix: Norwegian literature on ripple marks and mud cracks.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF1.08 MB

     Replacement and bonding conditions for alkali ions and hydrogen in dioctahedral and trioctahedral micas.
     Jørgensen, P. & Rosenqvist, I.T.

    pdfPDF1.43 MB

     Kaolin as a weathering product of Eocambrian sanstone (sparagmite) in the Rondane Mountains, East Norway.
     Gjems, O. 

    pdfPDF204.62 KB



  • NJG 1962 VOL 42 Open or Close

    NGT 42 12 cover Page 1

     njg 1962 volume 42 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    On sub solidus relations of silicates. III. A contribution to the chemistry of melilites.
     Christie, O.H.J.

    pdfPDF782.4 KB

     On sub solidus relations of silicates. IV. The systems åkermanite - sodium-gehlenite and gehlenite - sodium gehlenite.
     Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF626.52 KB

     Petrology of the Venås granite and the surrounding rocks, East Telemark, Norway.
     Carter, N.L. 

    pdfPDF1.23 MB

     Contribution to the geology of the Kvænangen window, Burfjord, Troms, Norway.
     Milnes, A.G. & Ritchie, A. 

    pdfPDF1.07 MB

     A petrographic study of some eocambrian sedimentary rocks from the lake Mjøsa area, southern Norway, and the Tanafjord area, northern Norway.
     Grender, G.C. 

    pdfPDF1.72 MB

     Spectrometric uranium and thorium determinations on some high-grade metamorphic rocks on Langøy, northern Norway.
     Heier, K.S.

    pdfPDF482.8 KB

     The possible origins of amphibolites in an area of high metamorphic grade.
     Heier, K.S.

    pdfPDF289.5 KB

     Contribution to the geochemistry of nephelinesyenitic pegmatite in the Langesundsfjord area.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF468.73 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 13. Rosenbauschite and its relation to Götzenite.
     Neumann, H.

    pdfPDF496.85 KB


    NGT 42 3 cover Page 1

    njg 1962 volume 42 no. 3

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Tre nye mammutfunn i Norge.
     Heintz, A.

    pdfPDF957.33 KB

     A new lower Ordovician graptolite fauna from the Trondheim Region.
     Blake, D.H. 

    pdfPDF924.36 KB

     Early Ordovician gastropods from the Oslo Region, Norway.
     Yochelson, E. L. 

    pdfPDF623.1 KB

     On the occurrence of Kinnegraptus Skoglund in Norway.
     Bulman, O.M.B. & Cowie, C.M. 

    pdfPDF517.93 KB

     Soggendalite (C.F. Kolderup), a sporophitic dolerite.
     Antun, P. 

    pdfPDF469.39 KB

     On some noritic dikes from Ørsdalen.
     Antun, P. 

     pdfPDF389.37 KB

    Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 14. On the presence of melanterites at Løkken.
     Ovtracht, A. & Pierrot, R.

    pdfPDF362.08 KB

     Lombaardite, a rare earth silicate, identical with, or very closely related to allanite.
     Neumann, H. & Nilssen, B. 

    pdfPDF275.64 KB

     A note on the U, Th, and K contents in the nepheline syenite and carbonatite on Stjernöy, North Norway.
     Heier, K.S.

    pdfPDF409.26 KB

     Professor Werner Werenskiold. Minnetale i Norsk Geologisk Forening 1. mars 1962.
     Holtedahl, O. 

    pdfPDF412.36 KB

    NGT 42 4 cover Page 1

    njg 1962 volume 42 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 15. Gahnite in the Bleikvassli ore.
     Vokes, F.M. 

    pdfPDF675.65 KB

     Structural analysis of the Grøneheia area, Eikefjord, Western Norway.
     Bryhni, I. 

    pdfPDF1.68 MB

     Chronologie et deformations des filons basiques dans les formations Precambriennes du sud de la Norvege.
     Wegmann, C.E. & Schaer, J.-P.

    pdfPDF745.34 KB

     On the occurrence of 1 M muscovite crystals, from Nedre Eiker Church.
     Raade, G. 

    pdfPDF220.97 KB



    NGT 42 II cover Page 1

     njg 1962 volume 42 (II)

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The structures of the principal feldspars.
     Taylor, W.H.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

     Aluminum distribution in an igneous maximum microcline and the Sanidine microcline series.
     Brown, B.E. 

    pdfPDF705.65 KB

     Sub solidus relations in the plagioclase feldspar.
     Gay, P. 

    pdfPDF892.2 KB

     Infrared absorption effects, nuclear magnetic resonance and structure of feldspars.
     Laves, F. & Hafner, S. 

    pdfPDF714 KB

     Single crystal X-ray studies of crypto- and micro-perthites.
     MacKenzie, W.S. & Smith, J.V.

     pdfPDF1.51 MB

    Order and disorder in feldspar.
     Megaw, H.D.

    pdfPDF1.24 MB

     Observations on the nature of unmixing in peristerite plagioclases.
     Ribbe, P.H. 

    pdfPDF744.17 KB

     A three-dimensional refinement of the structure of low albite.
     Ribbe, P.H., Ferguson, R.B. & Taylor, W.H. 

    pdfPDF384.88 KB

     The structure of transitional anorthite: A comparison with primitive anorthite.
     Ribbe, P.H. & Megaw, H.D. 

     pdfPDF672.87 KB

    Perthite-like exsolution in the nepheline-kalsilite system.
     Sahama, Th. G.

     pdfPDF824.73 KB

    Ueber die Kryptoperthitische Albit-Ausscheidung im Mikroklin- perthiten.
     Soldatos, K.

    pdfPDF835.31 KB

     A survey of feldspar twinning.
     Burri, C. 

    pdfPDF758.91 KB

     The optical orientation of the plagioclase.
     Burri, C., Parker, R.L. & Wenk, E. 

    pdfPDF573.47 KB

     Monoclinic k-feldspar with triclinic morphology.
     Goldsmith, J.R. & Laves, F. 

     pdfPDF671.49 KB

    La dilatation thermique des feldspaths.
     Saucier, H. & Saplevitch, A.

    pdfPDF700.45 KB

     Genetic aspects of twinning in feldspars.
     Smith, J.V. 

    pdfPDF1.3 MB

     Characteristic patterns of plagioclase twinning.
     Tobi, A.C. 

    pdfPDF925.43 KB

     Über die Chemische Verwitterung von Feldspäten.
     Correns, C.W. 

    pdfPDF413.79 KB

     Alkali metasomatism and feldspars.
     Orville, P.M.

    pdfPDF1.1 MB

     L'equilibre des feldspaths et des feldspathoides en presence de solutions sodi-potassiques.
     Wyart, J. & Sabatier, G. 

    pdfPDF403.72 KB

     The feldspar geologic thermometers.
     Barth, Tom. F.W.

    pdfPDF333.05 KB

     Comments on the two-feldspar geothermometer.
     Orville, P.M. 

    pdfPDF559.22 KB

     Indirect calculation of the partial free energy of albite and orthoclase in alkali feldspar.
     Allmann, R. & Hellner, E.

    pdfPDF467.13 KB

     Peristerite unmixing in the plagioclases and metamorphic facies series.
     Brown, W.L.

    pdfPDF1.06 MB

     Observations on natural feldspats: radomly disordered structures and a preliminary suggestion to a plagioclase thermometer.
     Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF359.66 KB

     Observations on plagioclase aventurines from southern Norway.
     Neumann, H. & Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF292.74 KB

     K-feldspar structural states as petrogenetic indicators.
     Dietrich, R.V. 

    pdfPDF916.61 KB

     Trace elements in feldspars - a review.
     Heier, K.S.

    pdfPDF1.59 MB

     Composition and distribution of feldspars in magmatic and metamorphic rocks.
     Mehnert, K.R. 

    pdfPDF631.19 KB

     Composition des plagioclases residuels et des plagioclases d'origine anatectique elabores lors du phenomene de palin- genese basique.
     Michot, J. 

    pdfPDF306.8 KB

     The paragenesis and optical properties of some ternary feldspars.
     Muir, I.D. 

    pdfPDF651.75 KB

     Preliminary observations on the feldspars from the Pilanesberg alkaline complex, Transvaal, South Africa.
     Retief, E.A. 

    pdfPDF1.32 MB

     Sur les porphyroblastes de feldspaths. Quelques remarques sur leur signification petrogenetique.
     Roubalt, M. 

    pdfPDF520.09 KB

     Observation on order-disorder relations of natural plagioclase.
     Slemmons, D.B. 

    pdfPDF812.41 KB

     Observations on order-disorder relations of natural plagioclase.
     Eisinger, V.J., Swinderman, J.N. & Slemmons, D.B.

    pdfPDF629.54 KB

     Observations on order-disorder relations of natural plagioclase.
     Davis, T.E. & Slemmons, D.B.

    pdfPDF628.2 KB

     Observations on order-disorder relations of natural plagioclase.
     Leavitt, F.G. & Slemmons, D.B. 

    pdfPDF647.75 KB

     Symmetry relations in alkali feldspars of some amphibolite-facies rocks from the southern Norwegian Precambrian.
     Smithson, S.B. 

    pdfPDF943.74 KB

     Observations on mantled potash feldspars from the Vrådal granitic pluton, Telemark, Norway.
     Sylvester, A.G. 

    pdfPDF731.45 KB

  • NJG 1961 VOL 41 Open or Close

    NGT 41 2-4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1961 volume 41 no. 2-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway.
     Dietrich, R.V.

    pdfPDF685.64 KB

     Layered gabbro, hornblendite, carbonatite and nepheline syenite on Stjernøy, North Norway.
     Heier, K.S. 

    pdfPDF2.61 MB

     The anorthositic complex of Håland-Helleren.
     Michot, Jr. J.

    pdfPDF928.67 KB

     Strukturelle iakttagelser ved noen norske kisforekomster.
     Geis, H.P. 

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

     The scandium content of some norwegian minerals and the formation of Thortveitite, a reconnaissance survey.
     Neumann, H. 

    pdfPDF731.91 KB

     A regional gravity study over the Permian Bærum cauldron of the Oslo region.
     Smithson, S.B. 

    pdfPDF825.62 KB

     Synthetic chlorapatites and equilibria in the system Calsium orthophosphate-calcium chloride.
     Morton, R.D. 

    pdfPDF1.15 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 9. On the occurrence of two rare phosphates in the Ødegården Apatite Mines, Bamble, South Norway 1. A variety of Woodhouseite. 2. Whitelockite.
     Morton, R.D. 

    pdfPDF650.42 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 10. On synchisite in Norway.
     Sæbø, P.C. & Neumann, H. 

    pdfPDF404.09 KB

     On sub-solidus relations of silicates I. The Lower Breakdown Temperature of the Åkermanite Gehlenite Mixed Crystal Series at Moderate Water Pressure.
     Christie, O.H.J. 

    pdfPDF680 KB

     Remarks on the variable contents of Ba and Sr in Microcline from a single pegmatite body.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF225.79 KB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 7. Trilobites of the suborder Cheirurina.
     Nikolaisen, F. 

    pdfPDF1.76 MB

     Contribution to the mineralogy of Norway No. 11. On lanthenite in Norway.
     Sæbø, P.C.

    pdfPDF312.17 KB

  • NJG 1960 VOL 41 Open or Close

    NGT 41 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1960 volume 41 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    A study of veins in Caledonian rocks around Trondheim Fjord, Norway

    Ramberg, H.

    pdfPDF1.82 MB

    Ordovician climate zones

    Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF972.38 KB

    Notis: A new silicified coral from the Upper Ordovician of the Oslo Region

    Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF714.65 KB

  • NJG 1960 VOL 40 Open or Close

    NGT 40 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1960 volume 40 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     X-ray study of potash feldspar of the contact metamorphic zones at Gjelleråsen, Norway.
     Rao, S.V.L. 

    pdfPDF309.13 KB

     Banded gneisses of the Randesund area, southeastern Norway.
     Dietrich, R.V. 

    pdfPDF1.99 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 4. New finds of coal blend.
     Playle, B. 

    pdfPDF220.08 KB



    NGT 40 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1960 volume 40 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 11. Pelecypoda.
     Soot-Ryen, H. & Soot-Ryen, T. 

    pdfPDF1.78 MB

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 12. Notostraca and Conchostraca.
     Soot-Ryen, H. 

    pdfPDF561.3 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 5. Trace element variations in three generations of feldspars from the Landsverk I pegmatite, Evje, Southern Norway.
     Taylor, S.R., Heier, K.S. & Sverdrup, T.L. 

    pdfPDF1.12 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 6. On the chemical composition of Blomstrandine and euxenite.
     Hongslo, T. & Langmyhr, F.J. 

    pdfPDF383.09 KB


    NGT 40 34 cover Page 1

    NJG 1960 volume 40 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Apparent ages of Norwegian minerals and rocks.
     Neumann, H. 

    pdfPDF660.81 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 7. Cassierite in the Bleikvassli ore.
     Vokes, F.M.

     pdfPDF606.04 KB

    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 13. Trilobites of the family Asaphidae.
     Henningsmoen, G.

    pdfPDF5.07 MB

     The species Streptis monilifera (M'Coy)
     Wright, A.D.

    pdfPDF1.02 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 8. Davidite from Tuftan, Iveland.
     Neumann, H. & Sverdrup, T. L.

    pdfPDF854.74 KB

     On the occurrence of kyanite in the eclogites of the Selje and Åheim districts, Nordfjord
     Lappin, M.A. 

    pdfPDF995.39 KB

     K.O. Bjørlykke (1860-1946] Minnetale i Norsk geologisk forening på møte 11. februar 1960. (K. O. Bjørlykkes bibliografi ved Hjeltnes, K.)
     Holmsen, G. 

    pdfPDF638.12 KB


  • NJG 1959 VOL 39 Open or Close

    NGT 39 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1959 volume 39 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Thorolf Vogt. Noen minneord.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF426.5 KB

     The double cardinal process in the oldest strophomenids
     Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF576.64 KB

     La flexure axiale de la driva et quelques problemes structuraux des caledonides scandinaves.
     Wegmann, E. 

    pdfPDF1.87 MB

     On the occurrence of Tellurium in Norwegian galenas
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF366.8 KB



    Oftedal, I. 
     pdfPDF805.15 KB


    NGT 39 23 cover Page 1

    NJG 1959 volume 39 no. 2-3

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Evolution of ptygmatic folding.
     Ramberg, H.

    pdfPDF2.42 MB

     Rare tremadocian trilobites from Norway
     Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF1.52 MB

     Pegmatite veins and the surrounding rocks
     Reitan, P.

    pdfPDF1.42 MB

     Pegmatie veins and the surrounding rocks IV.  Genesis of a discordant pegmatite, St. Hansholmen, Risør, Norway.
     Reitan, P. 

    pdfPDF1.15 MB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway No. 1.  An introduction.
     Neumann, H. 

    pdfPDF484.02 KB

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway.
     Sverdrup, T.L., Bryn, K.Ø. & Sæbø, P.C. 

    pdfPDF1.11 MB

     Fossils(?) of precambrian age from Telemark, southern Norway.
     Dons, J.A. 

    pdfPDF1.17 MB


    NGT 39 4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1959 volume 39 no. 4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 3.  Bavenite from Boksjøen mineral mine, near Aspedammen in the county of Østfold.
     Neumann, H. & Sverdrup, T.L. 

    pdfPDF1.06 MB

     Low temperature alkali feldspar series.
     Rao, S.V.L. 

    pdfPDF2.61 MB

     Structural geology of the Sokumvatn area, north Norway.
     Rutland, R.W.R. 

    pdfPDF412.23 KB

     Distribution of Ba and Sr in microcline in sections across a granite pegmatite band in gneiss.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF485.62 KB


  • NJG 1958 VOL 38 Open or Close

    NGT 38 1 cover

    NJG 1958 volume 38 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 10. Nautiloid Cephalopods.
     Sweet, W.C. 

    pdfPDF9.5 MB



    NGT 38 2 cover Page 1

    NJG 1958 volume 38 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Upper Cambrian faunas of Norway. With descriptions of non-olenid invertebrata fossils.
     Henningsmoen, G.

    pdfPDF1.8 MB

     A review of the Carboniferous and Permian rocks of the west coast of Vestspitsbergen.
     Dineley, D.L. 

    pdfPDF1.13 MB

     The structure of the Trygghamna-Vermlandsryggen area, Isfjorden.
     Weiss, L.E. 

    pdfPDF254.37 KB

     On the distribution of strontium and barium in the eruptive rocks of the Oslo Region.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF666.74 KB

     On the development of granite pegmatite in gneiss areas.
     Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF665.74 KB

     The origin of feldspar inclusions in the lamprophyres off Kristiansand, South Norway.
     Carstens, H.

    pdfPDF904.55 KB

     Carstens, H.

    pdfPDF790.97 KB


    NGT 38 34 cover Page 1

    NJG 1958 volume 38 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     Pegmatite veins and the surrounding rocks. II. Changes in the olivine gabbro surrounding three pegmatite veins, Risør, Norway.
     Reitan, P. 

    pdfPDF1.55 MB

     Funn av boreale furustammer fra Oddernes i Vest-Agder. Påvisning av Tapes-transgresjonen. English Abstract.
     Hafsten, U. 

    pdfPDF759.58 KB

     Geological and petrological investigations in Northern Trøndelag, Western Norway.
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    pdfPDF4.5 MB

  • NJG 1957 VOL 37 Open or Close

    NGT 37 1 cover

    njg 1957 volume 37 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 8. Brachiopods of the Suborder Strophomenida.
     Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF10.21 MB




    NGT 37 2 cover Page 1njg 1957 volume 37 no. 2


    ISSN: 0029-196X


     The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 9. Brachiopods of the family Porambonitidae.
     Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF885.56 KB

     On the petrography of the silurian shales from Hadeland, Norway.
     Hagemann, F.

    pdfPDF1019.89 KB

     Connections between the Trondheim and Sunnhordland Regions, caledonides of Norway.
     Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF606.7 KB

     Blokk- og steintellinger i Solør.
     Jørstad, F.A. 

    pdfPDF707.87 KB

     Jordtemperaturen i Øst-Norge.
     Moum, J. & Rosenqvist, I.T. 

    pdfPDF451.52 KB

     Svensson, H. 

    pdfPDF771.47 KB


    NGT 37 34 cover Page 1

    njg 1957 volume 37 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


     Notes on some paleozoic lower vertebrates from Spitsbergen and North America.
     Ørvig, T.

    pdfPDF4.29 MB

     The silurian/ordovician border in the Oslo district.
     Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF1.2 MB

     New restorations of the heads of Pharyngolepis Oglongus Kiaer and Pharyngolepis Kiaeri sp.nov., with a note on their lateral-line systems.
     Smith, I.C. 

    pdfPDF2.28 MB

     Montmorillonitt fra Fortun i Sogn.
     Rosenqvist, I.T. 

    pdfPDF828.54 KB

     Pollenanalytisk datering av et myrfunnet ildsted fra Tryvasshøgda i Oslo.
     Hafsten, U. 

    pdfPDF814.35 KB


  • NJG 1956 VOL 36 Open or Close

    NGT 36 1 cover Page 1

    Njg 1956 Volume 36 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X

    Bergmester Andreas Holmsen. Minnetale holdt 16. februar 1956. 

    Bugge C. 

    pdfPDF319.26 KB


     Putestrukturer, sandstensganger, kullblende etc. i rombeporfyr-lava ved Sønsterud, Tyrifjorden. English summary

    Dons, J. A.

    pdfPDF892.16 KB


    Et nytt funn av mammutstøttann fra Norge. (A new mammouth tusk discovered in Norway)

    Heintz, A.

    pdfPDF748.38 KB


    Surnadalssynklinalen. (The Surnadal Syncline, Central Norway)

    Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB


    Granulitt - mangeritt - eklogitt (Granulite - mangerite - ecoglite)

    Rosenqvist, I. T.

    pdfPDF651.34 KB


    NGT 36 2 cover Page 1NJg 1956 volume 36 no. 2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Geology of the Storkollen - Blankenberg area, Kragerø, Norway

    Green, J.C.

    pdfPDF2.2 MB



    NGT 36 34 cover Page 1

    Njg 1956 volume 36 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Contribution to the geochemistry of granite pegmatite

    Oftedal, I.

    pdfPDF225.16 KB


    Small scale tectonics in a South Norwegian Gneiss Complex

    Oftedal, I. 

    pdfPDF619.97 KB


    Kaledonsk tektonikk i Midt-Norge - On the Caledonides of Central Norway

    Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF494.33 KB


    The geology of the Orsdalen district, Rogaland, S. Norway

    Heier, K. 

    pdfPDF2.4 MB


     Pegmatite veins and the surrounding rocks. I. Petrography and structure. 

    Reitan, P. 

    pdfPDF988.06 KB


    Barite which decrepitates at room temperatures

    Dons, J. A. 

    pdfPDF699.52 KB


    Coal blend and uraniferous hydrocarbon in Norway 

    Dons, J. A.  

    pdfPDF1.53 MB 


  • NJG 1955 VOL 35 Open or Close

    NGT 35 cover Page 1

    NJg 1955 volume 35 

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 5. The Trilobite Family Styginiade

    Skjeseth, S. 

    pdfPDF1.8 MB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 6. Notes on bentonites (K-bentonites) from the Oslo-Asker district

    Hagemann, F. & Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF1.75 MB


    Sciadopitytes variabilis n.sp. from the Arctic of Canada

    Bose, M. N.

    pdfPDF1.11 MB


    The Ørsdalen tungsten deposit

    Heier, K. 

    pdfPDF1.01 MB


    The deformation of feldspar perthites in hughly metamorphic gneisses

    Heier, K.

    pdfPDF747 KB


     A preliminary note on some peridotites from Northern Norway

    Sørensen, H. 

    pdfPDF1.26 MB


     Bidrag til ØStlandsleirenes petrografi

    Rosenqvist, I. T.

    pdfPDF934.82 KB


     On the sulphides of the alum shale in Oslo

    Oftedahl, C.

    pdfPDF470.17 KB


     The temperature of deposition of sphalerite-bearing ores in the Caledonides of Northern Norway 

    Kullerud, G. & Padget, P. 

    pdfPDF1009.34 KB


     On the clouding of plagioclase in coronites meta-dolerites

    Carstens, H. 

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    Trekk av Opdalsfeltets geologi. Foredrag i Norsk Geologisk Forening torsdag 9. desember 1954.

    Holmsen, P.

    pdfPDF1.35 MB

  • NJG 1955 VOL 34 Open or Close

    NGT 34 2-4 cover Page 1

    Njg 1955 volume 34 no. 2-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    The mammoth teeth from Norway 

    Heintz, A. 

    pdfPDF1.55 MB


    Middle cambiran stratigraphy in the Røyken area, Oslo region

    Spjeldnæs, N. 

    pdfPDF766.23 KB


    Trondhjemsskifrene ved Molde

    Hernes, I. 

    pdfPDF795.21 KB


    The Cypring-Thulite deposit at Øvstebø, near Kleppan in Sauland, Telemark, Norway

    Neumann, H. & Svinndal, S.

    pdfPDF1.12 MB


    On Loellingite (FeAs2)

    Neumann, H., Heier, K. S. & Hartley, J. 

    pdfPDF667.31 KB


    Kjemisk bergartsforvitring belyst ved en del leirprofiler

    Moum, J. & Rosenqvist, I. T.

    pdfPDF348.89 KB


    Litt kvartærgeologi fra Jernbanedalen mellom Orkdal og Oppdal 

    Løkås, B.

    pdfPDF585.91 KB


     Om bre-isens avsmelting syd for Storsjøen i Rendalen under istidens siste del

    Huseby, F. C. A.

    pdfPDF968.85 KB


    Om jordarten kvabb og dens opptreden syd for Storsjøen i Rendalen

    Huseby, F. C. A.

    pdfPDF344.35 KB


    Raset i Moddalen 14. august 1953

    Kolderup, N. H. 

    pdfPDF632.47 KB


    Utviklingen av apparatur for hydrotermalforskning

    Kullerud, G.

     pdfPDF932.96 KB


  • NJG 1954 VOL 34 Open or Close

    NGT 34 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1954 volume 34 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Quarternary faunas in the St. Jonsfjord-Eidembukta region, Vestspitsbergen

    Dineley, D. L.

    pdfPDF757.55 KB


    Silurian ostracods from the Oslo region, Norway

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF3.02 MB



  • NJG 1954 VOL 33 Open or Close

    NGT 33 12 cover Page 1

    Njg 1954 volume 33 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    The graotilite fauna of the Dictyonema Shales of the Oslo Region

    Bulman, O. M. B.

    pdfPDF3.14 MB


    Lower Ordovician ostracods from the Oslo Region, Norway

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF1.83 MB


     Upper Ordovician ostracods from the Oslo Region, Norway 

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF2.41 MB


     Late-Pleistocene foraminifera from the Oslofjord area, Southeast Norway

    Feyling-Hanssen, R. W.

    pdfPDF1.95 MB


    NGT 33 34 cover Page 1

    njg 1954 volume 33 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Eclogite-amphibolite on the Molde peninsula, Southern Norway

    Hernes, I.

    pdfPDF1.56 MB


     The stratigraphic position of the quick clay at Bekklaget, Oslo

    Feyling-Hanssen, R. W.

    pdfPDF847 KB


    Systemet CaO-SiO2-H2O

    Kullerud, G. 

    pdfPDF1.12 MB


     Kjemiske bindinger i silikater, et svar

    Ramberg, H.

    pdfPDF388.84 KB

  • NJG 1953 VOL 32 Open or Close

    NGT 32 1 cover Page 1

    njg 1953 volume 32 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Petrologic reconnaissance in the pre-cambrian of the western part of the wind river mountains, Wyoming

    Oftedahl, C. 

    pdfPDF1.06 MB


    Preliminary note on the geology of western Dronning Maud Land

    Roots, E. F. 

    pdfPDF635.04 KB


    The middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 4. Ostracoda

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF1.84 MB


    A selfcentering x-ray camera for powder diagrams

    Neumann, H. & Barstad, J.

    pdfPDF153.38 KB



    NGT 32 2-4 cover Page 1

    njg 1953 volume 32 no. 2-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    The FeS-ZnS system, a geological thermometer

    Kullerud, G. 

    pdfPDF2.91 MB


    The temperature of granitization in the Rendalsvik area, northern Norway

    Kullerud, G. & Neumann, H.

    pdfPDF534.31 KB


    On the use of ore minerals in the interpretation of the stage of metamorphism within the amphibolite and saussurite facies

    Marmo, V. 

    pdfPDF266.33 KB


    Bemerkninger angående verdien av elektronøytraliseingsskalaen i diskusjonen av bindingsenergien i silikatstrukturer

    Flood, H. 

    pdfPDF452.12 KB


    Litt om Trollheimen under siste istid

    Grønlie, A.

    pdfPDF1.26 MB


    A petrographical and mineralogical study of two high altitudes soils from Trollheimen, Norway

    Holtedahl, H.

    pdfPDF1.47 MB

  • NJG 1953 VOL 31 Open or Close

    NGT 31 cover Page 1

    njg 1953 volume 31 

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Euclase from Iveland, occuring as an alteration product of Beryl

    Strand, T.

    pdfPDF389.93 KB


    Noen iaktagelser over isbreenes tilbakegang i Hornsund, V. Spitsbergen

    Heintz, A.

    pdfPDF2.03 MB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 1. Introduction to stratigraphy

    Størmer, L. 

    pdfPDF6.03 MB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 2. Some Rugose and Tabluate Corals

    Hill, D. 

    pdfPDF2.07 MB


    The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 3. Graptolites dating the Beds below the Middle Ordovician

    Spjeldnæs, N.

    pdfPDF893.41 KB


    Classification of paleozoic straight-hinged ostracods

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF3.84 MB

  • NJG 1952 VOL 30 Open or Close


    NGT 30 cover Page 1

    njg 1952 volume 30

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    On "Apoanalcite" and hydronephelite

    Oftedahl, C. 

    pdfPDF542.99 KB


    Diffusjonsreaksjoner mellom pyritt og hematit i finkornig sandstein

    Rosenqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF1.43 MB


    Early middle Cambiran fauna from Rogaland, SW Norway (Paradoxides oelandicus stage = 1 c a)

    Henningsmoen, G.

    pdfPDF2.51 MB


    Metamorphodes dolerites in the gneiss area of Sunnmøre on the west coast of southern Norway. 

    Gjelsvik, T. 

    pdfPDF10.21 MB


    Tungsten in Southern Norway

    Adamson, O. J. & Neumann, H.

    pdfPDF649.92 KB


    On the Lower Didymograptus zone (3B) at Ringsaker, and contemporaneous deposits in Scandinavia

    Skjeseth, S. 

    pdfPDF5.09 MB


    Narrative of a rock fragment

    Broch, O. A.

    pdfPDF469.09 KB


    Note on a fault breccia in Hallingdal, Norway, together with some general remarks on the fracturing of the earth's crust.

    Broch, O. A. 

    pdfPDF698.23 KB


    Statsgeolog Steinar Foslie. Minnetale holdt 14. februar 1952

    Bugge, C. 

    pdfPDF1.13 MB


    Steinar Foslies yrke og skrift. Bibliografiske opplysninger

    Falck-Muus, R. 

    pdfPDF1.12 MB


    Professor Hans Cloos. Noen minneord

    Holtedahl, O. 

    pdfPDF245.98 KB


    Notiser: Iaktagelser i skjæring i Vestfoldraet ved Larvik. Occurrences of Zeolites in Nordmøre

    Semb, G. & Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF784.36 KB

  • NJG 1951 VOL 29 Open or Close

    NGT 29 cover Page 1

    NJG 1951 VOLUME 29

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Nyere undersøkelser i Oslo-feltet

    Oftedahl, C.

    pdfPDF869.33 KB


    Løkkenfeltets geologi 

    Carstens, C. W.

    pdfPDF2.12 MB


    On the rise of sea and land and the forming of strandflats on the west coast of Fennoscandia, med 3 brettede plansjer

    Grønlie, O. T. 

    pdfPDF3.78 MB


    The Shore-Lines of Northern Norway

    Grønlie, O. T. 

    gifGIF2.1 MB

    pdfPDF338.86 KB


    Investigations in the crystal chemistry of silicates III. The Relation Haematite Microline

    Rosenqvist, I. T.

    pdfPDF2.04 MB


    Corundum at Farsjø, Nes, Romerike

    Bugge, C.

    pdfPDF1.99 MB


    Granitization and basification by diffusion

    Chao, E. C. T.

    pdfPDF3.6 MB


    Studies on trilobite morphology Part III. The ventral cephalic structures with remarks on the zoological position of the trilobites

    Størmer, L. 

    pdfPDF5.36 MB


    Notes on the ice-shed and ice-transport in eastern Norway

    Holmsen, P. 

    pdfPDF1.02 MB


    Permian volcanic neck, igneous dykes and fault zone in the Ullern-Husebyåsen area, Oslo

    Dons, J. A. 

    pdfPDF1.9 MB


    Remarks on the classification of trilobites

    Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF5.89 MB


    Sub-solidus diagram of pyroxenes from common mafic magmas

    Barth, T. F. W. 

    pdfPDF1.87 MB


    Carl Wilhelm Carstens. Minnetale i Norsk Geologisk Forening den 16. nov. 1950

    Bjørlykke, H. 

    pdfPDF1.6 MB


    Professor Martin. A. Peacock

    Barth, T. F. W. 

    pdfPDF285.9 KB


  • NJG 1950 VOL 28 Open or Close

    NGT 28 2-4 cover Page 1

    NJG 1950 VOL 28 NO. 2-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Det kaledonske knuteområdet i Gudbrandsdalen

    Dietrichson, B.

    pdfPDF5.36 MB


    Supergene marcasite, replacing Pyrrhohite

    Foslie, S. 

    pdfPDF866.84 KB


    On the content of Co in some Norwegian sulphide deposits

    Bjørlykke, H. & Jarp, S. 

    pdfPDF753.97 KB


    Quelques observations dans le district Kongsvoll-Snøhetta

    Du Dresnay, R.

    pdfPDF1014.35 KB


    Om forkastningslinjer og oppbrytningssoner i Bambleformasjonen

    Selmer-Olsen, R. 

    pdfPDF2.02 MB


    Some investigations in the crystalchemistry of Silicates II. The orientation of perthite lamellae in feldspars

    Rosenqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF573.67 KB


    Petrology and geology of the Rondane area

    Oftedahl, C.

    pdfPDF2.3 MB


    Fra den 18. internasjonale geologikongress. Ekskursjon A 12 til Mull og Ardnamurchan. Ekskursjon C13 til distriktene omkring Edinburgh og St. Andrews

    Sæther, E. 

    pdfPDF1.4 MB


  • NJG 1949 VOL 28 Open or Close

    NGT 28 1 cover Page 1

    NJG 1949 VOLume 28 no. 1

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Noen observasjoner og refleksjoner omkrng Modum Koboltgruver II. (nedl)

    Rosenqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF723.19 KB


    En ny metode til bestemmelse av innbyrdes mengdeforhold mellom visse finkornige mineraler

    Rosenqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF740.81 KB


    Two new Middle Ordovician ostracods from Oslo

    Dons, J. A. & Henningsmoen, G. 

    pdfPDF410.66 KB


    Forstyrret lagrekke i torv ved vatnet Spålen i Norderhov

    Låg, J. 

    pdfPDF891.01 KB

  • NJG 1949 VOL 27 Open or Close

    NGT 27 34 cover Page 1

    NJG 1949 volume 27 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    On Apoanalcite 

    Neumann, H. 

    pdfPDF656.38 KB


    Forvitringsleire og blekejord på Karmøy

    Isachsen, F. & Rosenqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF1.29 MB


    Noen observasjoner og refleksjoner omkring Modum koboltgruver I. (Nedl.)

    Roseqvist, I. T. 

    pdfPDF2.68 MB

  • NJG 1948 VOL 27 Open or Close

    NGT 27 12 cover Page 1

    NJG 1948 volume 27 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Analysis of the gamma rays from granite and the ionization balance of the atmosphere

    Hess, V. F.

    pdfPDF771.76 KB

    Echinoderms (hydrophoridea, ophiocistia) from the Ordovician (Upper Skiddavia, 3c beta) of the Oslo Region

    Regnell, G. 

    pdfPDF2.01 MB


    Foreløpig meddelelse om resultat av undersøkelser i Fensfeltet

    Sæther, E. 

    pdfPDF657.93 KB


    New Trilobites from the Hølonda Limestone (Trondheim Region, Southern Norway)

    Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF845.93 KB


    On the Middle Cambrian of Hadeland (Oslo Region, Southern Norway)

    Strand, T. 

    pdfPDF719.63 KB


    Krisene i fjellkjeden

    Bugge, C.

     pdfPDF334.16 KB


  • NJG 1947 VOL 26 Open or Close

    NGT 26 34 cover Page 1NJG 1947 volume 26 no. 3-4

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Baveno-pericline-albite combination twins in "BIG-FELDSPAR BASALT", Horten, the Oslo region

    Oftedahl, C.

    pdfPDF823.58 KB

    Jordbunnen omkring Larvik

    Bjørklund, A. 

    pdfPDF1.52 MB

    Pre-cambrian mountain chains

    Bugge, J. A. W. 

    pdfPDF1.72 MB

    To norske mineraler

    Bøggild, O. B. 

    pdfPDF939.07 KB

    Genesis of late-magmatic diabase dikes 

    Neumann, H.

    pdfPDF1.12 MB

    On the relation between external pressure and re-crystallisation of minerals

    Rosenqvist, I. T.

    pdfPDF1.18 MB

    Apoanacite, a new mineral

    Oftedahl, C.

    pdfPDF335.12 KB


    Bidrag til diskusjon om Haugesundshalvøyas alder

    Rosenqvist, I. T

    pdfPDF283.34 KB


    Remarks on the paper by Hans Ramberg: Relation between external pressure and vapor tension of compounds and some geological implications

    Oftedahl, I. 

    pdfPDF498.7 KB

  • NJG 1946 VOL 26 Open or Close

    NGT 26 12 cover Page 1

    NJG 1946 volume 26 no. 1-2

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Anorthosittkomplekset i Heidal

    Gjelsvik, T. 

    pdfPDF5.56 MB


    Noen profiler fra eldste silur i Oslofeltet nordlige del

    Major, H. 

    pdfPDF8.88 MB


    Notiser: Et funn av laumontit i augitmelafyr ved Horten

    Oftedahl, C. 

    pdfPDF803.39 KB

  • NJG 1945 VOL 25 Open or Close

    NJG 1945 Volume 25 

    ISSN: 0029-196X


    Geoloical map of the Western Sørland

    Barth, T. F. W. 

    pdfPDF1.86 MB 

    jpgMAP JPG12.32 MB

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    pdfPDF438 KB


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    Postglaciale skjellbanker på Langnes ved Tromsø

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    gifTABLE GIF1.69 MB


     Et nytt mammutfunn fra Norge

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    Geomorphology of the Rondane area

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    pdfPDF3.89 MB

    jpgMAP JPG15.25 MB


     Remarks on the tretaspis (trinucleus) shales of Hadeland

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    Undersøkelser over eruptivene i området nord for Oslo

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    The geology of part of the Hølonda - Horg district, a type area in the Trondheim Region

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    pdfPDF6.57 MB

    jpgMAP JPG11.5 MB

    pdfMAP PDF1.51 MB



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  • NJG 1945 VOL 24 Open or Close

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    NJG 1945 Volume 24 No. 1-2

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  • NJG 1944 VOL 23 Open or Close

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  • NJG 1944 VOL 22 Open or Close

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  • NJG 1943 VOL 22 Open or Close

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    Lepidolit-og tinnsteinførende pe