The Making of a Land

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  • The geology of Norway from its primeval to the present day. Ivar B. Ramberg, Inge Bryhni and Arvid Nøttvedt
  • Geological processes. Johan Petter Nystuen
  • The oldest rocks are formed; 4600-850 Ma (*) Øystein Nordgulen and Arild Andresen.
  • Late Precambrian, from Precambrian to Palaeozoic; 850-542 Ma. Johan Petter Nystuen.
  • Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian - the sea teems with life; 542-416 Ma. David Worsley and Hans Arne Nakrem.
  • The building up of the Caledonides; about 405-359 Ma. Haakon Fossen, Rolf-Birger Pedersen, Steffen Bergh and Arild Andresen
  • The Caledonides are worn down; 405-359 Ma. Haakon Fossen, Winfried Dallmann and Trogeir B. Andersen.
  • The Oslo Rift and North Sea in the Carboniferous and Permian; 359-251 Ma. Bjørn T. Larsen, Snorre Olaussen, Bjørn Sundvoll and Michel Heeremans.
  • Carboniferous and Permian in the north; 359-251 Ma. David Worsley and Arvid Nøttvedt.
  • Triassic; 251-200 Ma. Johan Petter Nystuen, Reidar Muller, Atle Mørk and Arvid Nøttvedt.
  • Early and Middle Jurassic; 200-161 Ma. Erik P. Johannessen and Arvid Nøttvedt.
  • Late Jurassic - a sea of islands emerges; 161-146 Ma. Arvid Nøttvedt and Erik P. Johannessen.
  • The Cretaceous; 146-66 Ma. Harald Brekke and Snorre Olaussen.
  • Palaeogene and Neogene (Cenozoic) - the modern continents take shape; 66-2.6 Ma. Ole J. Martinsen and Arvid Nøttvedt.
  • Late Pliocene andPleistocene, Quaternary; 2.6 Ma-11,500 years ago. Tore O. Vorren and Jan Mangerud.
  • The last 11,500 years. Tore O. Vorren, Jan Mangerud, Lars Blikra, Atle Nesje and Harald Sveian.
  • Geohazards, climate change and continental drift. Ivar B. Ramberg, Eystein Jansen, Odleiv Olesen and Trond H. Torsvik

'The Making of a Land – Geology of Norway'

The making of a land – Geology of Norway takes the reader on a journey in geological time, from primordial times to the present day. A fantastic journey from the summits of Norway's spectacular ruggeand weather-beaten mountains to the riches concealed in the sedimentary rocks on the continental shelf. This book displays the treasures of Norwegian geology for everyone to see.

Norway's geological resources represent the foundation of its welfare state. During several centuries first the mining, and then the oil, industries have been economic mainstays, and this will continue in the future. New technologies and the efforts of the oil companies have brought wealth to the country, and given us new insights into the mysteries of "hidden Norway".

The Norwegian edition has been avarded the Gold Prize for design, named 'The Year’s Most Beautiful Scientific Encyclopedia 2007'in the class of technical literature

The price pr. copy is 350 NOK for members of the Geological Society of Norway, and 395 NOK for non-members. (Shipping cost is not included. It will be approximately NOK 350 to Europe,  and NOK 550 to USA. Innside Norway approximately NOK 100).

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The book presents a description both of Norway and the planet we inhabit and depend on for survival. The book is very well illustrated, with scenic pictures from the Norwegain landscape and instructive figures. 950 photographs and other illustrations, 130 boxes spread over 624 pages.

A map of the bedrock geology of Norway on a scale of 1:2 million is also enclosed.

Editors:Ivar B. Ramberg - Inge Bryhni – Arvid Nøttvedt – Kristin Rangnes

Publisher: Geological Society of Norway ISBN: 978-82-92394-42-7