Making of a Land - Chapter 1

Illustrations chapter 1.

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Chapter 01 - p.13 

The Storegga slide. The sediments that formed the slide (shown in grey an blue in the centre of the picture) were transported several hundred kilometers down the continental slope and out into the deep ocean. Mainland Norway is seen (in red) in the background. (Illustration:Hydro)

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Chapter 01 - p. 15

For many people, interest in geology has been inspired by the diversity of colours and crystal forms displayed by about 4,000 species of natural minerals. Shown here is scolesite, a zeolite mineral from Sulitjelma in Nordland. (Photo: P. Aas, Natural History Museum, Oslo University)

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Chapter 01 - p. 15a 

Reproduction of Michel Pedersøn Escholts 'Geologia Norvegica', Christiania 1657

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Chapter. 01 - p. 18 

Fossils are the lithified remains or traces of prehistoric animals and plants. The significance of fossils for our understanding of both geological and biological evolution was first fully understood in the late 17th century. The pictures here illustrate one of the first fossils ever described in Norway. Reproduced after a drawing by the vicar Hans Strøm (1784).



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