Program Mineral Resources in the Arctic - Arctic Days 2017

Preliminary program for Mineral Resources in the Arctic are ready.

The Mineral Resources will be held June 1th - 2 nd at the Arctic Days conference 2017 held at Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær.

Adjustment can be done.


   Thursday June 1th  
09:00   Welcome  
  Magmatic deposits  
09:20 Keynote: Ore-Forming processes in a Deep-Crustal Ultramafic Conduit System. 
The Seiland Igneous Province, North Norway
Rune B. Larsen
10:00 Origin of the Fe-Ti-P (+/- REE) mineralizations associated with the 1.8 Ga Raftsund monzosyenite,
Vesterålen-Lofoten, Northern Norway
Nolwenn Coint
10:20 Fenites in the Devonian Sokli carbonatite complex and Iivaara alkaline intrusion, Finland Laura Lauri
10:40 Coffee Break  


Keynote: New 3D/4D-modelling and Virtual Reality techniques in deep mineral exploration

Tobias E. Bauer

11:40 3D structural model of the Kittilä terrane, Northern Finland Tero Niiranen
12:00 3D modelling and visualising of resource deposits with UAV technology and 3D MOVE. Iain Henderson
12:20 Lunch  
  Base metals  
13:30 New insights into hydrothermal Zn-Cu mineralization in the West Troms Basement Complex, northern Norway Hanne-Kristin Paulsen
13:40 Fluid evolution in the VMS Cu-(Zn) deposits at Sulitjelma, Northern Norway Sabina Strmic Palinkas
14:00 The setting and formation of massive sulphide deposits in the Lower Köli Nappes, Hattfjelldal, Nordland, Norway

Terje Bjekrgård

14:20 Initial characterization of Seafloor Massive Sulfide occurrences Kurt Aasly
14:40 Metallogeny of North Norway Jan Sverre Sandstad
15:00 Coffee and Poster session  
1 Defining areas of mineral deposits and a new classification of mineral deposits according to INSPIRE directive. Janja Knežević, Agnes M. Raanees, Tom Heldal, 
Kari A. Aasly, Håvard Gautneb, Jan Egil Wanvik,
Bjørn E. Larsen, Harald Elvebakk
2 Graphite deposits in Northern Norway; Geophysical prospecting methods Bjørn E. Larsen, Jan S. Rønning, Harald Elvebakk,
Håvard Gautneb, Frode Ofstad & Janja Knežević
  Friday June 2nd  
10:00 Keynote: Fennoscandian orogenic gold in the context of supercontinent evolution Pasi Eilu
10:40 Knowledge-driven Prospectivity Model for Gold Deposits Within Peräpohja Belt, Northern Finland Tero Niiranen

Mineral Potential

11:00 Au-mineralization in the St. Jonsfjorden area, the West Spitsbergen Fold Belt, Svalbard Juhani Ojala
11:20 Graphite deposits in Northern Norway; A review and latest exploration results Håvard Gautneb
11:40 Deep weathering and mineral exploration in Norway

Odleiv Olesen






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