Program Uplift and Erosion - Arctic Days 2017

Preliminary program for Uplift & Erosion are ready.

Uplift and Erosion will be held May 29 th - 30 th at the Arctic Days conference 2017 held at Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær.

Adjustment can be done.


   Tuesday May 30th  
09:00   Welcome  Jan Sverre Laberg
09:15 Keynote: AFT data as a method for constraining pattern and timing of regional uplift & erosion and variation of the geothermal gradient in the Barents Sea Bart W.H. Hendriks
09:45 Caprock efficiency and hydrocarbon columns of discoveries in an uplifted petroleum province: the Norwegian Barents Sea Matthieu Angeli
10:15 The Cenozoic pre-glacial tectono-sedimentary development of the western Barents Sea margin: implications for uplift and erosion of the sediment source areas Amando Lasabuda 
10:45 Coffee Break  


Shallow cores northwest of Bjørnøya along the Barents Sea Margin – results and implications

Isak Eikelmann 

11:30 Keynote:The Cenozoic evolution and sedimentary successions of the southwestern Eurasian Basin and the northern Svalbard / Barents Sea continental margin Wolfram H. Geissler 
12:15 Lunch  
13:00 Keynote: The coupled West Spitsbergen fold-and-thrust-belt - Central Tertiary Basin source-to-sink system William Helland-Hansen 
13:30 Turbidites in the Eocene of Spitsbergen: can they tell us something about the Sørvestsnaget Basin? Sten-Andreas Grundvåg
14:00 An underexplored method for determination of palaeotemperature and burial depth.

Claus Beyer

14:30 Coffee break  
15:00 Variation in stacking style of delta-estuary couplets and associated deep-marine fans; an example from the Eocene Central Basin of Spitsbergen Atle Folkestad 
15:30 The ghost of Paleogene – what can shallow stratigraphic cores south and northeast of Svalbard tell? Stig Morten Knutsen
16:00 The effects of uplift on an expelling source rock – an experiment with relevance to the Barents Sea Jon-Halvard Pedersen
16:30  Cenozoic uplift and erosion of the SW Barents Sea area – present status Jan Sverre Laberg
1 Relation between seismicity and tectonic structures offshore and onshore Nordland, northern Norway Lindholm, C.,  Janutyte, I.  
& Olesen, O.
2 Modelling sub-ice topography of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard with potential field methods Dumais M-A., Brönner M.,
Johansen S.E., & Smelror M.
3 Impact of Pleistocene sediment redistribution and ice-sheet loading on hydrocarbon traps in the southwestern Barents Sea Krzysztof Jan Zieba, Arnt Grøver



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