Program iMAGINE - Arctic Days 2017

Preliminary program for iMAGINE - Integration of MAGNETICS and GRAVITY in northern exploration are ready.

The iMAGINE will be held June 1th - 2 nd at the Arctic Days conference 2017 held at Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær.

Adjustment can be done.


   Thursday June 1th  
09:00   Welcome  Christine Fichler
09:15 Keynote: Imaging Arctic tectonics from measurement of gravity and magnetics on space-borne platforms Michael E. Purucker
10:00 Complementing seismic data gaps with gravity modelling - Excerpt of a regional 3D study covering the Northeast Greenland shelf Claudia Haase
10:25 Large public domain satellite gravity inversion: exploring frontier basins Gaud Pouliquen
10:50 Coffee Break  


The Tectonic origin of the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh

Manik Talwani

11:40 Earth observation using unmanned aircraft systems – Terradrone Torbjørn Houge
12:05 Lunch  
13:15 Keynote: Magnetic anomalies and minerals: consequences of phase interfaces in magnetic oxides, and varied degrees of serpentinization Suzanne A. McEnroe
14:00 The Heskestad Anomaly of the Bjerkreim-Sokndal Layered Intrusion, South Rogaland: What is the source of extreme remanent magnetism? Peter Robinson
14:25 Gravity and Magnetic anomalies of the mafic/ultramafic Seiland Igneous Province Zeudia Pastore
14:50 Coffee break  
15:20 Large ultramafic complexes in the southwestern Barents Sea from gravity and magnetic modelling and geological implications Christine Fichler
15:45 The Norwegian strandflat: an old weathering surface in the front row Marco Brönner
16:10 Identifying hidden cave systems using gravimetric mapping: A case study from cave Svarthammarhola, Nordland, Norway Terje Solbakk
16:35 Lofoten gravity and magnetic fields Odleiv Olesen
  Friday June 2nd  
09:00 Keynote: Lithospheric mantle density variations – often neglected parameter and its consequences for the gravity modelling. Zuzana Alasonati Tašárová
09:45 Oblique Caledonian continental collision interpreted from aeromagnetic data in Scandinavia Odleiv Olesen
10:10 Depth to the Precambrian crystalline basement under Caledonian nappes using Euler and Werner deconvolution methods in Finnmark, North Norway Aziz Nasuti

Coffee break

11:00 How Statoil Improved its Grav/Mag Data Management by Using Geosoft’s DAP Server Christian Gram
11:30 Poster  


  DRAGON - NGU National Geophysical Database T. Lauritsen, M-A. Dumais, B.O. Grøtan & J. Gellein



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