Program Arctic Energy - Arctic Days 2017

Preliminary program for Arctic Energy 2017 are ready.

The Arctic Energi 2017 will be held May 29th - 30 th at the Arctic Days conference 2017 held at Thon Hotel Lofoten, Svolvær.

Adjustment can be done.


   Monday May 29th    
09:00   Welcome    
09:10 Keynote: Norwegian Continental Shelf, a resource overview Stig Morten Knutsen Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
09:45 Russian Arctic Shelf Oil & Gas: present and future Andrey Chernykh VNIIOkeangeolgogia, Russia
10:10 Undiscovered resources and play models in the North-eastern part of  the Norwegian Barents Sea Abryl Ramirez Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
10:35 Coffee Break    


From play to pay. - Prospect risk mitigation and value creation

Kristin Gjertsen

11:25 Lessons learned; the Barents Sea carbonate plays following the Alta, Gohta & Neiden discoveries on the Loppa High Erik Hammer Lundin Norway
11:40 Diagenesis of spiculites in the Tempelfjorden Group, Spitsbergen- a base line for understanding the Gohta reservoir Michael Matsyik Natural History Museum of Denmark
12:05 Lunch    
13:30 Keynote: Compressive tectonics along the eastern North Greenland margin: causes and implications Pierpaolo Guarnieri  GEUS; Denmark
14:05 New Regional Deep Seismic Profiles: Imaging the continental Crust of the Norwegian Barents Sea Jan Erik Lie  Lundin Norway
14:30 New geological insight from the Sentralbanken high, northern Norwegian Barents Sea Rune Mattingsdal Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
14:55 Coffee break    
15:15 Did a Barents Sea hydrocarbon leakage event trigger the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)?  Torbjørn Dahlgren Statoil ASA
15:40 Could uplift and erosion result in source rocks expelling huge quantities of isotopically heavy gas? Circumstantial evidence from wells on Svalbard Sverre Ekrene Ohm University Centre in Svalbard
16:05 Silurian black shales of East Siberia Olga K. Bogolepova Uppsala University
16:30 Geochemical signatures of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous source rocks from shallow cores in the Barents Sea Benedikt Lerch  University of Oslo
16:55 End day 1    
  Tuesday May 30th    
09:00 Welcome    
09:10 Keynote: Useful aspects of sea bed mapping in petroleum exploration- 10 years' experience from the program: "shallow sediments, shallow gas and the environment" Harald Brunstad Lundin Norway
09:45 Triassic sediment pathways in the North Atlantic region Audrey Decou  CASP, UK
10:10 Triassic and older strata: Important hydrocarbon plays in the northern Barents Sea- results from the Norwegian Petroleum integrated outcrop studies in the Svalbard and interpretation of shallow stratigraphic cores and seismic Bjørn Andreas Lundschein Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Coffee break

11:00 Kobbe Formation reservoir potential outside Hammerfest Basin in the light of Aurelia (7222/1-1) well results Filippos Tsikalas ENI Norge 
11:25 Upper Palaeozoic carbonate reservoirs in the Norwegian Barents Sea: lessons to be learned from Spitsbergen and the Loppa High Lars Stemmerik Natural History Museum of Denmark 
11:40 Following the tracks of the Danmark-Expedition to Northeast Greenland (1906-1908): A remote coal-deposit revisited Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed GEUS, Denmark


13:30 Keynote: How geophysical breakthroughs led to Statoil's exploration success in the Barents Sea Jan Ove Hansen Statoil
14:05 Wisting- moving outside the box to unlock a new field development in the Barents Sea Heidi Rydningen OMV (Norge)
14:30 Challenges and advances in biostratigraphic dating of the Lower Cretaceous in the Wandel Sea Basin, North Greenland and its implications for correlation with the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada and Svalbard Peter Alsen GEUS, Denmark
14:55 Coffee break    
15:15 The North and South Kara Sea basins influence on the Barents Sea Basin Daria Ershova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
15:40 Tectonostratigraphic Atlas of the Arctic (Eastern Russia and adjacent areas) Oleg Petrov Russian Geological Research Institute, Russia
16:05 Go North-Norwegian Arctic Ocean Geoscientific Program Morten Smelror Geological survey of Norway
16:30 End day 2    



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