NCS Exploration 2018

11 discoveries were made in 2017, while there were 13 discoveries the year before. A majority should be considered technical and marginal discoveries. Many discoveries can be classified as “near field”.

During this years conference we will review dry wells, presumed technical discoveries and possible/likely commercial discoveries. The purpose is to take advantage of new knowledge in order to increase the gradient of the learning curve.

NCS Exploration will take place May 23rd - 24th at Scandic Fornebu, a cooparation between Geo Publishing and Geological Society of Norway.

Preliminary program are ready, and will be updated regularly.

Preliminary program

Wednesday May 23rd

08:55   Introduction Halfdan  Carstens GeoPublishing AS
  Session 1 Introduction Chairman: Halfdan Carstens GeoPublishing AS
09:00 Keynote  TBA Torgeir Stordal NPD
09:25 Keynote New initiatives in a mature basin – the OGA’s role in stimulating UK exploration activity Paul Herrington OGA
09:50   Coffee break    
09:50    Session 2  The political framework Chariman: TBA  
10:20    TBA Espen Myhra OKEA
10:40   TBA Kjell Pedersen Independent
11:00    The Middle East Price Makers between US Shale, China's Yuan and Russia Øystein Noreng Professor emeritus, BI
11:20   Plenary discussion Torgeir Stordal
Espen Myhra
Petter Osmundsen
Kjell Pedersen
Øystein Noreng
Paul Herrington
University of Stavanger
Professor emeritus, BI
12:00   Lunch



  Session 3 Exploration Innovation Price Chairman: Idar Horstad  
13:00 Keynote Exploration Performance 2017 Anders Wittemann Wittemann E&PConsulting 
  The Exploration Innovation Prize is introduced this year in order to encourage testing of new prospects and play concepts.    
  The prize is awarded a license group, company, team or person who during the last two years have given a courageous and innovative contribution in exploration for oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.    
  The recipient has matured and drilled a prospect that can be defined as high risk and high potential. It can be classified as dry, technical discovery or commercial discovery. Read about the finalists here       
13:20 Finalist #1     TBA  
13:35 Finalist #2    TBA  
13:50  Finalist #3    TBA  
14:05   Coffee break     
   Session 4 Cross-border learning Chairman:Paul Herrington  OGA 
14:35 Keynote Statoil's One north Sea approach to exploration Alun Williams Statoil UK
15:05    Missed pay approach to explorationRod Crawford Zennor  Rob Crawford Zennor 
15:25    Delivering exploration success in the Beryl area Jeffrey Towart Apache North Sea 
15:45    From Trash to Treasure: Sifting through old data with new tools and techniques to unlock the next generation of high value discoveries in the UKCS Erik J. Hulm  BP 
16:05    Median line infrastructure lead exploration sweet spots Nick Terrell Azinor Catalyst
16:25    The Alvheim area exploration phase – from gas satellite to oil hub Hans Christen Rønnevik  Lundin Norway 
17:00    Field trip: The Ordovician sedimentary rocks of the Oslo Rift  Morten Bergan  Spirit Energy 
19:00    Apértif    
 20:00   Evening dinner    
    Exploration Innovation Price  Award Ceremony with Bent Kjølhamar, TGS   
    Recent Advances in pitfalls Martin Landrø & Lasse Amundsen NTNU
08:30  Session 5  Hydrocarbon shows and missed pay  Chairman: Jon Halvard Pedersen  Lundin Norway 
08:40    Oil shows - a hitchhikers's guide  Andy Clark  Lundin Norway 
09:00    Fluid sampling: Simple ways to optimize operations and early data delivery Beathe Hustoft  Independent 
09:20    Hydrocarbon shows - a cornerstone of PSA  Daniel Stoddart  GeoEigth 
09:40    Coffee break     
10:10    Fluid inclusion analysis of thin sections - a tool for providing migration history of petroleum through a reservoir rock  Johannes Rykkje  UiB
10:30    Missed pay exploration - case stories from the NCS  Per Bakøy  Pandion Energy 
11:00    Plenary discussion: Shows - can we do better?  Jon Halvard Pedersen
Nils Telnæs 
 Lundin Norway
Statoil ASA
11:30   Lunch     
  Session 6  Recent discoveries - near field exploration  Chairman: Richard Olstad  Pandion Energy
12:30    Using TopSeis to identify near-field prospects: Examples from the Wisting area Mathieu Denti CGG
12:45    Frosk Odd Arne Sandstad Aker BP
13:00    Langfjellet  Lena Øvrebø   Aker BP  
13:15    Ivar Aasen - near field Tor-Ole Jøssund  Aker  BP
13:30    Brasse Elisabeth Femsteinevik  Faroe Petroleum 
13:45   From near field exploration to value creation Tord Pedersen  Point Resources 
14:00    Coffe break      
  Session 7  Recent disoveries - Frontier exploration  Chairman: TBA    
14:30   Korpfjell Leif Bjørnar Henriksen  Statoil ASA 
14:50   Pre-Cretaceous structural highs and prospectivity of the outer Møre and Vøring basins Sverre Planke VBPR
15:10    OGA Frontier basins Rockall project: A new view of the UK Rockall prospectivity Lena Broadley University of Aberdeen 
15:30   NCS Exploration – Drivers of Performance and Future Opportunities Graeme Bagley Westwood Global Energy


This years program committee:

Paul Herrington, OGA
Idar Horstad, Magseis
Vigdis Wiik Jacobsen, ENFRAM AS
Torodd Nordlie, Aker BP
Richard Olstad, Pandion Energy
Jon Halvard Pedersen, Lundin Norway
Einar Sverdrup, MOL
Nils Telnæs, Statoil ASA
Anette Broch Mathiesen Tvedt, NGF/Petrolia NOCO

For more information and registration, please visit the conference website:


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