Tromsø - 13.mars

Foredrag i TromsøNorsk Geologisk Forening, avdeling Tromsø, har den glede av å invitere til møte med påfølgende foredrag onsdag 13. mars klokken 17:00.

Foredraget blir holdt av Winfried K. Dallmann, Norsk Polarinstitutt: Geology of Svalbard

Sted: Auditoriet, 1. etg Naturfagsbygget, Dramsveien 201

Some geological highlights from Svalbard

Every summer Norwegian Polar Institute’s geologists carry out geological mapping in Svalbard. They come across much fascinating geology, either previously known or unknown. Not all of it ever finds its way into proper publications. Mapping asks as much questions as it finds answers.

We will follow a geological mapping party in big leaps through the last decade of their field work, starting in Billefjorden – a playground for both stratigraphers and structural geologists. We then jump to the Lomfjorden Fault Zone in northeastern Spitsbergen, look at some earthquake activity in Storfjorden, make some stops along the “road” around Svalbard and end up in some so far unsolved questions on Prins Karls Forland.

This talk does not intend to dive deep into specific geological problems. It tries to satisfy both those interested in exciting geology in general and those primarily interested in the beauty of the rocky and icy nature. And it tries to stimulate more geological research in Svalbard.

Vel møtt!

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