Rifts and rifted margins. Trondheim 28.10.19

Vi får besøk av  Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic (NGU) som vi fortelle oss om det nyeste innen "rifts and rifted margins". 

Mye har skjedd de siste tiårene innen forståelsen av hvordan riftede marginer utvikler seg. Nylig publiserte Gwenn Peron-Pinvidic sammen med en rekke andre deltakere ved et arbeidsmøte i Sveits et kort sammendrag (Peron-Pinvidic et al., 2019) hvor de oppsummerer dagens kunnskap om riftede marginer, samt de utfordringer som ligger fremfor oss for å videreutvikle vår forståelse.

Gwenn har vennlig sagt ja til å holde et foredrag for alle NGF-medlemmer om dette temaet som vi tror vil interessere mange av våre medlemmer. 

Foredraget holdes på engelsk. Møt opp på Geologen rom G1 og G21 på NTNU. 


Gratis pizza og drikke!

Peron-Pinvidic, G., Manatschal, G., and the “IMAGinING RIFTING” workshop participants. Rifted Margins: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Frontiers in Earth Science Mini-Review. doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00218 (Abstract) Improvements in seismic imaging, computing capabilities, and analytical methods, as well as a number of industry deep-water wells sampling distal offshore settings, have underpinned new concepts for rifted margin evolution developed in the last two decades; these mark significant progress in our understanding of extensional systems. For example, the tectonic, sedimentary, and magmatic processes linked to the formation of rifted margins have been overhauled, giving rise to more quantitative approaches and new concepts. However, these processes cannot be understood in isolation, requiring consideration of the continuum in which inheritance and physical processes are integrated within a plate tectonic framework. The major progress and fundamental developments of past research in rifted margins have been made hand-in-hand with other domains of Earth Sciences and have fundamental implications for the understanding of key geological systems such as active rifts, the ocean lithosphere, subduction zones, and collisional orogens. The “IMAGinING RIFTING” workshop, organized in Pontresina-Switzerland in September 2017, gathered researchers from all disciplines working on rifts and rifted margins, and included participants from academia and industry. This contribution summarizes the workshop discussions, in addition to outlining our state-of-the-art knowledge of rifted margins. We highlight future challenges in unraveling the processes and conditions under which these extensional systems form and, ultimately, how tectonic plates rupture and new oceans are born. Our aims here are to provide a framework for future research endeavors and to promote collaboration not only within the rift and rifted margins communities, but across other Earth Science disciplines.


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