NGWM22 Reykjavík Iceland - 11.-13. mai 2022 - Forlenget frist til innsending abstrakt!

Det er åpnet for påmelding og innsending av abstrakt til NGWM22 som avholdes 11.-13. mai på sagaøya Island. De har satt opp flere ekskursjoner som det er mulig å delta på. Fristen for innsending av abstrakt er satt til 1. mars.

The registration and submission for abstract for NGWM22 are open. The conference will take place on Iceland on May 11th - 13th .  They will organice several excursions that you can attend. Deadline for submitting abstracts are set to March 1th.

Siden vintermøtet blir et vårmøte i mai, ønsker den Islandske geologiske foreningen og arrangere ekstra ekskursjoner. De kan ikke love et aktivt utbrudd i mai, men planlegger tur til Fagradalsfjall hvor det var utbrudd i 2021, den 10 mai. I tillegg planlegger de for to ekstra tre-dagers ekskursjoner etter vintermøtet fra 14. mai, en langs sør-kysten av Island, den andre til halvøyene Borgarfjörður og Snæfellsnes.

Informasjon om påmelding, innsending abstrakt, overnatting og eksursjoner finnes på hjemmesiden til den islandske vertsforeningen: .

Frist for innsening av abstrakt er satt til 1. mars

Temaer og sesjoner for møtet finner du også på hjemmesiden. (Kort oversikt finnes nederst)

Den geologiske foreningen på Island ser frem til å møte alle personlig i Reykjavik i mai neste år.


As the meeting will take place in May, the sosiety in Icland would like to use the opportunity to add additional field excursions to the meeting. They cannot promise a live eruption in May, but will have a field excursion to the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption site on the Reykjanes Peninsula on Tuesday May 10th.
Two additional three-day field excursions are also planned after the conference on May 14th , one along the south coast of Iceland, and another one to the Borgarfjörður and Snæfellsnes peninsula. 

Information about registration, abstract submission, accomodation and excursions can be found on the website for the Icelandic hosts:

Deadline for abstract submission is set to March 1th

The themes and sessions for the meeting can also be found on the website.

The Society look forward to meeting everybody in person in Reykjavik in May next year.

Official information about COVID19 in Iceland can be found here: 


THEME 1: [EC] Environment and climate
[EC-1] Physical and biological impact of climate change
[EC-2] Glaciers and glacial processes
[EC-3] Palaeoglaciology and palaeoclimate; the Nordics and beyond
[EC-4] Permafrost and periglacial processes (cooperation with [GA-1])

THEME 2: [UV] Understanding volcanoes
[UV-1] Monitoring volcanoes and assessing their hazards
[UV-2] Volcanism in Iceland
[UV-3] Volcanism in the North Atlantic
[UV-4] Multidisciplinary characterization of magma plumbing systems

THEME 3: (GT) Geodynamics & tectonic evolution
[GT-1] Volcano deformation
[GT-2] Earthquakes & seismic processes
[GT-3] Linking geodynamic evolution and paleobathymetry
[GT-4] Oblique rift systems, micro-plate formation, and crustal build-up
[GT-5] Glacial Isostasy, Sea level change and mantle dynamics
[GT-6] Open session: Structural geology and processes of the Earth´s crust

THEME 4: [GA] Geoscience and the society: hazards and anthropogenic impact
[GA-1] Geohazards in the Nordic and Arctic
[GA-2] Risk assessment and management of geohazards
[GA-3] Offshore, near-shore and coastal geohazards

THEME 5: [IP] Igneous and Metamorphic Geochemistry
[IM-1] Mineralogy, general session
[IM-2] Igneous and magmatic processes - past and present
[IM-3] Metamorphism and crustal fluids

THEME 6: [ER] Earth resources
[ER 1] Geothermal research and utilization
[ER 2] Geological storage of CO2
[ER 3] Hydrology, hydrogeology, and weathering
[ER 4] Deep sea minerals
[ER 5] Metal and mineral resources
[ER-6] Basin analysis and sedimentology

THEME 7: [IS] Interdisciplinary sessions
[IS-1] Planetary Geoscience
[IS-2] Computers and geosciences: Developments in modelling, machine learning, and visualization.
[IS-3] Geoheritage, geoparks and geotourism
[IS-4] General contributions to geoscience

THEME 8: [AG] Applied geology
[AG-1] Aggregates Production and Utilisation
[AG-2] Geological Resources – Geomaterials
[AG-3] Engineering Geology

THEME 9: [RS] Remote Sensing in geosciences
[RS-1] Remote sensing of the cryosphere
[RS-2] Monitoring of geohazards and environment
[RS-3] Earth observations for marine and coastal environments
[RS-4] Use of Remote Sensing for geological mapping
[RS-5] Geoscience data repositories and benchmarks

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